Stella Dimoko Coronavirus Has Some Advantages......


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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coronavirus Has Some Advantages......

 The dreaded Coronavirus that has brought the World to its feet in fear,has some advantages that should be credited to it.....

Read through and add yours............

It has brought back humanity.

Brought back people to their Creator and to their morals.

It closed down bars, night clubs, brothels, casinos

It brought down interest rates

Brought families together 

Stopped lewd behaviour 

It has stopped people eating dead and forbidden animals

So far it has moved one third of military expenditure to health care.

Arab countries have banned shushes.

It undermines dictators and their powers

Humans are now worshipping God rather than progress and technology 

It is forcing authorities to look at its prisons and prisoners 

It has taught humans how to Sneeze, Yawn and Cough.

Coronavirus is now making us stay at home, Living simple lives and thanking God for waking us up to reality and to giving us an opportunity to ask Him for His forgiveness and His help.
There is a great lesson in this for those who are wise.

Culled from WhatsApp

*Husband's who dont stay at home,will be forced to do so..hehehehehehehehe


  1. It has also brought out greed, hoarding, panic buying, selfishness, thieves and opportunists.

  2. Atleast Slay Queens now know the difference between them and wives. Husbands home. Not calling them or visiting them. Obviously, the winner takes it all.

    1. Husbands bank account constantly debiting for side chicks 😁

    2. Nobody is a winner.

      Husband- who is being used but feels otherwise

      SideChic- who feels she's having fun but is being used for selfish reasons

      Wife- who is the victim in the whole situation.

      So you see, no winner at the end of the day

  3. I don't understand that "eating of forbidden animals" can someone explain please

    1. Rumor has it that the Corona Virus has its roots from bats and other such animals people eat. People are now avoiding them.

  4. After the self-isolation (couple-isolation) we can expect an onslaught of Korobiyi, Korogbemi, korolola, korokoyi, koromuyiwa etc.

    1. Another problem of over population ..smh👼🍼🍼🍼🤰🤱👥

    2. Which one is korokoyi and korolola again 🤣🤣

  5. A wise philanthropist said to me in 2015 "The greatest risk of global catastrophe is not missiles but microbes, we have invested a huge amount in nuclear deterrence & very little to stop an epidermic, we are not ready!
    If theres one positive thing that can come out of the Ebola epidermic is that it can serve as an early warning, a wake up call to get ready, if we start now we can be ready for the next epidermic... & it will come, its just a matter of time" He was righhhhhtttt!!!

    1. @Oxygen;where was the wise philanthropist from??😉😉

      You skipped that?


    2. Martins,
      He was Bill gates (America).

  6. Stella. The only good thing about Corona virus is that no one is fighting for now. The economic recession that will hit the world is doing press ups. Dont be deceived. Stay woke. Alot of insecurities already especially with those that have jobs. Price increase. Stock market collapse. Its going to be crazy. The western world would manage to survive. At least basic stuffs. In Nigeria what would kill people is poverty. I am actually scared for the middle class downward. It's going to be bad. I wish this was fallacy but dont be deceived guys. Stay woke.

    1. Every thing stay woke. Just speak for yourself pls.

  7. Nov/Dec born go plenty this yr

  8. One major thing is the reduction in carbon emissions and the quality of air we have now.

  9. On the contrary, there is an article on marketwatch advising couples on how to avoid killing the partner bc of too much closeness in US. Some couples can barely tolerate each other and hectic work schedules came to the rescue. The level of divorce in US when this is over will be astronomical. This is time to be around one's spouse and be reminded why they cannot stand each other for too long.

  10. This is a bad time for runs girls , it pays to have a job and your own money .

    1. Yo the IG thots are going crazy lmaooo. One was stripping for a rapper on IG Live and he CashApped her a mere $25. That's how bad things have become.

  11. Online church of free the sheeple movement members increased jettically.

  12. It has also strengthened atheism. What with the closure of mosques in Saudi Arabia, never done before, the stoppage of the use of Holy water in Rome, pastors who healed the sick before now appear helpless at the time the miracles are needed. Atheists or new converts to atheism are having a good time on Facebook and the rest.
    I do believe in God by the way.

  13. I was wondering at how a *disease germ (Corona Virus)* has forced the world to a standstill with all the advancement in technology - trips to the moon and Mars, launching of satellite into space, breakthrough in science and medicine, genetic engineering in agriculture and animal husbandry (these are all good though) .

    The world economy has crashed - stock markets, manufacturing, banking, commerce, service industries and the health sector is overwhelmed.

    A biological weapon developed in China has crippled the world.

    God sits on His throne and waits for humanity who have gone their foolish ways in their *worldly wisdom* to repent and seek Him, the Only Wise God.

    *"And I will put none of these diseases upon you that I have brought upon the Egyptians; for I am the Lord that heals you."*

    God is merciful. "It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not."

    In Nigeria, the greedy, selfish politicians of yesteryears and today *who thought that looting and stacking public funds* will save them and their children while neglecting infrastructure - power sector, health sector, agricultural sector, water supply, transportation, urban and regional planning, education for all, developing different parts of the country, Waste management and recycling, population control enlightenment campaign, research, diversifying the economy etc.

    Nigerian leaders travel and see the world yet fail to replicate the development they see in developed world. All they do is play the tribal and religious cards.

    Now, I would've thought this Chinese virus would recognize tribe and religion in Nigeria because that's the basis of our politics, leadership and lifestyle.

    Today, they and their loot along with their families *are stuck* with every Nigerian in the rut their greedy corrupt hearts created.

    Which foreign hospital will they fly to for check up or any serious health challenge in this era of Chinese Virus (Corona)? The health sector in Western world are overwhelmed trying to save their own people. *I laugh in vernacular.*

    ... Kkay

  14. What I love about it is that with all the billions in their accounts, no foreign country will allow Nigerians to fly out for medical treatments. Even bubu is stuck here with us. With no developed health facilities, any major ailment will wipe them away like the rest of us. Black people sef.

  15. As l am reading this, l am baking a taste alike of my favorite cookie for the first time in my living life

  16. This has shown that God is supreme and no other than him.He is just watching our foolishness, but we cry for mercy for him to give us solution this week

  17. Rubbish. It has not brought any good. Lives have been lost.

  18. Aside from the loss of lives, it has improved hygiene (let's hope ppl carry the cleanliness forward); hopefully it has reduced or stopped gastric adventurism ('yet to figure out what appeals to anybody in raw bloodied animal flesh, without salt for that matter);it shd eliminate sexual gallivanting and generally curb moral laxity. As in Biblical times, when evil begins to multiply on the face of the earth or mankind gets too comfortable and smug with itself, believing that it has all the answers enough to turn away from its Maker, the Lord God resets its brain.


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