Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 279


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Monday, March 09, 2020

Labour Room Drama 279

This Labour room drama is indeed drama filled....OMG!!!

Hi Stella,

I just thought to share my story with you because of a promise I made to God, that if he Grant's me supernatural childbirth, I'll tell the world about it.
Please pardon me, it's a really long read.

So long before I got married, I've been a blog visitor. I'd read a lot of stories on your blog, some really scared me. One stood out for me, this lady said she read the book, supernatural childbirth, and when she went into labour, she forgot everything, some comments also said they threw away their Bibles and forgot Christian songs it was really funny to me. So I took a mental note of that book.

Fast forward to years later, I got married. In less than a month, we were pregnant, 3 months later we lost it. We took in again, lost in a month, my husband never pressured me, and the doctors kept saying high blood pressure. My husband was asking why I was thinking too much, that our baby would come.

December 31, 2018, we went for crossover service, we had bought strips earlier to test but decided to cross over to the new year before testing. When we got home, we rushed to test, it was a single line. We tried to hide our disappointment, I picked the strip and looked at it again and saw a very faint second line, we screamed and were so happy. Apparently, we expected to the 2nd line to appear in one second.不

So I started taking folic acid, more fruits and all. I remembered that book, bought it on jumia. Before I read the book, I always thought supernatural childbirth only meant you delivered "sharp sharp",i Didn't know it meant different things to different people. To the author, it meant primarily no pain, amongst other things.

when I read the book, the one I picked and wanted for myself was
1. No labour pain 2. No cravings 3. No abnormalities 4. No tear不不不
5. A 2.8kg baby不不不不不不不不不不
Based on the instructions in the book, I made a prayer and daily confession over my pregnancy, that labour would be "fast and painless, and that one hour after my water breaks, my baby would be out.

People of God, if I knew how powerful my tongue is ehh, I would have made 1000 declarations. We learn everyday.

My pregnancy was sweet. I vomited in the 1st trimester, but just a few times, 2nd trimester  I had tooth ache, did the procedure, took big drugs. Satan now put the fear that my baby would be deformed but with faith, we scattered it. I didn't have cravings, just pure long throat and my husband would indulge me. Icecream, shawarma, food!!

Fast forward to last trimester, during my last antenatal at 37 weeks 4days, while I was given my drugs, the guy looked at my file and said i had 4 more weeks, that 1st pregnancies last up to 42weeks, I said God forbid. I was already tired.

By the next ante natal, I was 38 weeks, 4days. I went in for check up, the doctor said they need to check if i can deliver vaginally, I said okay, how? She said she would put two fingers. I just stood up, she begged and begged before I agreed. She wore her gloves and asked the nurse to hold me down, I guess this is why I panicked. She SHOVED her fingers into me, I screamed and started struggling. She was now the one trying to remove her fingers because I held her arm between my legs and twisted it. 

She said she wasnt done, I told her I was not doing again and started crying. I called my husband and he told them not to touch me that he's coming. She said I was 3cm dilated already. I asked how? When??

When I left that office, nurses were massaging the doctor's arm because of me.
We went for scan, baby was 3.5kg, kicking furiously and doing very well.

That day was a Thursday, so I went home. I continued my evening walks with my husband, they told me to come back the next day, by Friday morning I was 4cm. No pain. Just pressure, the stomach will be hard for minutes, then go back to normal. Baby's heartbeat was monitored, strong and regular. So Friday, they told me I would stay in the hospital incase I dilate very fast. I got a room in the general ward. In the evening, I went to the street across the hospital, ate rice, plantain, egg, beans and took big pepsi. They were looking at me like...who is this whale eating? My husband came from work to check on me and by that evening after the stroll, 5cm.

The doctors kept asking me if there was pain, I said no, they didnt understand it, but I did. It was what I prayed for. My husband left to come back the next day. 

Infact, my dad was in town for a conference, but when he heard I was in labour, he stayed back, then my mom travelled with my younger sister to come for omugwo on Friday. When she touched down, she didnt come to me o, she went straight to her husband. My father had said he wouldn't come near the hospital until I delivered. He's scared like that.

So friday night before I slept, the doctor came to check baby, everything okay. He said he had not seen where a woman was in labour but no pain, and that I'm just dilating gradually and baby is doing well, that by tomorrow he would induce me to speed things up. What did I know??

My husband just prayed with me, asking God to speed things up and left. I slept like a baby!!! By 9am the next day, he came with food and drinks, I ate. Doctor checked, i was 8cm gone.
People of God, no pain, no headache...not a single thing. My water did not break too at that point.

They said they would induce me so I'll give birth in an hour. I agreed. Had I known!!!


They gave me a drug under my tongue and put a drip. By this time, I'd called my mom to ask why she wasnt with me yet, she said she was on her way to the hospital with my sister. I said okay.

After like 5minutes, I started feeling small discomfort, I told my husband I was thirsty, he went to get water. In less than 2minutes, I was throwing up all I ate, they rushed to get the matron. She said this is one of the signs, that it's time, let's go to the delivery room. I stood up and was walking, the pain started coming small small. I was looking around for my husband, I saw him coming with the water, i shouted at him and he ran and helped me to the ward.

I have a feeling that they didnt expect the drug to work fast, so they didnt set up anything for me. The 2 doctors on call were operating somebody in the ward beside me. The nurse around was assisting them. Just the matron and my husband. 

The matron told me to climb the delivery bed, I said no. By now the pain had reached like 60%. They begged me, I kept saying I wanted to poo, that they should allow me go to the toilet, the matron said no, that I should poo on the bed and they would pack it.

My husband begged me before I climed that bed. As soon as I lifted my leg, my water broke!
I remembered my daily confession, that once my water breaks, my child would be born in 1hr.

When I laid on that bed, the pain went to 100%. So imagine me that had no history of pain from 0 to 8cm, experiencing the highest part at once. I held my husband's shirt, I was shouting baby ooo, with every contraction, a load of shit followed.

With the pain, I was still shouting, "shebi I told you people I wanted to poo, now see I'm pooing here". The contractions were back to back, no second of rest.
Then one young guy walked into the ward, I'm sure that guy would not be more than 30years old. Apparently, he was supposed to be the supporting doctor in the operation, but he came late, so he was asked to deliver my baby.

He asked the matron how dilated I was, she was just confused. He wore gloves to check, I screamed "don't you dare touch me!! None of you should touch me!!!"

He didn't get angry o..he said "I'm sorry madam, we won't touch you" I just want to know how you're doing. I was in pain and I was mad!! I spat out the drug they put under my tongue. I told them I was going to pull my drip. Labour pain can make you crazy. My husband has never seen me act irrational. He was shocked, helpless and almost crying. Strong igbo man ooo
Another contraction hit me, I screamed and started begging my husband for CS, the young doctor asked the matron the dose of the drip she gave me, she said 20mlPer something, I dont remember, he cautioned her that it was too much and reduced it to 10. So I was now getting like 2mins rest before another one hits.

He asked me to breathe through my mouth, when it comes, I should take deep fast breaths, it helped o..I dont know how it worked but it helped me, so I wasnt shouting anymore, when the contractions give me break, I will remind my husband of the CS, "baby it's me o, have I ever begged you for anything like this before? Baby please na", he was so helpless bcos the doctors said I'm too far gone and baby's head was almost out. All I heard was no. I told him "who do you think you are? Is it your body? If you wont sign, give me the form, I'm an adult!! Call my mother to sign!!"

I'm cutting out so much details because I gave them drama that they had not seen in a long time.

When baby's head was visible, they told me. I shouted "Liars!!! All of you are liars!! So I wont do CS abi? You're wasting my time, bring the form!!!!
They told my husband to check, he said yesss, he has seen baby's head, I told the matron to check and she said it was true.
My husband later said he didnt know what he was checking for but had to say yes too.

They told me it was time to push, I pushed, he said I wasnt doing it well, that i should bend forward and look at my navel and push, I tried again and he told me to stop. He whispered to the nurse that she should prepare for episiotomy, that baby's head was big and they would have to cut me if not I would tear in 3 places. I said "who do you want to cut? If you dare cut me ehh..I was shaking my finger at them.

See Stella eh, even me didnt know I had such troublesome behaviour until labour. I was warning the doctor during delivery. I was talking and asking questions in the middle of mind blowing pain.

He begged, I said only if they numb the area, quickly they brought injection, gave me a shot on my vagina, poked the place after some few seconds and asked if I felt anything, I said no, the doctor made the cut, I just felt warm trickle, he said with the next contraction, I should push how he taught me.
When it hit, I pushed with everything in me, her head came out. The doctor was happy!! He unwrapped the cord from her neck, asked me to push again, they pressed my stomach and out flew 4kg of God's faithfulness looking completely like her dad.

She wasnt crying, the matron was tapping her back, the doctor said no, rub her back gently, and she let out the biggest scream. All the pain disappeared at once!! Atleast for that time, they cleaned my baby and took her to my mom. Placenta was out in seconds.
All of these happened in less than an hour, before they stitched me up and I went back to my ward.

Anytime the doctor came to check me post birth, the shame I felt ehhh. I gave him hell!! He explained every injection he had to give me and why, He never lost his cool, I asked at least 50 questions in labour, he answered every one calmly, never got angry even as I shouted.
If these are the doctors schools are grooming now, Nigeria is in safe hands!!

Pictures attached for your eyes alone. About 30mins old and 6months old

Supernatural childbirth for me was God taking away pain till 8cm and giving me a 45mins childbirth.
I'm in awe of you father!!! If you've lost and still TTCing, God is about to bless you. Trust Him!!

Wow,congrats,your baby looks so beautiful and you look set for another drama in the labour room..hehehehehehehehehehhe


  1. Wow! Such a nice read and congratulations drama queen

    1. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Supernatural child birth to me was no labour pain at all in all 4 pregnancies. No tear and fast delivery. Had all my babies under 38wks. I read that book back to back and listened to tapes on faith. Oh and i exercised my faith.

    2. Lmaooo. Poster you are funny, congratulations to you and family.
      A coincidence that I'm 38weeks 4 days today. I'm waiting on baby like.
      I'm opting for an epidural other things be equal, and praying for God's guidance.

    3. Oh and poster I just ate pounded yam and Pepsi a few minutes ago. Awon olounje

    4. I need to buy the book

    5. Congrats ma'am
      Ladies control your appetite o
      Too much food equals big baby o
      You should fear episiotomy and tears o

  2. This LRD is making me want to share my own. My baby will be 1 this Sunday. I think it's about time I did.

    1. Oh wow! My baby will be one on Sunday as well and my LRD was drama filled. So much drama even the doctors that were not on duty when I delivered knew about me.

  3. Wow! Such drama. Thank God for you.

  4. 不不不不不不不不

    ‘Baby, it’s me oo’
    My favorite line.

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy.
    May she continually be a source of joy in your home.

    But you are funny ooo
    See me laughing and laughing.

    Let me post this and read a second time.


  5. Sis your lrd was such a sweet read, omg! I laughed so hard @2.8kg baby and also that part you said you ate beans, egg, rice, plantain and downed it with big Pepsi, gosh!

    Thank God for you and yes that book is just very awesome, i don't have it, but when i was preggy with my second child, i went for ante natal and saw one lady who came also reading the book, i was like i have heard so much about this book, she told me she has been praying with it and lent it to me, i read some part of the book, prayed and made declarations, gave it back to her when she wanted to leave, i promise you guys, that was the easiest pregnancy ever.

    1. I will come back here to ask for this book at the right time. I am so scared of childbirth

    2. Joy you can buy it now. Don't wait till then. Buy the book and the prayer own too.

  6. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'9 March 2020 at 13:25

    Lol, this one na real drama o, thank God for safe delivery, abeg do born another one o lol, I enjoyed your story and God bless your darling husband and the doctor.

  7. Wow!! I was smiling all through,thank God for a safe delivery.

  8. LOOOL I thoroughly enjoyed your drama. 不 Congratulations and God bless the lil one.

  9. Oh wow I love it. Congrats doll.

    Please y'all need to stop apologising for long reads, if it's written properly and interesting, we would soak it up. I particularly love long interesting reads.

  10. Congrats madam.

  11. Wow! It was an interesting drama. God bless your bundle of joy. All TTC women, may you testify soonest in Jesus' Name.

  12. 不不不不不不不不不不不 Sha poster, you are the real drama queen.

    Congratulations to you. Baby you are welcome to the world.

  13. So interesting. Congrats Mama. Baby will bring you so much joy

  14. Congratulations poster.
    I have faith and believe I will share my testimony/LRD this year, on this blog in Jesus Mighty name.God never forgets His own.

    1. 14:04 he won't forget you,trust in him....He did mine after waiting for three years with 2 painful miscarriages.Keep hope alive ma'am

  15. Thank for you, baby dust to all ttc mothers

  16. I was also screaming for cs.. Just 5 hours labour but I saw Oba of Benin .. Will send in my story soonest.

  17. Such a sweet, interesting LRD.
    Well written too. Made me want to get married and take in immediately.
    Nothing like having a caring, attentive husband and family oh, and the right health care workers too when needed.
    Congratulations on your baby, poster and may she be a blessing to your family.

  18. I think this is the best LRD I’ve read so far.

  19. Thank God for safe delivery

  20. I enjoyed reading your story...God bless you and your little one.

  21. Congratulations

    It was an interesting read.

  22. I almost started crying when the baby came.

    Childbirth scares the hell out of me.

    My friend that was induced for her two kids said induction is one of the worst things for a pregnant woman. That the pain is way worse than normal pain. When they told her she was going to be induced for her second pregnancy, she just started crying.

    1. I was induced during the delivery of my twins. After the 1st one came out,then now induced me for the 2nd one,i think 5o the highest. They kept asking if there was any pain,i said no if it was supposed to pain me. After like 5mins told them i wanted to poo. Had my twins at 7months. Combined weight of 3.8kg,and that was the biggest weight. My babies before then,where 2.6kg and 3kg. Till morrow whenever i go to the hospital, the nurses that no,till say my story. That they have never witnessed anything like that before. But it was just faith at work. Eka start reading supernatural child birth,and start your confessions before your even pregnant. Talk to your body and declare what you want and how you want it. The word of God works.

    2. Thanks. Will definitely do that. Where can someone get the book?

  23. Beautiful...Interesting. I can imagine the drama.
    I will send mine...this just brought back memories. we are 1 month plus

  24. Congratulations madam! May God continue to bless your home... Say me Hi to your bundle of joy...

  25. This is the most hilarious LRD I've read here.

  26. Aww such a beautiful story..God bless your baby,husband and doctor!! Na wa oh so they need to rub the baby's back not Abara that dey give..I have learnt a lot..Thank you..

  27. Congratulations madam.
    Your story was a lovely read.
    GOD bless the young doctor for being professional.

  28. Congratulations Ma'am! I enjoyed reading your drama filled story

  29. You are such a good writer,i was imagining everything.Congrats and kisses to your baby

  30. Congratulations madam,how i l簷ve LR gist ehh

  31. Totally enjoyed your story. Congratulations and God bless your baby.

  32. Congratulations poster, your story was so much fun to read. Please does anyone have the ebook of 'supernatural childbirth'. I'd love to read it and declare it daily on my pregnancy as well. Been trying to download it but can't find it. Pls do let me know. Thank you

    1. My dear, go to CSS Bookstore at CMS of Laterna Books at Okoawo, V.I. The book is available for sale and it is very affordable

    2. I stay in Ibadan

  33. Congratulations. Your story almost finished me with laughter and tears.

  34. Hmmm congratulations Mama,
    Papa please do it for me oo, I can't wait

  35. Hmmm... congratulations ma. It was really an exciting read. I pray mine will be very smooth.

  36. Congratulations to you and your little one.


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