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Thursday, March 19, 2020


Hailings to you all......These days i just like to dey observe with a cup of Cappuccino in hand....
Don't forget to up your hygiene - Wash you hands,Coronavirus is REAL
Use protection and wear a condom if you must - HIV/AIDS is REAL
In house news will be back on Monday

Stay safe!!!

Spontaneous post started on Wednesday September 28, 2016

 We will celebrate this years Spontaneous post in a big way with lots of goodies on September 28th....By the Grace of God.

Who can tell us when the first IHN and first Chronicles berthed on this Blog?



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  1. To whoever needs to hear this, God WILL make a way...Trust Him._iamtyhicks

      OCTOBER 08 2014 ihn options began

    2. Amen o
      Goodafternoon bvs

    3. LEE70😁
      Longest time , how is LIB?😁
      Giveaway have brought you out today. What did you paste here?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. God will surely make a way!!!!!!!
      Thanks ma'am for posting my advert,I truly appreciate it.God bless you and yours

    5. Hand woven bags, no contact. I wanted to contact you to make a jewelry box for me

    6. Amen!!! Good afternoon all

    7. God bless you Stella,thank you for posting my phone for sale.
      It is SOLD OUT now,thank you

  2. Do you go through life thinking you have so many problems to solve? Every little thing is an issue? You’re always complaining. You get irritated easily. Focusing on what isn’t going right is a sure way to attract more negativity. Count your blessings! Think positive thoughts!


  3. Content writer that can't write correctly. Mschew.

  4. Chronicle of blog visitors narrative was named on thursday sept 18 2014. I remember the day so well cos I was in the hospital when i read the post(long story)
    It's a significant day in my life.

    Cant remember when IHN officially transited from gist cafe sha

  5. When people saw suppliers of forks and shooter offs in Naija girls, God saw mighty evangelists and notable people of faith.
    When people saw arrow shooters in ndi uta, God saw curious learners of the way of Christ.

    1. anonymous preacher I dey hail oohπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    2. Hahahahahahaha
      ANG of life

    3. ANG,ANG!!!

      You made me laugh πŸ˜„

      Love the sign out post!

      Have we washed our hands properly today?

      Four new cases today,

      Total number of cases now stands at 12.
      May we never become a negative statistic.

  6. Hmm I saw something today at Oshodi on my way to work.These task force people came and were harassing danfo drivers for stopping at the wrong bustop, it was a rowdy one i must confess.Then these task force people were dragging bus with some particular man as he didnt want to let go and at the same refusing them to harass him. Just at the flash, 3 guys just lifted the man up, this man's trouser was torn and he didnt wear boxers. Omo I saw the biggest gbola in my life that i was so carried away and a very big AKPA SCHOOL as well then they dumped him into the police van and drove off.I got to work late and still cant take my mind off that gbola. Why didn't that man wear boxers today..

    1. Corrupt child πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    2. Na real wa for you πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚

    3. I hope you will not be having ideas about that school bag

    4. you're a horny phool

  7. Never mind what people see in you. Stella, you've made my day.

  8. Good day to us all. Yeah,let's celebrate INN oooh. September is my birth month.

  9. The government here is so proactive. I can't believe how they are doing everything possible to control this corona virus. Even transport is now free.

    Bus oh, metro oh, all free because they do not want u to touch any surface in the process of paying.

    BTW, why are Nigerian pastors so stubborn. Churches here shut down since last week but my own Nigeria church is still very much active. I don't get and people are still going.

    Didn't go last week Sunday and won't go anymore till this issue is under control. Someone even had to call me to ask why I didn't come. I just told him, I'm on lockdown until this corona stuff is gone.

  10. Ihn 8 October 2014. I don't know how to share the link I pray I win

  11. Ok, Inhousenews berthed on wednesday oct 08 2014.
    Link below:

  12. I went to a bank in Warri today and was tested of COVID 19 at the door to the banking hall by the uniformed security man. I was impressed. I tested negative. Exiting the banking hall, I asked the security man if anyone has tested positive since he started testing customers, he said no. I was relieved.

    1. Is there now an immediate test kit in Nigeria? I doubt it. It was your temperature that was tested and not coronavirus.

    2. LMAO Mummy J. 🀣🀣

    3. Gosh, i'm still cackling here. 😭😭🀣🀣🀣😫😫.

      But come to think of it, it does take more than a few minutes in a banking hall to get your result. Plus, taking saliva/mucus swabs in a banking hall is highly unsanitary.

    4. Anon what was done on you was temperature check ooh. Your blood is needed to test for corona virus .

    5. Anon 14:10, you and the security man are on the same level in terms of ignorance. And I'm sure you are more educated than the security manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    6. Please if it's that instrument they point at your eyes, it's not testing oh, they're checking your temperature. My nephew inter house sport, everyone was checked, and sanitizer given to us

    7. Black Diamond, that's not true. A swab from the back of throat and nose is all that's needed.

    8. What you saw was a non contact infra red thermometer and it was used in checking your temperature😊

    9. @14.53,

      I'm sorry to say this, but education holds very little weight in Nigeria!

      I've seen male medical doctors (even those that studied abroad) blame their wives for only giving birth to female children...when everyone knows that it is the man that provides the 'Y' chromosome that produces male offspring.

      I've also come in contact with so-called PhD holders who do not know the difference between 'this' and 'these', nor do they know how to correctly use 'the; they; they're, their and there'. It's so sad.

  13. Chronicles started on 18 September 2014

  14. in house news is here, how do we cope with the outbreak of corona virus, na h we lagos people i pity with the overpopulation, even the brt and molue , they squeeze people together for their own monetary gain, God please heal our land

  15. 1st announcement for IHN 8th of Oct 2014

    9th of Oct 2014 it began with vacancies..

  16. First IHN is 8th oct 2014..

    First chronicle is 21st April 2013..


    1. @Martins, I just went to this first chronicle link you posted and read it.
      I couldn't believe it is the same blog that I read now. Summary of the story
      Boyfriend has watery sperm and wants girlfriend to get pregnant before marriage and he poured inside her once, negative. The girlfriend brought the issue to the blog and bvs were advising her on what to do so she can get pregnant.
      No judgmental or holy holy comments asking her to stop fornicating or to get married to him before trying to get pregnant. Our blog is different now.

    2. I tell you Mummy j. People like ANG were not yet on the blog then.
      Chy babe. I saw your comment, is it the same you? I have copied it for my husband to use😁

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hot afternoon. Wondering how Nigerians will survive corona if truly it’s here.

    Lagos alone can’t contain it. The danfo buses were we are packed like sardines and out sweaty hands kiss each other???
    Banks? ATM booths? Churches? Nigerians won’t obey this new law against religious gatherings. Or is it at the Market???

    May God save us

    1. Amen. The only obtainable way is to restrict movement by authority and stop every commercial activity.

      Hope you are holding up fine, sis.

    2. My church has released a circular. If your congregation is more than 50,please hold services at your house fellowship venue or stream online

  19. in house news is here, my people who can help me with low carb diet i wanna shed weight , and how can one handle distal tubal blockage , what does it mean, doctor and google arent helping....

    1. Have u tried flushing it along with serrapeptase supplements? Or castor oil massage?

  20. in house news is here, my people who can help me with low carb diet i wanna shed weight , and how can one handle distal tubal blockage , what does it mean, doctor and google arent helping....

  21. Good afternoon people of sdk community...

  22. Thanks ma for the free advert
    God bless you for me oh... You have really tried for me in my business. I really appreciate you and ll never take it for granted... More patronage to us all...

    1. Poshhajia you have been told to reduce your blog ID but you choose to ignore, I wonder if you didn't see blog PA post that you should reduce it. You turn deaf and dumb like say you no know!

  23. Good afternoon Stella and bvs
    In House News on SDK blog started on Wednesday, 8th October 2014, by 3:pm
    It was named 'In house news options'
    Here is the link

  24. God help us with this Corona news here and dere. It's beginning to be a ton of concern

  25. Corona news here and dere.It's beginning to b a tin of concern.Lord help us

  26. First IHN 8 October 2014 and Fist Chronicle Sunday, April 21, 2013

  27. Thank you so much for the advert sdk!!!!!
    God bless you!!!

  28. Yayyyy! Thanks for the free advert ma..

  29. 5 years ago, i took that decision to allow even when the doctor said wait for one more hour. who wait help? When He had already said we are going in for cs.
    If only they knew you're wired directly, If only they know virtues, Talent God bestowed on you, they will not intimidate you to change to your right hand. I'm glad you have 100% support from your dad.

    Sometimes i get mad at you, not because i love you less but i want you not to derail from the path of truth.As agreed, you'll replace all my gadget and appliances you spoil t as a result of your inquisitiveness. lol
    Happy birthday Honey
    happy birthday Engr No 3
    Happy birthday dear son, i have no doubt you will make us proud.

    1. Happy birthday to your son
      May he make you proud

    2. Happy Birthday to your Son..May he be a source of Happiness to you and your Hubby!
      i love him already. i love left handed people#lol

    3. Happy birthday to your son
      God bless and protect him

  30. Let COVID19 be gone dear Lord... Good afternoon fellow BVs

  31. Good afternoon house.
    May customers flood sellers.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  32. In House News - Friday.oct 10 2014.

  33. Bv Bonario nnag's wife, congratulations on your new hustle. May Ilorin favor you

  34. Welcome IHN! More sales to the sellers.

    God please have mercy on the world as a whole.

    Stay safe people, let's add extra efforts to our hygiene.


  35. first IHN

  36. the kind of messages that people are spreading concerning this Coronavirus is scary. My school is starting exams on Monday and I'm just wondering if they cannot postpone it and close the school

  37. I would have participated in this quiz and tried my luck as I need money badly but this my 'teacher' work does not allow me to be here on time most times. My HOS will just be going round the classes, let your phone ring or vibrate, you will see pepper. Baba God come through for your daughter

    1. My fellow teachers @rhoda and courage i sight you both. that is our life especially private schools

  38. Good day lovelies.


    Please anyone with useful info on where to get:
    Would appreciate you drop your link,highly needed in 48hrs, DHL Company will courier to me.
    Thanks as you help me keep some hyperactive munchkins busy for 30days. got exotic taste. That sandals, hmmmm. E-Kisses.

    Stella Kork...this your nwa awo is tired already, put am for water na. Hahahaha
    This Sergeant Corona eeh, WE BIND IT o. I wan ask, shey gbenshing still dey go on for obodo oyinbo?
    'wide grin'

    Back to Dormant sleep mode,off duties till water comot for my garri.


  39. Thank you for the free advert. God bless you

  40. I feel really good this afternoon.I just pulled myself out from a group of friends.I had always felt like an outsider among them!I tried so hard to initiate conversation in the group chat,none will reply but when I am offline the three will have a lengthy dialogue and when I chip in,none will reply!I tried to ignore it.I tried to find a valid reason.I tried to give them benefit of doubt.But today,I am done!The handwriting had always been clearly written on the wall. I blocked all their numbers because I don't own any of them an explanation.I did not quarrel with any of them.I suspect one of them is tarnishing my image to the other two,because I did not support her affair with a married man!I might be wrong in my assumption but I know something is just not right!#ranting over!#


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