Stella Dimoko Apostle Johnson Suleman Preaches On Feminism And How A Woman Can Earn Respect In Her Home..


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Monday, March 16, 2020

Apostle Johnson Suleman Preaches On Feminism And How A Woman Can Earn Respect In Her Home..

He says..

''You are not created as a woman to live under a man's wealth. Hold on, there is something now called feminism, and people don't understand, even those who are shouting 'feminism' don't understand what it is to be a feminist.

Feminism is not gender rivalry, feminism is not gender competitiveness, it's not gender war, it's not even gender equality''.

''Feminism is women visibility. Stop shouting that women are not respected, if you make money as a woman, man will respect you. If there is something you contribute and bring to the table, your husband brings an issue, you can contribute to it, you can make impact, respect is natural .

Being a housewife is not good, don't be a housewife. Any man that asks you not to work, to stay and ask him for everything has inferiority complex. He feels if you go out, your eyes will be opened. Excuse me, start doing something''.

(Illustrates) ''ehh.. Women, the way women are treated, women should not take their place, women are not meant for the kitchen. If there is nothing you are producing outside the kitchen, you remain in the kitchen''.

''It's very natural, it's visibility. Those who are shouting feminism should begin to empower women. Tell them they can do business, they can run for politics, they can go for election, they can be professors.

When you begin to change the narrative by telling them what they can become, naturally they will take over''.

Is it my wife now I want to beat? How? She is visible in my life. Once you are a source, you become a voice.
Make impact and you will get your respect, period.

As a woman take your place, be visible in your home. Both in business, the kitchen and bedroom, take over''.

''Listen to me, how many of you are married men here? Married men raise your hands, any of your wife that ties wrapper, report her to me. That ties wrapper to come and meet you in the night, what happened to night gown, to double or triple night gown?''


  1. The words of wisdom this man speaks these days is obviously from above

    1. I tell you. I'm beginning to like him.

  2. The heat these days no dey even hear wrapper. I sleep nude abeg. So those side chicks they have is because they are not house wives? The problem with comments like this is that marriage issues is not a one size fits all. Some men actually like dominant women. So each individually should apply what works for them. There are men who like their women with wrapper. I have a cousin like that. He has some weird ideas that I find bizarre. But it's his home and his wife understands.

  3. I remember that woman U shouted on in ur church for not being submissive to the husband. I beg since then I don’t listen to u. Trying to be relevant

    1. He is not not trying to be relevant...HE IS ABOVE RELEVANT IN THIS NATION AND ALL AROUND THE WORLD. WITH CLOSE TO 200 OFM BRANCHES WORLDWIDE...and you're talking about relevance?!!
      If he shouted at her...its because there was a need to...better his shout than for her to loose her home for lack of submissiveness to her husband. Go figure.

    2. Ehikemdi, you think? It takes two to build and maintain a home/marriage. If a man isn't vested in that marriage, submit till eternity, your marriage won't be a happy one. This man speaks from both sides of the mouth. We must not all hold your opinion. BTW, I'm not the first anon

  4. Respect people... Period!!! Wither they have money or not. Someone shouldnt be undeserving of your respect because they don't have money.
    So many women wants to work and bring plenty to the table but no capital, some have applied for jobs but they've got nothing. Don't disrespect your spouse no matter what! Because everywhere fit burst in two seconds and dem go show u shegey

    1. I agree with your view @12:40

  5. U and this ur wrapper matter... Some men like their wives to tie wrapper abeg. They always tell women how to look cute for their husbands but never the men. I've been sick for some time now and my loving' husband has been reshuffling his dirty boxers upa Dan.
    Let's say, the 5 boxers he wore last week are all dirty and this week hell go to d laundry basket and take d unwashed one and wear again. Then u will tell me that took my bath, and is smelling nice to come suck dirty balls? mbanu! I do wash dem for him but he's an adult and should be able to clean himself up sometimes. #wifenotslave

    1. Your hubby is dirty. Mine washes his clothes and even adds mine and our child most times. Now that I'm pregnant, he does the washing for all of us. He has OCD for dirty things

  6. It is good that things like these are being discussed in churches and religious places. I just want to add that there is nothing wrong in being a housewife. The main thing is ensuring that you are bringing something to the table.

    During premarital counselling, we were advised to read and pray over proverbs 31:17. The world would tell you a woman should be this and a man should be that but at the end of the day, what matters is Your God-given task.

    If a husband is better at nurturing and the wife is financially positioned to bring in more income, don't let societal expectation stop you from doing what works for your family. And if you are a housewife, nothing stops you from looking into business opportunities.

    Unless your husband is extremely wealthy, a one income household cannot effectively sustain a family. So contribute in whatever little way you can. Also, being a housewife does not mean you have to do it all. Hire someone to come in and clean the house top to bottom once a week but make sure you supervise thoroughly.

    Whatever you do, DON'T EAT THE BREAD OF IDLENESS. As for that kitchen part...acts of service is my primary love language. I bake, I cook and it gives me joy to see people eat my food.

    However, I am happy to know that on the few occasions when I didn't feel like being in the kitchen, Oga was happy to step in. It was oversalted rice with peppery egg sauce that made everyone sneeze on one occasion but I like that he didn't make a big deal out of it.

    In summary, everyone has a definition of what they think a man or a woman's role in the family or society should be. But at the end of the day, it is your conviction in your position that matters. So, DO YOU!!!

  7. Abeg, a woman should not be insulted if she and her husband have agreed she should be a housewife. No man has any right to disrespect his wife just because he feels she's a housewife and not contributing financially to the home.

    As if women who are contributing financially are not cheated on and disrespected by their husbands.

  8. What is he on about? So respect is/should be associated with what one brings to the table? As if the domestic chores a woman decides to do is not work enough, why not try paying someone to wash, cook, clean and take care of your kids and see how much money will be spent. Domestic work is work too, so whether or not a woman decides to stay home to do all these, she deserves equal respect periodt.

  9. Wow he is so right. So many people shouting Feminism don't even understand it. When you make your own money, respect will come naturally by contributing to household expenses. Some women will be living off a mans wealth, house, food, everything you have was given to you by a man and you still want equality? Where will you get it?. Equality comes to play in a work place, hierarchy, etc, not dragging position with your husband at home when you can't contribute anything.

  10. He has said it all..
    You come online and see the ones who don't even know their left from right and still doing runs in school shouting feminism.
    Most women marry men who are also older than their brothers. Would you abuse your elder brother freely or talk to him any how as most of you think you'd do to your husbands?
    Truth is, most of you are just ordinary keyboard ferminsts... Marry and enter your husbands house first, you'd know marriage is not about kids ranting online

  11. I totally agree with him on this 100%


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