Stella Dimoko Wife Seeks For Divorce After She Allegedly Caught Hubby Pants Down With Married Woman


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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Wife Seeks For Divorce After She Allegedly Caught Hubby Pants Down With Married Woman

Rebecca Adeniyi, 44, Wife of Muslim cleric, has filed for divorce at the Igando Customary Court after she allegedly caught her husband, Yusuf sleeping with a married woman at his mosque.

Rebecca revealed that her husband built a mosque and started sleeping with his female members both single and married.

She stated that she raised alarm when she saw them and her husband was begging her not to shout as the husband of the married woman whom he was with could divorce her.

Rebecca noted that since then no one came to the mosque because of his atrocities, but he was always accusing her of being the one who chased his members away.

Since then, her husband's behaviour changed towards her as he no longer gave her money and take care of her.

The mother of four said her husband, Yusuf was fetish and used charms to marry her.

“I was under the influence of charm throughout my marriage with Yusuf but the wool was later lifted off my eyes five years ago. I decided to remain in the marriage because of my children,” the petitioner said.

She stated that Yusuf has never attended any of her family functions; adding that she was fed up with the marriage and prayed the court to terminate it.

Yusuf accepted he cheated on his wife, but blamed it on the devil. 
(Devil don suffer)

He insisted his wife was the fetish one as she was always visiting herbalists and coming home with different substances.

Yusuf made a desperate plea to the court not to dissolve the marriage because he still loves his wife.

The Court President, Mr. Adeniyi Koledoye, after listening to the submission of the couple adjourned the case until March 20 for judgment.

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  1. "Still love his wife?" Which wife?
    "Love" has been bastardized and abused.
    Shame on (married) women who open legs for men. The woman decides if the sexual act should take place or not. The lecherous vain men are culpable but the women have the lion's share of the blame. What a shame on all those that debase the sanctity of womanhood. 💩💩💩🤢🤢

  2. The woman should pls forgive him, I hope after this he will turn a good leaf.

    1. The woman should please forgive him You say ? So Until he “gift “ her big disease with small name.

    2. Married women are something else now oo. My hubby is also dating one, a married woman with kids, he will call this woman like 8 to 10 times in a day where as he might call me once or might not even call. Once he step out of the house, she will be the first person he will call and the last person. He always keep late nights. Am not the type that snoop and he knows but last week I decided to check his phone and behold the man I married was actually cheating on me with a married woman. Even calling her the same pet name he also call me. When I queries him, he denied, deleted all the chat, becomes very conscious of his phone, stop calling me, and started keeping long face. Wish I knew how to set and divert all their calls to my phone. I even saw where he transferred 50k to her. Am still thinking of what next to do because i'm broke now. I wish my father is still alive

    3. Anon, just look for her husbands number and let him know. Let everything kuku scatter

    4. Anon 15:44, throw more light pls! So that we can give u some valuable advice

  3. You loved or still loves your wife and you had to sleep with a married woman to prove that? Ike nsi...thank God the woman has had a limit.

  4. I've never seen a people who mixes sex with religion like Nigerian women. Yes, I say women because, sometimes it looks like all they go to religious houses to do is to give sex.

  5. End time man of Allah.

  6. Married women na wa oo.some of una dey this table.

    1. That is why once they hear DNA they start sweating. 😏😏

    2. Them plenty with one reason or the other

  7. This igando customary court don suffer ooooo

    dont always blame the devil for ur wrong act

  8. Proverbs 5:1-23

    In summary, a wayward woman is a disease. A woman who would seduce and knowingly sleep with a married man is evil. However, don't get it twisted. The person who suffers damnation and ruin is the married man who carries his two legs and two eyes to walk into the arms if such a woman.

    Verse 11 of this chapter in NLT version says that "in the end, you will groan in anguish when diseases consumes your body". See ehn, the punishment for the woman is already set but you see the man that strays, his comeuppance is heavy. Verse 10 says "strangers will consume your wealth and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor"...

    Anon that posted at 12:36, the woman does not have lion share in the atrocity o. She may have instigated it but the man will still pay. Especially if the marriage was done in the church.

    The sad part is the innocent partaker of the curse...the faithful spouse at home. If we understood the repercussions of these adulterous relationships, perhaps, there would be more fidelity in marriages.

    If one woman is not enough for you, biko, marry traditionally. That way, you can commit to multiple women. As for women who cannot be faithful, avoid marriage because traditional/Christian or Islamic, the price for unfaithfulness is heavy.

    As for the single brothers and sisters approached by men and women who are doing undercover marriage, do your investigation properly. Ask questions, know their family, stalk them on social media. Any thing that makes your hair stand, enter FBI mode and sniff out the truth.

    Don't let ignorance rope you into what does not concern you. And if you discover the truth too late, don't let love be the reason you suffer the adulterers curse. It is heavy and it is sad.


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