Stella Dimoko Nigerian Celebrities Celebrate Mother's Day With Throwback Photos...


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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Nigerian Celebrities Celebrate Mother's Day With Throwback Photos...




  1. Happy mother's to me, us and everyone desiring to me a mum. God bless and strengthen us.

  2. Happy mothers day to all beautiful women. Coro cannot stop your shine. Even when they did not allow you to do it in your church, just know you are a great mother.

    The devil cannot stop it.

    Wishing every woman a beautiful mother's day

  3. "Goodnight" mother said only to continue her worry in the subconscious of her sleep"😴. God bless our mothers.

  4. Happy mother's day.
    If they do DNA of some of those babies and their daddies, alarm go blow

    1. Why not go and do the DNA and blow the alarm. Sadist of life

    2. Get a life, is it your alarm 😏🥴🙄

    3. 20:47 washbasin of satan, I greet you o

      Happy Mothers Day to you.

  5. Happy mothers day to us💝💕💞💓💓💓💓

  6. This powede babe for like wear shoe wey be her size na

  7. Can’t you see she’s squatting and almost on a tip toe?

  8. Powede is a milf, I love that cute son& yummy mummy's picture !! ..
    Nahh, not vibing to that Lolaoj's post on mother's day..
    There are 365 days in a year, we can do the ratchet cardi B thing on 364 days and keep it vintage on that one day..
    It is mother's day, either keep it classy or don't come at all..
    Sigh, butt pose thing on mother's day & you said that you are putting your baby first??
    God bless all the good mother's of this world..
    Chizzy J.

  9. Happy Mothers Day to our amazing women, God bless you.

  10. I say a big Amen to your Prayers Mo Abudu! I want to be a Grandma soon. I claim it in Jesus name. Amen.

  11. How about those dotting mothers who did not biologically carry their children, but are mothers to not just to one baby, but multiple.
    I think it's not just because you got preggie and put to bed that makes you a mother.

    Shout out to those Momsies who adopted.
    Shout out to those aunties who never birthed their own, but took care, nurture, educate all their brothers kids and other family/compound kids.
    Shout out to those ladies who picked(not the ones that where stole o) up a kid by the roadside and nuture.
    Shout out to those mothers whose child was stolen from her and she is still crying....😢
    Shout our to those mothers whose babies left this world early to become little angels.
    Shout out to those moms whose grown up kids have also left this world to the beyond.
    ..and so in and so forth....

    There are some who are termed 'born throway'. That one na mama too?

    Happy Mother's 24 x 7 for every 365 days. May the kids you raise with love and a godly heart be a blessing to you. Amen.

    1. Beautiful and Deeply Stirring Shootouts!

  12. Happy Mother's Day to all moms, our children makes us stronger


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