Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Dirver -16


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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Dirver -16

E don happen!!!

Recently, I reconnected with an old friend, Emeka via our school’s Whatsapp group. We had not seen each other since we left secondary school and when he got transferred recently to the city where I live, it was an exciting opportunity to see him again and catch up on old times. We talked regularly on the phone and planned to meet on a Sunday evening by 6pm when he would be free because of the nature of his job. 

Sunday is usually a very busy for me because a lot of requests are received on the e-hailing platforms (Uber/Bolt/Ocar) starting from early in the morning when people go to church till they close and go back home. People also move around visiting friends and families, go the malls, eateries and other various places of interest.

I put off my e-hailing apps by 5pm on the day we chose to see and proceeded to our meeting point; a Hotel on the way to his house in the outskirts of town. I got there a few minutes before 6pm and waited for him to join me. It was an anxious moment and I didn’t really know what to expect. Though I had seen his recent pictures, the thought of seeing him again after so many years brought back fond memories of our days back in secondary school.

He arrived a few minutes later and I clearly recognized him as he parked his car. In excitement, we hugged each other and headed straight to the outdoor bar. We made noise like little children, talked about our friends that we’ve been in touch with and generally relished the good old times.

He asked if I was hungry and told me to order for whatever I wanted. I called the waiter, looked at the menu, made my choice and placed the order. It was going to take about 30 minutes for it to be ready so we ordered for drinks while waiting.

We kept talking and shortly afterwards, something caught our attention - a lady and a guy were having a heated argument. I told my friend to pause a little so that we could figure out what was going on. The lady was trying to leave the premises of the hotel but the guy dragged her back by her shirt, held on to her handbag , seized her shoes and said she would go nowhere.

This stirred our curiously and when the guy was beginning to get more violent with the lady, we couldn’t take it anymore. Emeka then suggested that he would go and intervene while I stay back to watch over our drinks. As soon as he got up, a naughty part of me roused as I picked up my phone to record what was going on.

In the course of my work, there are always lots of dramas and this seemed to be an interesting one as I was bent on capturing every moment. I could hear them clearly from where I sat as my friend intervened in the matter, asking the guy to cool down and not hit the lady. He asked them to explain what happened.

We discovered that the guy in question is a staff of the hotel while the lady is a call girl whose name is Faith. According to her, she came to the hotel in the company of a man earlier that afternoon, ordered for food and drinks and checked into a room. They had s*x and shortly afterwards, he excused himself in the guise of going out to withdraw money from an ATM nearby, pay for the room, her services including the food and drinks. Unfortunately, the guy had disappeared for over 4 hours with no trace. 

Alas, she had been s#xually defrauded.

The hotel staff demanded the money from Faith, which was 12 thousand naira in total; 8 thousand naira for the room and 4 thousand for the food and drinks. She said she didn’t have that kind of money on her but insisted on leaving since she also had made a loss. This was the crux of the issue.

My friend appealed for calm and while still trying to settle the issue, more people gathered. I looked at my phone and reviewed some of the recordings I had made, which were quite hilarious and I smiled. Emeka got tired and came back to join me on the table as we finished our drinks while still observing what was going on.

It was past 30 minutes already and the food was not in sight. I called on the waiter who appealed to me to be a little more patient. I then decided to go nearer to where the issue was being settled. This time, I thought to myself that having a close ‘video shoot’ from my phone should be more fun. In all of these, Emeka didn’t know that I was using my phone to record the incident.

As I got close to where the issue was being handled, the manager of the hotel and a few other people who waded into the matter asked that the girl should narrate everything that happened from the beginning. Already, I had a few recordings and felt that I should stop but this naughty part of me nudged me to go on and record more since this was my golden chance to get the full story on video.

I placed the phone stylishly on my chest, recording what was going on as Faith told her story while crying. In my mind, I was glad that I had captured a beautiful moment, which I planned to edit later to create a story for fun in some Whatsapp groups that I belong to. The Hotel Management had decided that Faith would pay for the room, food and drinks as she couldn’t produce the man. The plan was to hold on to her phone till she produced the money.

As she rounded up, I turned my phone to stop the recording. Unknown to me, someone had been watching me; a guy with a huge frame. Immediately, he grabbed my phone from me and as I struggled with him, my expensive wireless earpiece got damaged and fell on the floor. He then made an announcement while pointing at me, that this ‘Agbaya’ was caught filming everyone and that was how everything changed.

My phone was seized while one other guy suggested that they should destroy the phone by repeatedly smashing it on the floor to teach me a bitter lesson. Haaa ... what did I just hear? I had just lost my Bluetooth device and now, I would lose my new phone that I bought less than 3 months ago? So many things went through my mind in a flash. This is the phone I use for my business that has all my contacts and my e-hailing apps. Most of all, I had brought shame upon myself in the sense that I was meeting my friend for the first time after so many years and wondered what kind of impression I would leave in his heart. I quickly appealed to the people that they should just delete the videos instead.

In a twist of fate, the whole thing was turned on me. Faith was asked to go while the hotel staff responsible for the debt was told that the money would be recovered from his salary at the end of the month. Everyone now faced me and hurled all sorts of abuses and insults at me. One of them suggested that I should be arrested and taken to the police station. By this time, my friend had noticed that something was wrong and he came to find out what had happened.

In the midst of the whole drama, Emeka asked me to go and sit down while he handled the situation. By this time, my food (poundo yam with egusi and goat meat) was ready but I had lost appetite. He talked with them for a bit and came to join me after a while. He urged me to eat, assuring me that he had spoken with them and that my phone would be returned after deleting the videos. I had some relief when I heard that I had a chance of getting my phone back. I then ate but each swallow went down my throat with a lot of distress.

The guys with my phone sat at the next table to us where about 5 of them discussed my matter. They watched each clip one after the other and deleted them immediately. One of them now said it’s only

God that saved him because this may have hindered his upcoming wedding since he showed clearly in the background of some of the videos. According to him, he had just left church with his fiancΓ©e after a counseling session that afternoon telling her that he was going to see his sick mother. She had wanted them to hangout but he preferred to be with his guys that evening to have drinks hence he lied to her. He said his wife to be is very active on social media and he could only imagine the shock on her face when she sees him at the background of a trending video involving an ashawo.

After a while, they called my friend and told him that he should be wary of me because I also recorded him but the videos have been deleted while my phone was still being held onto. I had never felt so bad and wished this was all a dream. One of them later came to meet us at our table and said we have to bail the phone with money. After some negotiations, Emeka brought out 5 thousand naira from his wallet and gave to them while my phone was released back to me. I felt so bad and wished all these never happened. We couldn’t really have any meaningful conversation after that and he left shortly afterwards.

That was how my love for ‘Amebo’ almost put me in deep trouble. Anyway, as they say, sh*t happens.


  1. This story was hilarious πŸ˜‚, but I feel sorry for you, I can imagine your embarrassment.
    Did you think of the people that would have been in the video you will distribute to groups? Not fair, some people are fiercely private.

    1. You ruined an opportunity to enjoy yourself and get to catch up on old times and still missed out on business all because of amebo wey no be work .

    2. This oko ashawo you are not serious o, gist way you suppose stay watch that day you no gree stay. Na this useless story you wan come record.
      This would have created a nasty impression of you to your friend.

    3. He should gist us whether his friend continued speaking with him afterwards. Wetin amebo dey cause.

      I don't even go towards any gathering or commotion. I just act like say e no dey happen and face my front.

    4. I alwaya enjoy this segment. Exciting stories all the time. People do what you did all the time. Don't just get caught. That's all

  2. Eweleke🀣🀣🀣🀣

  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I had a very good laugh πŸ˜† you got what you deserved πŸ‘
    I detest how people make recordings of others and put in on social media πŸ˜’ especially if it's unwarranted πŸ˜‚
    Well I hope your friend forgave you eventually πŸ™‚.

    You're a very pleasant writer 😊

    1. Yes o, I detest people that are quick to record things. I see them as gossips and back stabbers.

  4. That barrack boy18 April 2020 at 13:28

    Na wa oo....oko ashewo, you too like amebo, anyways shit happen like you say but you fuck up oo, how can you video that all thing knowing full well that your friend was among the one settling the fight the first time, you clearly fuck up and me, I no go hide mouth, YOU FUCK UP

    anyways your story is always an interesting read, I like your stories, keep it up...oko ashewo

  5. This one na dem dey call

    WAHALA jam PROBLEM πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️


  6. Hmm this is really embarrassing, next time be careful.

  7. Oko ashewo got served...... lol

  8. Oko ashewo
    Ashewo don put u for trouble

  9. Nice write up as always but don't you transport good women too? Why is your story always about prostitutes? There are so many nice ladies beating all the odds to make it. Why are you not balancing the reports but making it look as if, all women prostitute to make money

    1. I guess those ones are not dramatic. So, nothing to write. I may be wrong though.

  10. Felt bad for you, you have obviously learnt your lesson, hope your friend has forgiven you?
    I always enjoy your stories.

  11. It must have been really embarrassing but you too like amebo

  12. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ oko Asewo sorry o. Go and sin no more.

  13. Happy you got your phone back, next time be careful with your amebo style. I like reading your story.

  14. choiiiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Your stories are amazing. I felt bad for you. I hope that did not change your friendship with your friend.

  15. How come a hotel staff will be responsible for the loss? Why are people wicked like this? If the manager wants to dismiss the prostitute, why does the staff have to bear the loss? Why will the management please the customer at the detriment of the workers? If they don't want to bear the loss why not insist that the prostitute foot the bills or seize her phone and put her to work? Two people booked a room, one stepped out. He didn’t think much about it cos one was waiting behind. He suspected a foul play when the second one was leaving and did right to stop her. How is it his fault that the other one absconded? I'm so pained jor.

    1. How won't the staff be responsible? He obviously attended to them when they came, gave them a room without collecting payment..who does that? Even let them order food, he's even lucky he didn't loose his job

    2. The staff should be held responsible cos he/she should've collected payment upfront.

  16. Oko ashewo, you don add amebo to your driving skills, na God save you, next time you will mind your business.

  17. Amebo nobi work..... Pele Oko ashewo.

  18. Oko ashewo you are my favourite person but this one you fail am! How could you have done such a thing na real agbaya you be, imagine filming that kinda stuff. You didnt bring us the gist about the lady that held her birthday party in a club and couldn't pay only for the boyfriend to change clubs lol

  19. The combo really make sense o: "Amebo" & "Oko Ashewo". So hilarious. I laughed real hard. Thanks!!

  20. No respect for others privacy

    1. It’s so annoying.
      I read comments of people laughing and wonder if they’d still laugh if they were in similar situation and got recorded.
      I don’t know how we got here.
      I see people recording those sitting around them in church during service and I just wonder.

  21. Oga Taxi Driver cum videographer AKA Amebo, should I also add long throat? Cos I notice that in most of your write up you are either eating in one place or the other. You sef nor dey take person out spend money?

    Anyway lesson learnt I guess.


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