Stella Dimoko Movie Mogul Wale Adenuga Says Most Nollywood Actors Live Fake Lives...


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Monday, March 23, 2020

Movie Mogul Wale Adenuga Says Most Nollywood Actors Live Fake Lives...

The chairman of Pefti Film Institute, Wale Adenuga has described the film industry in Nigeria as unprofitable, saying that things are not going on well as expected with the sector.

Adenuga disclosed this during the weekend in Ibadan while speaking with newsmen, and said the Federal Government had done it's best by providing loans for filmmaking but advocated for a total restructuring of the sector.

The veteran filmmaker who spoke while opening a new Pefti institute in Ibadan, urged people to disregard the flamboyant lifestyles of some of the young actors and actresses in the industry, adding that many of them made their money outside film production.

His words: “Many people are oblivious of the fact that many of the young Nollywood actors and actresses who live flamboyant lifestyles make their money outside film making. They make people believe everything is alright in the film making.”

“You see them building big houses, living in affluence, but their source of money is beyond making the film.”

He berated lack of organised association to govern the activities of the actors and moviemakers in the industry.

“Although the average Nigerian may find this shocking but Nollywood is the only industry with no organised association to govern the activities of actors and moviemakers in the industry. This country cannot speak of a unified national association of filmmakers, the way that doctors talk about the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), lawyers talk about the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the gentlemen of the press have the Nigerian Union of Journalists(NUJ). It is true that Nollywood has all manners of guilds but these are all based on the sentiments.”

“One is persuaded to believe that the inability to come together under an umbrella is one of the reasons why Nollywood have some of the problems that hinder them from the development of the business in Nigeria.”

Speaking on the PEFTI Film Institute, Mr Adenuga disclosed the institute was established to create opportunities for both green-horn aspirants and practitioners, to acquire a proficient professional training in the diverse disciplines of film, television and music production.

He added that part of the missions of the institute is to conduct research into all aspects of film, television and music production and to collaborate with similar institutions and relevant agencies within and outside Nigeria, towards creating virile film television and music industries.
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  1. It’s true na. Do we need a prophet to say so...

  2. Yes, na me dey write "Fake lives" whenever 'favorite celeb" posts come up.
    Now, the person in the know is talking again (just like the Kanye West "freemason" confirmation of those my yarns).
    I go dey write my truthful yarns in spite of ndi uta's poisoned arrows. 😊😊
    I get one of those fake celebs in my extended family o, for ndi uta's information.
    She still dey post the pictures she snapped "abroad" (when the going with her polithiefcian paymaster was still good) and all the gullible vain Sisis still dey hail her, they tap like
    palmwine tappers. 🌴🌴🌴🀦🏻‍♀️
    If I write her name here, alarm go blow. 😊😊😊😊😊

    1. Carry your hypocritical self and get going. You're no different from those fake lives you mentioned.

    2. @19:42
      You no get yarns.

    3. @ImageScale
      Why are you hissing like 🐍
      You no get yarns? 😊😊😊

  3. First time i'm seeing Wale Adenuga's face.

    Is he related to Globacom Adenugas?

  4. Is that what is your problem oga? We have an pandemic problem at hand.

    1. an pandemic?πŸ™„

    2. Lol, an pandemic ke, stopeet.

    3. Oloyibo isonu, "an pandemic" ... What have you done or contributed to stop the "an pandemic" yourself .... Oluwaye sorosoro, keypad warrior,

  5. This is super story.....Lalalala

  6. We know na, no be today. That's why: (1) Nollywood men prefer to date Naija girls abroad or oyibos that are gullible to their flash and don't mind paying their flight tickets abroad e.g. Alexx Ekubo, Ayoola, Mofe Duncan, Kunle Remi, IK, etc.
    (2) Nollywood girls have to make income elsewhere by dating or marrying rich men in naija (or sons of rich men) whose sexcapades and demonizing ways are publicly known e.g. Toolz, Coker, Toke, Gbemi, etc. Dem plenty.

  7. Please read to comprehend. He said his younger colleagues make money OUTSIDE of his industry, not in people's beds. It is the same way musicians make money outside of record sales by doing concerts, bagging endorsements and starting businesses.

    There was a time virtually every American rapper had a fashion label. Many popular athletes did the same or partnered with bigger brands to push products. No one accused them of sleeping with anyone. The same way our actors are finding ways to use their fame to create opportunities for themselves. No actress is living in banana Island and if Linda ikeji did not show off her toys and home, you would still be thinking bloggers are sleeping around while also scrounging in the comments section for giveaways.

    Even Wale Adenuga who is talking is opening a film school and his children work for him and are handsomely paid. Could he be this wealthy with money from super story? Of course not. He has leveraged the brand PEFTI to do other things. Any scene requiring a school in his episodes are shot on the premises of his wife's schools further creating awareness and I am sure he has other interests. People like Bisi Olatilo and Dele Momodu have been able to leverage their networks to create opportunities and wealth for themselves. Even Aisha Falade, Abike Dabiri, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola, Funke Akindele and many of the faces you used to see on NTA have used the exposure of low-paying jobs to build their careers. As local as Liz Anjorin is, she has used her razzness to create wealth for herself by making customers of her fans in the diaspora and Nigeria. Are Ibrahim Chatta and Odunade whoring themselves to kings and the wealthy for endorsement? Liz was openly thanking a female customer who bought a dress from her for 1 million naira about last year and there are many- such money is yours to be had if you can leverage your skills (if you have any) and stay away from gossip and toxicity. This woman goes abroad to buy goods she carries on her head before she ships them to Lagos. Now, she is also a builder and runs a freight company. The people gossiping in the comments have husband's that they can barely feed who still cheat on them. Who is going to sleep with a man being fed by his wife? Unless you clean a rich man's house, how would beggers know who is sleeping with? How else would you explain someone having so much time to concoct lies laced with Bible verses everyday? How can they then beat their chests and say someone else is sleeping around? Divorce yourself form the mentality of poverty today.

    The campaign slogans, documentaries, advertisment, even some music videos are made by these hard working people you malign everyday. Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo) was talking about losing 16 cows and that many actors (male and female are in the business of agriculture. It was his work for a senator that got him a venza on his birthday. Do you know how many do the same for other politicians and get paid handsomely for media deliverables? Is Ogogo sleeping with Yayi? Funke Adesiyan worked for Shekarau and made enough money to build a house. Look at RMD and Bob Manuel- are they pimping themselves? Kehinde Bankole also confirmed she has been into agriculture for a long time. Some sell cars and whenever they go abroad, it is to bring in good to sell, or to work multiple jobs, not just for the gram. No actor has just one job. They have a job that finances the movies you pirate.

    There are so many Middle income homes across the world people live from paycheck to paycheck. Even in America, studies show that most cannot handle a 300usd emergency without relying on credit. Are they actors or are they sleeping around? Even newscasters are not rich but their jobs mean they wear different clothes and have to be well dressed in public- is that a fake life?

    They are not the cause of your poverty or frustration, in fact, despite your nastiness, they help to put a smile on your scrawny faces. Stop lying. There is more bedhopping going on in your face me I also you than among busy people.

  8. Anon 11:09,thank you. Would have written this but l did not have the strength. You know what? The air heads who are always dehumanising these ladies are not reading this. A lot of ladies are working hard and making money the same way men are making money. Some of us are up in the midnight work. I could remember a project l was involved with years ago that required me going out to put on the generator at 1 or 2 myself because l did not want to wake my husband or my kids. I did that for about 6 months just to complete my own part of the project.
    I stopped responding to some of these comments because some of these ladies never had the opportunity to use their brains or they grew up setting limitations for themselves and it is calming to reduce every successful lady to a prostitute. Someone even mentioned Toolz who is an Oniru. Toolz personally has real estate ventures. What do we do with that fossilized thinking. God help us.


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