Stella Dimoko Jilted Lover Commits Suicide After Killing His Ex Lover And Her Husband


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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jilted Lover Commits Suicide After Killing His Ex Lover And Her Husband

A police officer, Kenneth Enamika has committed suicide after killing his ex lover Oluchi for deceiving him and marrying another man despite his financial commitments to her.

According to the state Police Public Relations Officer in Imo state, Orlando Ikeokwu, the tragic incident occurred on Sunday, March 22nd and threw the community into mourning. A suicide note was also found at the scene of the crime which was committed with an AK 47 rifle.

According to Eze Ozoara a source from the community who reported the incident to the police, the suicide note contained how the late Inspector had given Oluchi the sum of N150,000 on trust that she would marry him, only for him to discover later that she had already married Cajethan.

When he confronted Oluchi for her betrayal and a refund of his money, Oluchi's hubby, Cajethan threatened to deal with him with a charm and that prompted him to take the law into his hands.

The three bodies have been deposited in a morgue and the police have begun investigation into the case.
The Guardian

*What a pity!!...three lives wasted because of this?


  1. Wetin Police dey investigate? Case closed.

  2. Three lives wasted because of greed!
    Why not just pay him back his money?

  3. What a pity.See how oluchi lured his husband to his death.If you know you won't marry the person ,why leading them on.All in the name of marriage you ended even your life.

    GOD please console their families

  4. See what deception has caused.

  5. Just for 150k?

    1. Imagine o, people have spent millions, got jilted and moved on.

  6. You see all these women dat feel they can just be chopping a guys money knowing fully well they cant marry him but keep deceiving him, not everyone is mentally sound. Waste your life cos of mere 150k. She may have even used it to buy phone or hair.

  7. Sorry but no sorry, I don't feel anything for the three of them.
    Do not collect money from any man you're not going to have relationship with.

  8. Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no. Any other thing is from the devil. When the victim was leading on the perpetrator, she thought she could hide her own thoughts forgetting that the man himself could hide his madness. If you are being offered gifts from a man you're not interested in, turn them down and let him know your mind. If you guys become friends later in life after the passions and ego has died down, you never know what value you can add to each other. But don't deceive a man or woman who clearly wants commitment, thinking you have seen the mugu you will use to finance your own wedding. Not everyone is feeling fine. Just like the story of the man who wasted ten years of his own life to jilt a woman on her wedding day, some people don't value their lives and would easily waste theirs to end yours.

    1. ***If you are being offered gifts from a man you're not interested in, turn them down and let him know your mind. 

      Please loud it! People be thinking they are smart not knowing some others are sick upstairs.

    2. Even the turning down must be done with care

      Many are not sound o

  9. Three lives wasted because of a Naija girl's greed. Sad. 😢
    I will keep on my truthful yarns; do not receive anything from
    a man you have not accepted to marry or you know you won't marry him.
    A lot of my Naija girls see their bodies as their meal (and vanity) tickets.
    And men as cash cows. It is not good and will never be. 😮😮😮

    1. Please men if someone rejects you

      GOD hasn't rejected you

      Mourn the relationship , forgive her for your peace of mind , forget her to avoid distractions and MOVE ON to greater things


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