Stella Dimoko New York State Declares State Of Emergency As COVID19 Cases Increase


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Sunday, March 08, 2020

New York State Declares State Of Emergency As COVID19 Cases Increase

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on Saturday announced a state of emergency as the coronavirus continued to spread in the northeastern state, with 21 new cases.

A total of 76 people have so far tested positive for the virus and Ten of the affected have been hospitalized.

The state of emergency, he said, “allows expedited purchasing and expedited hiring, which are the things we need now.”

Cuomo said the state would probably be spending $30 million a week to fight the Covid-19 disease.

The authorities are now “aggressively testing” 24 hours a day.
 “We want to find positives… (then) we can put them in an isolated situation.”
That’s the point of the exercise,.You isolate them and you slow the spread.”

In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, retirement homes and nursing facilities in the New Rochelle area are banning visits from outsiders .

He said the quarantine period of 14 days for infected people might be extended.

The governor also warned store owners against exploiting the situation by inflating their prices for virus-related products.

“We have reports of stores selling hand sanitizer for $80 a bottle
“It’s not worth it to the store owner,” added Cuomo, a former New York attorney general. “You can lose your license… It’s illegal.”

The United States has seen more than 200 cases of the novel coronavirus, including 19 deaths, according to official tallies compiled by AFP.

Sixteen of the deaths have been linked to a retirement home in Washington state, in the northwestern corner of the country.


  1. Hmmmn... I'm having a feeling that COVID 19 is a clear example of how Grace works. $30m a week?!!! Really?! And we(9ja) that can't afford it, we are not affected. Tell me, if it isn't Grace, what else is it?

    Likewise I want to believe that's what happens in our daily lives. God never gives us battles we are not greater than.

  2. An Nigeria said they have conquered covid. What a joke

    1. Martiegold, please be mindful of your posts especially if it can't be authenticated. Stuff like this makes you sound like an illiterate. There's no serious media person or organisation that has broadcasted what you wrote.

    2. Anon, I read somewhere that the Italian guy with the virus is well and ready to be discharged isn't that same as saying Nigeria has conquered it?. I won't just post that without reading from somewhere would I?

    3. That the Italian man is treated and well doesn't mean Nigeria has a cure as Nigeria isn't the only Country that have had victims of Covid-19 fully recover.

      I think there is treatment to some level but early detection plays a role for the victims to recover. Just saying though.

    4. The United States is not a standard for what’s possible and what’s not . So many factors are coming into play to minimize spread in Nigeria and also to hasten recovery . I believe the Weather plays a huge role. Besides, America has been very careless in their handling of this virus courtesy Trump. Let us try and have just a little confidence in our country. That is how it looked like a joke when we conquered Ebola too. Nigerians and their lack of patriotism. SMH

    5. What u don't know that the virus spreads fast and is still contagious even when the person shows no symptoms within 14 days after getting infected. Meaning there are people who came in touch with the guy that may have it now and don't know and they are still infecting others. Secondly there are French, Chinese and Italian expats with coronavirus codedly being treated or being sent back to their countries. Who knows who they have contacted before being treated or sent on a plane back home. Nigerians learn to research for yourselves and think of the bigger picture. Don't just believe the lies your government is feeding you. Blindly following the government is what had led to the outbreak in many countries. Only thing that may be keeping us is the hot weather plus it seems to be less prevalent in people of African descent. This is a bio weapon designed to kill people of a certain race, age, geographical location. Ebola was meant for Africans and coronavirus is meant for asians and Europeans

    6. So because the Italian man was cured u think Naija has contained Corona. What of the 100 people he came in contact with. And the others in large factory at Ogun state. Smh. Continue sleeping

  3. Lord have mercy. We are in your hand and under your covering.

  4. Buhari should ban flights from USA immediately, they would do same if it was the other way round.

  5. My people, this thing is spreading so quickly. A lot of folk here don’t know how to wash their hands. Someone spread it in the Nursing home and those fourteen senior citizens succumbed to the virus. I just hope it slows down soon. There are a lot of Nigerians working in the healthcare field. I pray for them because they have extended family dependents back home. I have avoided going places recently except work. Thank goodness it didn’t spread through the Italian in Nigeria.

  6. Interestingly, it's still less than a lot of European countries.

    Italy 588
    France 949
    Germany 684
    Spain 365
    Japan 348
    Switzerland 227.

    This disease must disappear as suddenly as it started by GOD'S grace. The world is too linked for us to think we are safe in Africa or anywhere else for that matter. And even if we are, what of our family and friends in these areas

    Cameroon, Togo and South Africa have also reported single digit cases.

  7. Lord protects your children

  8. Thank God i just escaped this couple of days ago.... Jehoha Ekene ooo

  9. Perfect place for germs to grow. Dirty, cold crowded. I remember the first time I visited. I saw shit in the streets and homeless people everywhere. Very overjoyed place and the people there are rude and hustle Is crazy. It is like Lagos, but on steroids


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