Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE

.....It Happened!


Hello Stella, thank you for all you do.

 I read through most of the comments the day you posted my previous chronicle and took some of the advice I got.

some said I was overreacting and should wait until she fucked up. 

What some people didn't know was that I helped her through my ex to bring up her own platform.I pleaded with him to involve her in his activities so she can get small change. She was the first person I sent money when I travelled abroad even before my own mother,so you can imagine my anger. 

I asked him to help even her come to travel abroad through his ngo program but it did not work. Anyway, as I suspected, she went ahead to the program in Abuja, she spent days in the house with him, they boarded same flight, spent days in the hotel, returned back and spent more days. 

I knew they slept together and YES she went ahead and told him things I told her in secret as I suspected she would .

 I would not have been angry if she was not a girl that knew my pains and sufferings in that marriage. She judged me for leaving but this is a girl that has slept with almost 100 men in her 30 something year of life. 

Her past engagement did not materialize because the man found out she had s#x tape and video with a white man.infact I was not expecting her to judge me as we all have a past.

Nobody knows how their marriage will end, we try but there is a limit to what we can take as humans. 

She got married in January this year to another man. She and my ex felt I did not know of their s#xcapades but I made sure they both know so they don't think i am a fool. 

I am aware he had been lying and claiming the victim about our ended marriage.I Thank God for moving on and my ex husband has also moved on with another lady.

 I blocked the so called ex friend on all social media platforms and cancelled her from my life for good. yes I HATE her for such betrayal. 

I am sending this update for people to be careful who they call friend and share their experiences with, not everyone who smiles at you,means well. please learn, Have a nice day everyone.

*Well they have both betrayed you and are the ones that will live with the guilt forever...Move on and stop monitoring them as well ok?


  1. Where is the initial chronicle? I am trying to understand.

    1. I remember this chronicle but dont remember when it was sent.
      This is the lady who said her friend wanted to go and do a program with her ex husband in abuja and was wondering if she was overreacting by not being happy about it. Some people were saying it is just work related so she should leave it and not interfere.
      Poster, like you have said you have moved on. I pray God will heal your heart and give you grace to forgive within.

    2. I think i remember it.
      Her friend wanted to continue doing business with posters ex husband. The poster expected her to stop all association with her ex husband because they didn't part on good terms.
      From the update, the friend betrayed her with the ex so she has cut them both off her life.
      Good riddance i must say.
      Keep future friends at arms length.

    3. I remember this chronicle.

      Poster please move on.

    4. Me too. I don't understand this chronicle. Stella, please try and put a link to the previous post for a good following. Thank you

    5. Thank you Bianca... I remember the chronicle now. So all these happened in a shirt while. Wow!!! I suspected a thing like this would happen. It's time to move on quietly and change your circle

    6. Thats if they even feel guilty. Some people are stone-hearted.

    7. Hmmmmm
      Poster stop checking them out on social media. Leave them alone and face your life. They will reap what they sowed

    8. Stellz where is the link?

  2. Just blank both of them.
    That's it.

  3. Hating her won't solve your hurt, will it?
    Forgiving her and moving on will soothe your soul and free you to enjoy peace, won't it?
    We pray, father forgive us our sins as we forgive those that sinned against us, don't we?
    Forgive dear. 🤗🤗

    1. Y’all talk about forgiveness like its that easy. Give her time.

    2. Don’t mind them as if moving on is easy is she a car or train?

    3. @Anonymous et al
      If she does not forgive, who loses? She loses of course.
      Whose heart keeps hurting? hers of course.

    4. 16:56,forgiving her friend is for her own good and peace of mind.

  4. Girl, forgive that lady. You are not better in many ways. Inasmuch as you move on, forgive.
    But nne eh, Naija girls dey carry them toh😮😮 do earthquakes o. When I talk about this phone supply of forks with anything white and abroad, no be only uta I go receive?
    Ajuju o. One young sisi don supply (regular) forks to 100 dudes? And when I say "hoe," arrows will come from left right center and top 😮😮
    Jisie nu ike o.

  5. You are good sha as she betrayed you like that you would have informed her fiancé about her sleeping with your ex since they were engaged by then. Business trip ko sarewagba ni. And that’s how to close the case

    1. She would not gain anything by destroying her relationship. Poster move on from them both.

  6. Its well with you.Move on,a better offer awaits you

  7. Stella please always give link to the previous chronicle

  8. The way some girls betray their friends ehn..
    my dear friend did it to me too. I never said a word to her.
    I told my husband that she’s no longer welcome to our home. He denied sleeping with her. He said she came expecting something but he didn’t because my call came in and she left. He told her sha because she hasn’t been here again.
    I told him he can go be with her if he wants as she’s a Doctor here in the US. He refused. I decided after that to spend less and save more. When my daughter gets older, l will walk.
    I still have some female friends but none like that girl.

    1. 17:12
      Is he an unrepentant cheat?

      I'm just wondering why you want to leave him after he denied sleeping with her.

    2. Maybe she has evidence he actually cheated.

  9. Stella please could you post a link to the initial chronicle that preceded this update?

  10. Thank you all for your comments, I have moved on by God's grace any other chronicle I would send would be good news about my life. !!! 💃 It will end in praise.

    1. Amen sis
      It will
      Sending you plenty hugs ��

  11. Link to the original chronicle

  12. Or just google -BREAKING THE GIRL CODE Stella dimoko

  13. Let them be while you face your new home. You will be fine with time.


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