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Monday, March 23, 2020


Wash your hands,Coronavirus is real!!!

My name Is Stella
It's my Birthday today ma'am and I so desire heartfelt wishes from BVs although I've been a silent reader for years.

Happy Birthday Stella baby



This was posted in a wrong post and i had to delete it from there.....Oga how do we know who to beg?or how will she know its you begging her?


lmaooooooooo.please can someone suggest foods that can make her put on weight?



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  1. IHN is here.......reality is setting in but it is well. Please lets stay safe, wash and sanitize our hands always.

    1. my fiance randomly asks me if there is anything i would like to tell him that he prefers to hear it from me than to find out(they all say that right?) i keep saying nothing but the truth is that back in UNI i had about 8 abortions and a case of genital wart, i didn't have any complications and i went for treatment everything is fine and all in the past. his past seems kinda smooth not filled with drama( mummy's boy, private school, travelng out for vacation kinda kids) i fell he might not be able to understand if i tell him and besides i don't want to tell. Am i been selfish for not wanting to tell? we already did our intro

    2. PLS,Do not discuss your past with him.

    3. face of ihn you are in kaduna right. national ear care centre. it looks really familiar. darn it

    4. Pls anon don't tell him anything..I take God beg u o.dont use ur hand bring trouble for urself o.

    5. Anon, don't you dare mention your past to him. Pls I'm begging you

    6. You're not selfish. Let the past remain in the past, the mist important thing is your relationship with God now, have you ask forgiveness and mercy from God and have truly repented from your past mistakes? Then it is settled. You're a new person now.

    7. Pls don't tell him anything o. Even if he comes to you that he heard any of your gists outside, deny it with plenty crying.
      Concerning his own past, forget o, ajebutter kids also do a lot of shit but he will never open up to you. Even if he has a clean past, don't open up about your own past. Take this from an experienced married woman.
      Before marriage I also had abortions and uncountable body counts. When hubby came into the country and we started talking marriage, he told me about some of his escapades and how he slept with a white woman and her daughter unknowingly. He said he also gave someone money to abort pregnancy and that women suck him but he never sucked pussy cos it disgusts him, he now asked me about my own. My dear sister, I told him I only had three boyfriends and three body counts. He knew one of them, I dated that one before meeting him. I told him I used to play guys who wanted to date me and take money and gifts from them but had nothing to do with them. I also told him I had never sucked dick and also, no one sucked me.
      After some years of marriage, he was gisting me of how he sucked white and black pussies, sleeping with random girls when he is horny, etc. Me I was just laughing in my mind. Till tomorrow, I still maintain my stand.

    8. 16:04 dont tell him shit. This men can pretend not to be bothered ,tomorrow he will use it against you same way my husband used something i told him about my family against me.

    9. Looooool..
      Stellaaaaa!!! I am asking... where did you get your BVs from? look at Anon 18:56... loool...

    10. 8 abortions, countless abortions. Wow 😯😯

    11. Don't tell,i repeat never tell thing that happened in your past.He will use it against you later.Talking from my own experience.Rather let him talk about his past

    12. Nothing ever remains hidden in this world.

    13. Rather let him talk about his own experience. Hypocrite much? Why not BOTH parties keeping mum?!

  2. Replies
    1. Stella is that UNTH old site.
      Happy birthday.

    2. Happy birthday stealla. Is that fmc makurdi?

    3. So today i confronted my husband on why his apps are locked politely oooo, nigga got angry and raised his voice .
      I dont owe you that explanation to y my apps in my phone is locked but if you must know , i jeje stood up and told him not to shout nor bother that its just the two of us holding the conversation but since he does not owe me this explanation ,then i will like to take my leave.

      World people he is not a woman beater but will scare you with loud voice , he even said that i am talking nonsense. Told him to mind his use of words cos i have not insulted him and boom he said if he opens the apps for me and i find what i am looking for ,then what next. Told him i am not looking for anything but its just a simple question cos we live alone.
      Oga vex no be small,i told him i really dont know y he is getting angry except if there is smth he is not telling me but i am not those kind of women that men treat badly , that i will live with the children and not leave a .
      He completely lost it and said he wont be surprised cos it runs in my family .

      So i found out about a week ago that my mum is not an Igbo woman but rather from Calabar and never disclosed this to us her children , an outsider actually did and she didnt deny .long story though but it was hard to digest . So i spoke to hubby about it and boom today he used it against me .
      My grandma ( mothers mum) left her husband and took her kids which is my mum to her family house and that was were my mother grew up and got married.

      I felted stabbed cos this was a private conversation i had with him and he used it to insult my family and i. It is indeed well.

    4. That anon up there that wants to tell her bf abi fiance her past come down here and see something o.. they'll always use it against u.i learnt this a long time ago.
      Madam pls don't be angry just let him time keep ur family issues to urself.. nothing like we're family o.

    5. Anon, fear men like that oh.

    6. 16:19, you'd have jejely let it slide

    7. It was good you made it clear to him what you won't accept. He wouldn't be so defensive if he had nothing to hide. Reminds me of my dad when my mum confronts him, he will start raising voice. What a shame.

    8. 17.55

      The anon up there's case is different, she has done things that can affect the guy and two of them as a couple in the marriage. 8 abortions. Would you want your brother being the guy? Be honest.

    9. @ 21.11, it depends. If my brother kept himself and didn't sleep around, no I wouldn't want him to marry her cuz I would think he deserves better.

      But If my brother is a player,a jarule, wow, 2 ti ge 4 niyen. I will be indifferent and be happy he met someone just like him.

  3. Good afternoon SDK and bvs
    Happy new week
    May Coronavirus be far away from us and our loved ones. Amen
    Let us all be careful of where we go and how we conduct ourselves on public
    Schools are closed in Ibadan here but I see children all over the place on my was out this morning.


    Parents pls reduce your children's presence outdoor and interaction with things and people outside your home. I locked mine inside the house when I wanted to get something outside

    1. *in public
      *on my way out

      I'm tired of this phone

    2. Where have you been? You just disappeared from the blog after December..

    3. You guys should allow people comment in peace whenever they like.
      You see, people are going through all sorts that made them stay away from the blog for a period of time and not everyone will come here and explain their reasons.
      Some people lost loved ones to death and were mourning.
      Some were sick, some suffered heart break, some lost their marriage, some lost their phones or their phones got faulty, some are suffering from depression, some travelled to places where there is no network and so on.
      Let us behave line human beings with brains for Pete's sake.

    4. ANON 15;24, Geez oh please calm the hell down! i see an innocent question here. if she noticed she hasn't been commenting , then its a good thing cox it shows someone actually cares about you. so please stop instigating rubbish "for pete's sake"

    5. 15:42πŸ‘
      One Heineken beer for youπŸ˜€
      Why can't we have plenty bvs who reason like you?

    6. Oh dear! Pls calm down everyone.

      Thanks for your concern Anonymous 14:57.
      My phone was stolen, though it was still with me all through January and part of February and I commented on the blog till that February when I lost it.
      I had to get a small used phone few days ago. Thanks all.

      This compulsory closure of schools will give me time to catch up on blog posts. We teachers are also hiding from Coronavirus.

  4. Happy birthday Stella. God bless you.


    1. Happy Birthday Stella
      Have a wonderful birthday 😘😘😘

      Enjoy the rest of the day my people and please be safe.

  5. Happy birthday Stella
    Live long and prosper

  6. Hello from IB city... Thanks Stella for the free advert... God will continue to bless you ooo... Make una patronize your sister o... Enugbe o... God bless you all... Have a lovely week.... Don't forget to wash your hands and stay safe...

  7. Life is sure so funny.
    Some are depressed that they are fat and doesn't want to be fat anymore.
    My sister up there is going crazy about being slim and want to be fat.
    It shows we humans are just killing ourselves over unnecessary things.
    The best thing you can do is to love yourself.
    Poster up there I pray you get what your heart desires and when you get that fat I hope people won't still body shame you cos that's life for you...

    Me I love them fat sha
    Fat,smart, intelligent and very beautiful cos me sef no ugly 😬😬😬😬😬

    Good day my people
    How is your day going?

    1. Teejay se you don't need to be quarantine like this πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    2. just be yourself and be happy, somebody that will appreciate you will come one day

  8. So many beautiful things up there... Cake looks yummy..

    God bless all our hustles


    For those who may find it difficult to get Hand Sanitizers because of the cost, scarce or would like to make it in large quantities.
    You can do it yourself locally at home for your Families, Friends and Co-workers to use at the office.

    Below is the World Health Organization’s standard recipe so you can do it if you can't buy or find

    1.  Get a 1.5L empty clean water bottle
    2.  Get 31.2mls of Hydrogen Peroxide and pour it into the bottle.
    3.  Add 22mls of the Glycerin in Rose Water into it.
    4.  Add 1.25L of the Methylated Spirit into it.
    5.  Finally, make the volume to the 1.5L mark of the bottle (i.e 203ml of the water)
    5.  Shake very well and label it as Hand Sanitizer and then you can dispense.
    Now, you have your Hand-rub or Sanitizer to use.
    Thanks and I hope it helps.


    1. Hmm. I've been seeing this going round. I don't know how safe or effective this would be against a virus. However, I know that alcohol content should be at least 70% to be effective against Corona virus. Please let's be careful.

    2. I dilute little water with alcohol and apply it on my hands as sanitizer

  10. Anons from Spontaneous post, i hope we are good now? I'm not always going to be politically correct or vibe with everyone all the time but at least, i will apologize if necessary.

    Please, i'm very much employed and have privileges that allows me to be active on social media. Do you not want Stella to have traffic? πŸ˜‚ Don't be petty because you want to sound awf.

    Anon Baibay, how are you holding up? Prayers still up for you. Get better hun πŸ€—

    1. One thing I love and admire about you,is your ability to admit things when they call you out whether you are wrong or right and apologize without dragging the issue further...God bless you real good.
      How are you ma?

    2. I'm doing good..Thank you, Big Banty. God bless you too, you are a King.

    3. I like her too,so free spirited and easy going. Your hubby must be lucky I swear

    4. Thank you, Lily. ❤πŸ€—

    5. I am a perxy fan, though I don't always agree with her.

    6. Yeah yeah ...whatever you say peepee πŸ˜’


  11. Stella please tell that advertiser of hand woven basket that didn't add contact details the other day to advertise again. I want to contact him/her to make me a jewelry box. The round one with cover that hausa guys used to hawk in those days. I have been searching for it ever since I came to Ibadan but couldn't find it.

    1. I made the advert ma..
      The box you're describing is not available for now.
      Will definitely alert sdk when it is... Thank you

  12. Beautiful wristwatches. Great sales to you and other sellers.

    Ankara seller, no contact details?

  13. Hi Stella baby, happy Birthday
    I like as you cover yasef well well 😊😊 with
    sisi dignity.
    And that ya beautiful smile, like mine early mornings
    after legitimacy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Sisi you fine no be small inugo?

  14. Happy birthday Stella πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚
    God bless your new age

    Good sales to all the sellers

  15. Hello IHN πŸ™Œ

    Happy birthday BV Stella.. age gracefully

  16. Daviva seller; no location, no contact, how do we patronize you?

  17. Nne that wants to be fat....Dont worry when you marry and have your first baby...Fat shall come knocking πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    But seriously Rock your slim body well... people are paying alot to be slim oh. I miss my Tiny body days.

  18. Try longrich nutrition blue shake and thank me later. This is for the skinny girl that want flesh.

  19. Happy birthday Stella... I like your colour. We should all take this Corona Virus very serious and avoid large gathering if we can't isolate ourselves. It's real and spreading so fast.

    My prayers are with those already tested positive.

  20. Happy birthday to Stella. You is beautiful.

    Eh, sdk bv please forgive your boyfriend for all his mistakes. Please accept him back.

    Poster that want to add weight, just continue eating all what you listed up there☝️. In no time the fat will come and you will be looking for how to lose it.

    Wishing all the buyers and sellers good sales.

    Indoor things here.

    Ego be

  21. Good afternoon Stella and BVS.I just want to say a big thank you to Stella for your kind gesture of free advert for BVS. May God bless you. Amen. I also want to appreciate my sister Sweetlurla for a smooth business transaction and a sweeter attitude. Buying from her in Lagos all the way from Kano state was very smooth and a great pleasure. SDK blog!One love!
    Aunty Kano

    1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!You even brought this hereπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜I'm glad Aunty Kano(name written on her parcelπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ)for trusting this brand all the way from Kano,I appreciate it so much,it means a lot to me.May God bless and enrich your pocket...Amen
      Many thanks to Tante Stella,the real queen of blogosphere 😘😘😘 you've done so much for me ma'am,I don't know how to thank you for giving your platform freely,i appreciate your kindness ma'am.God bless you and yours.
      To all my customers and potential customers here,may God bless you all.
      Stay safe people,may God be with us all.... Amen

  22. N350k for that spacious car and the engine is in good condition? is that truly possible? if yes, then wow it would serve a great investment to purchase and hire to a trust worthy driver to settle you daily or weeklyπŸ€”

  23. We all deserve to have that one friend who will be happy for our progress thw way Didi in SGIT was happy for Tiwa when she told her about her promotion (I felt goosebumps watching that scene).

    We deserve to have that one friend we can talk to about anything both good or bad without being worried about their inner reactions.

    Cos come to think of it, it's in human nature to want to talk to someone else about their emotions, successes, hard times (so one can tell u, everything will be fine) but the world is so messed up that you dunno who u can trust and who you should trust.

    I really wish we can do better.

    1. Honestly @ Didi 😍😍😍
      She is a very good friend and a loyal one I love how she looks out for tiwa,
      I love sgit cos its entertaining and very educating.
      I don't miss it !!!

  24. happy birthday stella wish you many more years

  25. Stella you are beautiful and happy birthday to you.

    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes and pray on my birthday yesterday. I am greatful.

    Uncle how can we beg someone you did not give us full details on. Student on this blog please forgive uncle lol.

    Hanty that s looking for fat, instead of killing yourself or going into depression why don't you take that pig injection and grow as fat as pig is. I hope when your size is like that of pig you will allow us to rest, with the spread of coronavirus one should be praying to God for life and not for adding some flesh.

    1. πŸ˜„@excited courtesy, I remember that injection that makes someone looks fat in the face and slim from the waist makes the face , tummy, bust and arm looks bloated.
      Some slim aunties in my former area then , after taking the injection, they start feeling on top of the world like they are living large....ignorance

    2. Na wa for this your last paragraph. Next time jump and pass if you cannot be emphatic.

    3. you are so rude and really stupid for your comment....idiot. people come to share their pains and you just vomit your nonsense. do you know how skinny she is? do you know the bullying she has endured cos of being skinny? do you know names they would have called her? we all have our insecurities and you just dont downplay peoples problems. very insensitive comment. please lets start behaving mature on this blog...this is not the poster before you start insulting the already troubled girl

    4. Excited courtesy so u too don start to insult people for here abi...u want to follow shooter ghal footsteps abi. E go do u like film trick.

    5. Very rude of you excited courtesy. No courtesy at all in this your comment.

  26. Happy birthday Stella dear.. You look so so so so so pretty..🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Please, Are you single? Would love if, you don't mindπŸ€—

    1. You better look front and check for your mate and level

    2. 18.14 that's a very mean thing to say. Only God knows tomorrow, you don't know which level you will find yourself tomorrow. God will surely uplift Ola and shame the likes of people like you despising him.

  27. Happy birthday BV stella, hope you have a fabulous time.
    Stella and dear BVs, I am so happy. Mortgage free at 35 years old, I basically fully own my London property and it feels great.
    I remember a few years ago when I was driving a fairly old mercedes and a Nigerian girl said to can you with your status drive such car, I expect you to be driving a range she said to me one winter afternoon.
    She said this not knowing I had long decided I preferd fortune to fame.
    Lool, now I own my new Benz plus my own home in a high-brow area of London and it feels fantastic.

    Thank God for me guys, I am so proud of myself, if I can do it, you all can. Peace.

    1. Congrats bro/sis
      More wins for you in London I pray

    2. Thank God for u and this is the beginning of good things coming ur way.

    3. Wow, congrats! This is the motivation I need to keep going. I have been overpaying and will continue to do so to achieve that aim of being mortgage free. I am not big on spending on stuff like bags and clothes so that does help.

    4. Big congratulations to you

  28. God have mercy,no screening at the airports,my friends mum came in yesterday no checks no screening everyone is just walking freely and normal activities going non at d airport.we aren’t taking things seriously at all.may God help us in this country and save us from this careless government

    1. I said this on Thursday last week,
      There is absolutely no screening at the airport ,
      You walk in and probably walk out like every other day .
      It's just bad ,
      One of the airline operators complained on how they even had to force people to use sanitizers .
      May God really help us ,and may ignorant and lackadaisical people not get the rest of us in trouble..

      Imagine that I was telling someone to be careful this period and she said to me that Corona cannot come neigh her dwelling I should forget that thing .
      I just said okay and hung up.

    2. I was at the bank this morning. the security man at the door was giving people sanitizer to use and also using that other device to point at the eyes to check people's temperature. One man started shouting shouting that the security guy did not seek his permission before pointing the device at him. He wanted to walk in without testing or using the sanitizer, people on the queue dragged him back. They told him he cannot go inside. He later agreed to submit himself for testing and he used sanitizer after everyone shouted on him

    3. @Praise
      These are the kind of person I'm concerned about .
      And its really sickening.


    4. May God help us in this country.... I don't know why some people are not taking this corona virus serious.

  29. The ankara advert, how do we contact you?
    Let us be careful and stay safe.

  30. Thanks Stellz...
    Bv who wanna get fat...I have a smoothie combination that you can have try out... write moi❣

    1. What stops you sharing it here? πŸ™„πŸ™„

  31. Good afternoon everyone. Hope we are keeping safe?

    Please BV's, I need urgent your advice.
    Okay, I've not gone out for a week now and I've been extra careful with my hygiene and that of my family.

    The thing is I called my mum last Thurday just to check on her only for her to tell me she'll be going for a wedding on Saturday. I told her not to because of the present situation in the country. She agreed not to go.

    I called her on Saturday just to be sure she was home, she didn't pick and I sensed she must have gone for that wedding.

    On Sunday morning, I called her and she said she was home but when I asked about the wedding she answered that she attended it... In her words " the bride's mum is in my group (church) and I was selected as part of the representative to go and the reception was even in a school o. You know, I had to go now".

    I was livid and so I didn't respond.

    Today, she called my daughter to say she'll be coming tomorrow to visit us. I'm so upset and honestly I don't want her to come for now. I know this matter will blow out of proportion but at this moment, I need to protect my home.

    How do I get to handle this situation please?
    What exactly should I say to her to stop her visit?
    Am I overreacting?

    1. You have to n careful, not to loose your mother's love...

      Add prayers and faith to your prevention action.

      Express your fears to her and let her decide if to still come down or not

    2. Bath your children and take them to a quiet place. Take your own food and drinks with you to limit interaction. Set out in the morning before she comes and call her that you have embarked on a short journey. Then switch off your phone. Stay out till night and call a neighbor to ask if she is still around before coming home

  32. Happy birthday beautiful Stella.

    Fat looking babe just take things easy ok,i believ when you marry give birth you will add okay or you look for longrich people to buy one if their product that makes people fat.ok?.

    Please girlfriend try and give this guy second Chance ok,,.

    Be safe all!

  33. Happy birthday Stella geh,may God bless your new age.

  34. Happy Birthday Stella, continue to shine like the star you are.

  35. Happy birthday stella, hope you post this, love you and your blog. God should forgive i read it more than my bible, it's my ears and eyes to the 🌎

    1. The birthday poster is not Stella the blog owner o. That is not SDK 😁

  36. Madam, I hope Ejiro has not started fucking your husband, hence the distance.


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