Stella Dimoko Actress Uche Ogbodo Complains About Her Instagram Folowers And Their Reactions To Giveaway..


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Friday, April 10, 2020

Actress Uche Ogbodo Complains About Her Instagram Folowers And Their Reactions To Giveaway..

Actress Uche Ogbodo is complaining about her followers......The new thing on Instagram is that the fans only stay active on pages of celebrities where the giveaway is constant,no matter how small...

This giveaway on the social media has turned to something else......A celeb approached me to donate money to help feed 20 widows at 5k each and i asked ''If you do not have money to do giveaway why must you do it?why go around collecting money?How much is 5k for 20 widows that you cannot afford it?And if you cannot afford it why attempt it?I am not sure if this person is still my friend


  1. They are all about what they can get. I mean, why so entitled?
    You can hardly find loyal people these days. "fans for sale" 😁


    1. I dont think a celeb should have Instagram or Twitter that he or she runs personally. Leave it to the PR Company

    2. These celebrities put so much pressure on themselves all in the name of being seen and compassionate.
      If you don't have, it's not by force to do GIVEAWAY abeg.

    3. Can they afford a PR Company? Please be realistic. How much are they making from their entertainment or showbiz gigs to spend in PR. Except those with a lucrative side hustle. For some, they do not have the platform that can absorb such expenses.

      Abegi free these Naija celebs. Everything na packaging. Those with foundations, how much of their own money do they put in it. They use it to have access those big shots and twist whatever proceeds (80%) for their personal upkeep and 20% to the si called foundation.

  2. Rain falls everywhere. Na so e dey be when it comes to oshofree. Many of them become your fans because of the giveaway. Even here on SDK blog.

  3. Stella make she park well as if giveaway na by force. Fake celebrities.

  4. Giveaway is the main thing now...
    On Twitter, they will insult celebs now and still drop account number the next minute for giveaway lol

    Naira marley really use them catch cruise the other day.. everyone should be on Twitter this period..🤣🤣

  5. Some do it just to show off... So if it means borrowing to prove that they have... I tell you they will gladly do so... Let's jus sit relax and enjoy the show... Kuz the time to pay back one's loan is fast approaching... Na here we go dey see the drama😂😂

  6. My point exactly,
    If you cannot then don't!!! Why do you have to ask people for donations for your giveaway .
    Giving is sacrificial and shouldn't be out of coercing, give according to what you can afford and how you're led .
    There is

    1. That is how one lady was travelling to Nigeria for holiday early last month and was tasking everyone around her claiming she wanted to do some charity works in Nigeria.
      Why are you bothering us if you don't have money and how am I even sure the money donated will be used for charity purposes??

  7. It has even become competition between celebrities to show off their giving online. All will be well

  8. What a confession
    These charlatans all post their pictures to be worshiped. 🤡🤡🤡🤡
    Worship is for God alone.


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