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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



Hi ife let me share my story.
I met a guy just after university. He was fun I had never being in a serious relationship with a guy before so I was very excited to date this guy. I am urhobo by tribe he is Ibo. 

First time i went into his bedroom I noticed he had all sort of peoples card details and everywhere was filled with weed. He smokes like a mad man. Well I carried on dating him. After a while I heard he was dating a girl, I asked him about her he said she was a bad person and that they broke up a long time ago. Well I kept on dating him next thing I saw a police report she had filed saying he had beat her up hence why they broke up.

 I asked him about it she hit herself and lied to the police. Well I believe him and we kept on dating. This guy moved into mine and shortly after he started asking me which I gave to him. He never worked a day in our relationship. I moved into a bigger apartment to get him comfortable shortly after I feel pregnant. I considered aborting the baby he screamed and said I wanted to kill his baby. 

We had an argument one day I got bad and slapped him I was over 4 months pregnant and he beat the living life out of me. I kicked him out of my apartment and moved out of town. He begged me to come back and of course I came back but refused he moved back into my apartment. I had my beautiful daughter and guess what he denied the baby to his family. I didn't know why we were dating he took pictures of me naked and posted it all over social media. 

He would see me on the street and laugh that I am now a single mother and that he finally succeeded in destroying my life. He said I was always too ugly for him. Its being 5 years now and all I can think of is revenge. How can you convince me to keep a child you never wanted all to ruin me? 

How can you share pics of my vagina in the delivery room. How can you post videos of my naked body and videos of us having sex? He told me he knows the child is his but wants us to suffer. I almost killed myself several times. I must say I love my child but sometimes its hard. 

His family completely cut me off these people are based in onitsha. Please tell me what will you do if such a thing happens to you?

 I am filled with rage.

You saw all the signs and you stayed?..Please purge yourself of the rage you feel and move on!!!.....The only revenge you can get that would be worth it is to excel in life and with bringing up your daughter....shut him out totally if he is mocking your situation.

Revenge the revenge cold to him


  1. Replies
    1. No advice for you.
      Forgive yourself.
      Forgive him.
      Forgive that child because she didn't do anything to you.
      Love that child and hand over everything that concerns you to God and watch how he will revenge and fight for you.
      PS-you saw all the signs but chose to be stupid in love and now.......

    2. Some women get mind sha! As a man I’m allergic to dysfunctional people. Once I notice any inordinate behaviour or even as much as an attitude problem, I’m out the door! Was this unconditional love or what..

    3. Why would you come to chronicles post and type ‘nothing to say here’ or I have no advice for you. This just shows how dark and wicked your hearts are. It’s better just to read and move on.

    4. The only revenge is hard work and become successful. Cut him off totally and embrace God.

    5. You were dating a sick man. Mental illness is real.

    6. Is this a Brooklyn movie, like real niggas story, I'm confused. Did this happen in my country? Impossicant!!!! I don't mean to be this rude but I have never seen this in real life except American movies. My advice if this is real, move to another state and start afresh with God.

    7. The best revenge is to be better like Stella said
      Don't give up on yourself
      Like your beautiful babygirl be your strength
      It's gonna be fine!

  2. Weed smoker,Police case,signs of cheating,signs of DV with ex girlfriend, jobless...... you saw all this and still continued dating "it".
    Why were you so desperate for a relationship. And you are young? Even women in their 40s desperate for a baby wont breed with such a man.

    1. My dear, she really saw all the signs, i dont know if she was expecting a miracle.

      Try and move out of the area and get your life back on track, face your child, if he continues like this he will certainly get what he deserves.

      Do not dwell on revenge or else the devil will take control and you will regret the deed when it has already been done.
      God will surely see you through if you are determined.

  3. You saw how horrible this person is and you still stayed with him and also got pregnant for him? What can someone call this? Love or foolishness?? Pls ignore him and focus on your child

    1. Stella you need to stop being sentimental about comments made on this blog
      You post a chronicle, we air our opinions and you choose not post?
      Do you expect all comments to be sweet and rosy?
      I do not molly coddle
      If I was too rude earlier, my apologies
      I stated my opinions as were felt at that moment
      No hard feelings

    2. Stella Biko ignore my earlier comment
      Wrong post

  4. Ahhh Nne "what will you do if such a thing happens to you" let's just give you the advice and not imagine it happening to us o..

    It's time for you to be strong for yourself and your child and cut that guy out..

    1. 🀣🀣 It cant even happen to us.
      Dear poster, just let it go.

  5. hmmmmmmmmmm

    it was vividly clear,,visible to the blind and audible to the,deaf but u kept on thinking he will change or you will change him all,cuz u,are desperate to have a boyfriend.

    Haven't you heard or learnt that when CHANGE IS IN ITS COMFORT ZONE,IT WILL RFUSE TO CHANGE.

    best word for you is,,move on, cur them off and focus on ur life,take good care of that bundle of joy the Lord had given and see ursef at the top

    love u

    1. God forgive me but your comment made me laugh. Stell, you dey try o there are some chronicles that shouldn't be posted and I have asked for retro chronicle post and lessons. Don't be surprised another person will still post such. I just tire.

  6. What to do is to do nothing to him.
    Yes, absolutely nothing. Even if you kill him, it won't change;
    your status as a single mother
    it won't withdraw your nude pictures and videos from social media, will it?
    It won't give you a husband even if a "Ganja head" like this one, will it?
    It won't heal your heart, will it?

    What will heal your heart and make you strong for you baby girl is to call upon Jesus to come into your life. God becomes your father and his people whom he will connect you to become your family.
    You are not finished girl, your life isn't finished. The person that is pitiably finished is this dude, i.e. if he does not repent.
    And guess what else? You are armed with the huge lesson from this experience and are wiser. When the Lord whom I believe you will make your Lord brings a man to love you the way you are, do not rush into his bedroom and do keep yourself pure.
    Oga adi mma -it will be well inugo?

  7. Rage is such a waste of emotion, you only end up hurting yourself the more. Why not put that energy to good use by taking care of your princess and living your best life.

    You are an enabler, that's the bitter truth. Forgive yourself and let go of that rage before it consumes you.

    1. Nothing more to add to this!!!

      I feel sorry for her...

    2. She is not emotional strong if not I would have said to turn it around. For every video or picture he posted, do a repost, blurred and recount your story with a video. People will come through for you and you might become an internet sensation but like I said, you are a not that strong emotionally or we won't be reading this.

      Blank him, move to another town and forget him bit by bit. With time, the family will come begging. Instead of looking for ways to serve revenge, channel the same energy into becoming successful.

    3. I wish I knew my husband is a weed addict, I would never have married him. I don't know how he managed to hide it from me. I never saw him smoking and maybe I didn't know the signs too. Only to find out years later into our marriage. I could take alot but this one is just too hard to swallow.
      And he confessed to have been smoking since junior secondary school eh God. And we have kids already.
      No wonder he's always so irritable,violent and has a poor sense of judgement. Don't know what to do

  8. How do you girls do it?

    You met a man who is a crackhead
    Your first port of call is his bedroom
    you saw all the drug this man does.
    you saw a girl he was dating
    you saw a police report that he beat this girl
    you went ahead and became pregnant for him.
    you went ahead to slap a crackhead and expected him to give you an award.
    And boom! You want revenge?
    Wow! a lot of girls need to change their ways and become wise.

    1. Honestly
      The poster is extremely foolish
      She saw the signs and still went all in
      Who does that??
      Was his dvck game that good that you threw your sense of reasoning to the gutter?
      I’m ashamed of women like you.
      My advice? Focus on your daughter and try to teach her all the qualities you obviously lack!

    2. What was the point of this? Don’t people who marry seemingly good husbands have the husband do worse ? Yesterday’s posted married as a virgin and same story. If you don’t have any advice for the girl please move on

    3. @16:43
      Did the yesterday poster tell you that the man she married was a "virgin?"
      Are you sure you are not the one without advice?
      At least the last line in that comment is a piece of advice, change your ways and
      become wise.

    4. anon 17.16 learn to read and comprehend “married a virgin“ and “married as a virgin” are two separate things. You sound incoherent

  9. Replies
    1. Poster see how you brought Caeser out of day time hibernation. This your story eh.

  10. Haba! You set reason am Nash! You saw all the red flagssss,yet you still shuk head 4d situationship!
    Now,yawa don gas,you are asking on how to revenge!

    Why are some girls like this,biko?!

    I'm so angry with this poster!
    Haba! Kilode gan na?!

  11. I have said it severally on this blog. Plenty of girls here lack character and moral integrity.
    You are the aggressor here, you slapped him.

  12. Aww so sorry but I must confess you are a BIG FOOL a huge one you saw all this signs and clearly went ahead what the hell was wrong with you naw you are looking for pity party please forgive and move he will surely come around not today not tomorrow but he will

  13. Please ladies, just know that when you are giving guys sex, you are being recorded. There are video gadgets everywhere. You will be acting free porn online soon. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

    1. My dear MANY men record sex with their wives and show their side chicks and sometimes even their friends to laugh at the wife. The thing about empathy is that you NEVER know when it can be you. Yesterday’s poster married as a virgin but her almighty husband didn’t want her to disturb his side chick and sent his wife away in the middle of the night. Men do even worse to their wives who have children for them. If we don’t make the world a safer space for women we don’t respect the same thing can happen to so called “respectable” women. Can you vouch for the love and Fidelity of your husband? So you even have one ?

    2. @16:52
      Yes, I can vouch for the love and fidelity of my husband.
      You as a lady have to respect yourself first before you attract respect and
      respectable man. Which lady begins dating a man who uses ganja for snacks and
      his first port of call is the man's bedroom, as what exactly?
      We ladies have to make ourselves and our space safe first. You do not walk into
      a lion's den and talk about safety.

    3. Aunty faithful husband did the poster say she knew when these videos were taken ? He even posted videos of her IN LABOUR. Congratulations that your life is so perfect but if you have no advice keep off and stick to your perfect marriage. Clearly you have no empathy and only care about your perfect life

    4. @20:29
      If you do not want your video to be taken and sent online as free porn, then do not fornicate.

  14. You saw weed in his room.
    Ex filled police assault case
    He beat his ex..
    You got pregnant
    He hit you despite being pregnant....

    Get your self together, and face front! Did has done 😁
    Live your life.

  15. 1. Revenge porn is a criminal offence, please make a report to the police.

    2. Sometimes people do stupid things when in love. Mistakes have already being made that can't be undone. But, do not let those mistakes ruin your tomorrow.

    3. How do you want your life to go? What kind of path do you want your child to take?

    4. Anger, resentment and vengeance have a way of eating deep into your soul & destroying your peace while your baby daddy is living a carefree life.

    5. My dear, 15 years from now, what do you think you would have done at this moment looking back retrospectively?

    6. Rage is never healthy, if you're a religious person, develop a more personal and closer relationship with God to tackle the rage. Your ex's aim was to destroy you, do not continue to give him that power. You also have to forgive yourself,cause you're also angry you let all that happen to you.

    7. You and your child will be alright. Always be preoccupied with things that are towards to your progressive growth

  16. A fall from grace kinda rage. Shebi if she kills this man now no one will understand that he pushed her to that level of so sorry you went through all that,though you kinda put yourself in it.But you'll be fine.time heals it all,quietly move on okay. Pray to God to help you ease the pain

  17. He's evil personified nonetheless, you can't put all the blame on him, you have your faults too! You should have flee when you saw all the signs & even the ex's story... But you stayed & now reaping the consequences of your "challancy"

    Don't bother revenging, revenge is of the Lord. Remeber, if you want to revenge, dig 2 grave(for both of you) so, why bother?

    The best revenge should be to make it in life with your daughter too & he'll regret it all sooner, God's got you...

    ... Jesus's is my worth!

  18. What was your intention dating a weed smoker, a woman beater, a man with no future, a man with nothing to his name... You wanted to feel how's like dating an agbero.

    You can't do anything to him now, you should have arrested him when first uploaded your naked pictures online.

    You are one of those girls that like agbero guys and that don't sees anything wrong in snapping nude photos or making sex video.

    Please, take care of your daughter and spare yourself the hurt of carrying the burden of hatred around.
    I hope you don't transfer aggression on your beautiful child, she's innocent and not the cause of your made decision.


    1. Mommaaaaaaaaaaaa ❤️❤️

    2. Chai Ms. A.
      I don miss you scatter eh?
      Where you come go since? Hope you and your son are in
      good health.
      May Baba God protect una from all those pestilences that stalk...
      Please make you no waka vamoose again inugo?
      Nno -welcome o 😘😘😘😘

  19. You saw all the signs and still went ahead with the relationship, even having a baby? What were you thinking?
    Girl, accept your mistake and move on.

  20. Hi Poster,

    I'm sorry you've been put through so many unpleasant circumstances. However, you saw the handwriting on the wall but chose to ignore.

    Please take responsibility for your poor judgement and forgive yourself for allowing him treat you the way he did.

    Remaining embittered won't solve any problems. Instead, focus your energies on yourself and child and be progressive with your life.

    Best wishes.

  21. This is really sad to read. An Urhobo babe,Very rare. Pls let him be ,live your life. This will serve as deterrent to ladies who have sex before marriage to the point of going naked with their boyfriends.

  22. What kind of revenge are you looking for? You opend ur 2 corocoro eys enter the relationship knwing fully well that he smokes weed! what do you expect from someone whose brain has been cracked? Babe let him be and live your life. let it go cos it's totally your fault in all sincererity. Your only form of revenge is being successful and ensuring that your daughter gets the best and becomes the best. I bet you the guy's family will come begging for their daughter.Nobody associates with bad news which you are right now, but remain focused and strong. its well with you.

  23. Soro ni yen? this one too na talk? 2 mad people who have now given birth to a precious gift. Please take care of baby I beg of you and carry your cross

  24. The guy was an asshole from inception but the deed is done already

    Dust yourself...if possible move out of the town where you stay and go somewhere far away and start a new life
    Be successful.... love your child unconditionally....let go of the past and keep it moving

  25. I don't mean to blame you but the signs were so evident but you chose to ignore them,
    Seeking revenge is a total waste of your time and emotions , the person you're seeking revenge is already a lost soul and wouldn't feel whatever is meted out to him ,no need trying to take your life the deed has already been done, dust yourself, forgive yourself, learn to love yourself more .
    If you're a Christian get closer to God and just live your life.

  26. Dear poster, by now I believe you have learnt one or two life lessons and you LL train your daughter well so she will not make the kind of mistakes you made. May God help you train her well.
    Ladies, we can do better by knowing our worth and refusing the men treat us this way. A guy that bad mouth another lady before you is only doing that to make you feel you are better than her. We need to stop competing with ourselves and show more support instead. When we start doing better, these men that are bent on messing up some ladies lives just like it was narrated in this chronicle will also receive sense. God help this generation.

  27. I have to blame you. I hope you blame yourself too. Best way is to block ALL CONTACT with him because you won't have a second chance to escape. When some guys approach you it a not for love they usually have motives it will take prayers to be able to discern quickly. Move on, no need for revenge go work on yourself and attract somebody that you know will treat you and your daughter right . Leave him to meet his match that will be his karma next time, logic over emotion

  28. Dear this is not igbo kind of lifestyle, igbo always take care of thier kids. You just met the useless one. On behalf of igbo please forgive the idiot

    1. He might also have fed his parents that she sleeps around and of course they are closed minded Igbos who feel the child has an adulterated blood already with where the mother comes from. Forget all of them and make a life for you and your daughter. Your greatest achievement would be your daughter not making the same mistakes you made.

  29. First of all who is Ife? Confused much.
    Poster please try to move on with your life, what happened has happened and nothing can change the past, you did some things wrong but Do Not will be tempted to but don't. The only thing you have any atom of power over is the future, your choices and decisions henceforth.
    It's going to be a long road towards healing and getting your life back but it is possible, be determined to come out stronger and better in the end. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  30. Poster kindly move on,take care of your baby and be better! Don't try to revenge anything,it will consume you too

    Stop beating yourself up,the mistakes is already done but you can be better off without any rage or bitterness in your heart... learn from this

    All the best

  31. I hate reading this kind of chronicle, poster just blank him out and move on.

  32. All the signs were there nah... Oh well, I guess you were inexperienced and infatuated

    1. Count your lost and move on... Try and make money, he will come crawling and licking your feet then you served your revenge cold with ice...

  33. Poster no offense but you played yourself.
    What you should be thinking about is getting your life together, not looking for revenge. The first thing you need to do is accept you messed up...that way, you can heal better and faster. ThE next is to get the man out of your life, cause it’s not like he’s gonna be a good dad for your get him out of your life for good. Get rid of the bitterness in your heart cause tbh you played yourself on this one...dsnt mean you are a band person or you can’t do better next time. Ok?
    Take care.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. You have already made several mistakes but you have one beautiful thing that has come out of the stituationship and that is your girl. Cut that man off from you life. Move away and start over. Be determined to be the best mother to your child and focus all your rage into making something of your life. It will not be easy bit it can be done. Be thankful God rescued you this early and that you have been a taught a valuable lesson. NEVER in your life will you enable a lazy, good for nothing drug addicted thug!

  36. Madam poster, what exactly are you looking for here?
    You knowingly dated him despite all you saw, so what was your expectation exactly?

    Revenge that what happened, are you a child? Are you just knowing that he’s like this?
    Move on with your life and face your child abeg and better don’t do anything stupid, you’re all the child has.

  37. I am sorry for all you went through. Plz just build a life of love for yourself and your daughter. You can also change location.

  38. You walked into it with your two eyes opened. You saw every red flags but ignored it.

    Don't go and kill the innocent aby sha, because don't trust you.

  39. The best revenge is becoming the opposite of what the offender wants you to be, pick up,dust off and push hard to be somebody in life,forget about him ma'am,he will definitely PAY!!

  40. @Poster, really can't believe you did this to yourself... Revenge? What revenge? Carry yourself, take your daughter and move on. Word of advise, be smart next time, and don't think to your arrogant self that you can change an adult male. Good luck!

  41. I dont know why u kept the relationship going despite the handwriting on the wall... You said he was your first, which is understandable but you refused to learn from his ex's story or read the signs on the wall. Sorry if am judging you but the truth is that you just have to swallow this bitter pill and move on with your life. He is your past as he's up to no good. He may not have chosen to hurt u purposely like he said but just trying to get under your skin for not letting him back into your life. There's no need to revenge because he will get it somehow. Move on with your life, develop yourself and approach life freely. You need your life and happiness back and only you can make that happen. Good luck.

  42. Babe what’s done is done. Now the greatest revenge U can do is focus on ur baby and succeed. That success is the greatest revenge. U will see he will come claiming ownership of the child and begging. Now all I will advice u is that when that happens, borrow urself sense and DO NOT allow him back into ur life!!! Good luck!

  43. It has happened. WHY the harsh judgment. Just give solution and advice . If you like judge and blame her it won't change her past .
    This poster is deeply troubled, lonely and suicidal.
    Poster the deed has been done .
    Now learn from the past and move on.
    If you kill him or harm yourself wetin you gain ???
    The best revenge is for young succeed in life against all odds.
    No matter how he tries to shame you , wetin dey for sex tape . The world has evolved.

  44. God showed you all the signs but you decided to die there. You saw the drugs, the police reports and the lifestyle. You need a special adviser. In the meantime you need to own your responsibility, get your life together and keep it moving.
    Forget about vengeance, that’s God’s responsibility. The tables do turn eventually..

  45. Please relocate if possible and ask God to help you. It is painful but this will pass. Don't think about revenge. Take care of your precious gift (daughter).Las Las you will bevokay

  46. God please have mercy on the sons and daughters of this generation...
    Poster do your best for you and your child...
    When God remembers him... He would think it's his village people not knowing it's what he used his own hand to bring upon himself...

  47. Poster you are a classical case of a lady with fish brain. That was not love but stupidity. This is the same thing happening to Niky Minage. Everyone knows her boyfriend is a sex offender and a criminal and have begged her to stop , but d bitch still went ahead to marry the nigga. Now she cant even travel freely with him else he gets arrested. Over to u, just report him to the appropriate authorities for revenge porn, claim huge dames and move on with ur life. And to all the ladies out there, please run away from NFA (no future ambition) men. Dont waste you pussy milage on these good for nothing men. They bring you nothing but pain and stds.

  48. I really empathize with you. There is something inadvertently broken in every man. You let your brokeness keep you taking this man back, usually those loafers also have a nice dick game, probably that was the main thing that kept you taking him back. Now its done and over. He is not worth killing or spending the rest of your life being bitter. If there is a possibility of moving away from where you guys will keep crossing paths, please do it. Also if you believe in prayers start talking to your God and tell him to purge you of bitterness and help you forgive, now this forgiveness is for you and your daughter not for him but you need to drop that burden of hurt and regrets and move on with your life.You also need to be very honest with yourself and think deep, why did i keep taking him back, because there was no way that you saw a happy ending with him. You need to forgive yourself for allowing him to do this to you and then, Make a promise to yourself to make better choices from now on. I wish you all the best and I hope you find peace and happiness.

  49. Please change your location, move to another state if possible. Change your phone number and other contact details. Focus on raising your child to becoming a queen. Hand him over to appropriate authorities for posting your nude pictures online. Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow, forget about revenge and move on with your life. Love will find you.

  50. Please move on with your life and work hard to be successful for yourself and your baby. After that watch and see if he will not come. But I beg you never accept him in your life

  51. Forgive him, forgive yourself and try not to train your daughter with revenge in mind.Turn back to God, focus on only Him He will fight for you and you would have peace.

    Forget it,nakedness is not a yardstick for decency it has happened and you need to move from it.Confirmed prostitutes is in the lineage of Jesus christ.

    Focus on God alone and watch him heal your heart completely. Forgive him and pray for him he will suffer Gods wrath.

  52. My dear poster....... Everything in life happens for a reason. Right now you should heal of the hurt in the past you know why??? Because you ignore the signs... So therefore forgive yourself for ignoring the warnings and hurting your self.
    Now Secondly you should thank God for the gift of that beautiful daughter he has given you... NOW YOUR BEST REVENGE IS SUCCESS!!!! yes you read it well...
    When you succeed is training your daughter to be the Great..... You have got your revenge. Imagine your daughter is chimmamda Adiche, how fulfilled will you be???? LET THE SUCCESS OF YOUR CHILD BE YOUR REVENGE

  53. To put your story into perspective, I want to know, poster how old were you when this relationship started?

    In fairness to this man, he did not hide who he was from you. He left his ganja very visible right where it belonged, he did not really try to hide proof stating his not so glamorous, physical contact with his ex, he couldn't be bothered getting a job...face it this guy was just being himself in his comfort zone.

    2 questions I want to ask before I can type anything further. Question 1: How old were you when this situationship started?
    Question 2: What was it that attracted you to this man?

    Scratch that, I have a third question, Why were you having unprotected sex with a crackhead?
    In as much as nobody should hit anybody male or female, you can be excused on that matter because of your pregnant state and hormones. Leave revenge first and take responsibility for all the bad choices you have made while blinded by "love." Learn from your mistakes, move out of that area (if you can afford to) and raise your child. About your nudes, yes revenge porn is a cyber crime, its up to you if you want to pursue it.

  54. Wow! Poster, you must really hate yourself. It's unfortunate that you're left to fend for a baby all by yourself but you brought this all on yourself. I'm sure you know that already. The guy is a loser yet you chose to stay with him. He didn't force you. This is what happens when a human being throws caution, good sense and judgement to the wind - regret, pain and bitterness. My dear revenge will not cure you of these. Make a decision to move on and know that he's done his worst. People have seen your naked body, have you died? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You still have your whole life ahead of you to make wiser and better decisions. Forgive him, forgive yourself and dedicate your life to God. Start studying the word of God to renew your mind and grow in your confidence, self-esteem and also so that you won't attract the same man with a different face coz truth is you also have some measure of dysfunction in you, for you to have stayed in that messy situation.

  55. Wow! Poster, you must really hate yourself. It's unfortunate that you're left to fend for a baby all by yourself but you brought this all on yourself. I'm sure you know that already. The guy is a loser yet you chose to stay with him. He didn't force you. This is what happens when a human being throws caution, good sense and judgement to the wind - regret, pain and bitterness. My dear revenge will not cure you of these. Make a decision to move on and know that he's done his worst. People have seen your naked body, have you died? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You still have your whole life ahead of you to make wiser and better decisions. Forgive him, forgive yourself and dedicate your life to God. Start studying the word of God to renew your mind and grow in your confidence, self-esteem and also so that you won't attract the same man with a different face coz truth is you also have some measure of dysfunction in you, for you to have stayed in that messy situation.


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