Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver -19


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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver -19

Another unputdownable write up from Oko Ashawo.............

Just before the lockdown business was good and it had been a very busy Saturday and i was really happy that i had worked for only a few hours but had made enough money for the day.....

Counting the money i made that day brought a smile to my face and i wished every day would be good.....

I got home and settled in but got a call from a receptionist at a hotel nearby to be available for a client who would want to go out clubbing that night. He just came into town and he needed a trusted hand so I was recommended. 

I thought to myself that making extra money for the night was not a bad idea.

I picked up the client and he wanted me to take him to the nicest nightclubs around. He said he came into town for business and may also need my help to show him around later in the week since he was new in town.

We finally settled for a club and i wanted to stay back in the car,but he asked me to join him because he did not want to be alone. He ordered for Vodka and soft drinks to go with it. 

As I know say I no get head for drink, I just mix plenty coke and very small vodka dey sip am small small.

After a while, he saw a girl he liked and he asked her to join our table. They got talking and she negotiated for twenty thousand Naira for the night. 

Hian? A whole 20k? I had charged him 10k for the night’s service but he begged me to collect 6k because he didn’t have much on him now ashawo want to collect double the money just for jolly jolly?Ha!!!

As i listened to them bargain,the devil whispered into my ears to drink more as it was one of the benefits of my kind of Job...
I liked the sweet taste of the mixture and cannot remember how much drink I had that night till i had to drop them off around 4am at the hotel...

I was very tipsy but I managed to drop them off and head home. The last thing I remembered was that I put the money I was paid in the pigeon hole of the car and a security guard opened the exit gate of the hotel for me to drive out.

I came back to reality when it was already bright and sunny and as I tried to figure out where I was,i realised i had parked my car along the street that led to the hotel and slept inside the gutter beside the car.


I even peed on my body and my head banged with severe headache accompanied by severe throwing up

After checking for my money and phone,i  put myself together and drove home.

 I could not work that day because the whole day was a mess,i had terrible stomach ache and three up continuously..

I made a vow never to drink on the Job again,irrespective of whether it was free drink or not.....
I got paid less than the Ashawo that i dropped off with the man even though i spent longer hours with the man i dropped off with the ashawo.....
....I know this because ashawo no dey stay with customer till day break because they always look different after all the do and loss of make up....Hahahahahahahahahahaha.


  1. 不不不不不irony of the job

  2. Lol this oko ashewo guy com dey trend anyhow, chai nice writeup

  3. Replies
    1. Vodka ain't an easy poison to choose.......

  4. Na awuf purge your Belle next time drink with caution.

  5. hahaha oko ashawo, awoof they purge belle, you want to pepper the man, you ended up peppering yourself, lol at sleeping inside the gutter.

  6. Enter your comment... Na so f. o. c. Th'ngs d do 4 bndy

  7. Proverbs 31:6 Give alcohol to those who are perishing, beer to those in distress.

  8. Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.

  9. This Oko Ashewo loves awoof too much. Food o, drink o, gbensh o. He just likes awoof shaaaaaaaa!!

  10. 不不不不不不不
    Shayo is a blaady bastard. Highness can make you loose weight o, very terrible something.

    I remember some years ago, i went to the club with my colleague from work o, tgif things! My people I drank so much black label, i danced like mad, i remember leaving the club but I do not remember getting home, i was so sick, i almost threw up my intestines.

    I was a total mess the next day, i lost appetite, my head was banging. I was supposed to come to the office that Saturday morning but I called my boss and lied that I was ill. I lost weight overnight, my tummy was as flat as a reed, i loved it!

    On Monday when I showed up at work, my boss took a look at me and screamed, she was like mel what happened to You,i gave her one bullshit story, she was like did you go to the hospital, i lied that I just went to a chemist around and got some drugs. She was like how can you self medicate? you look awful! She reached for her handbag and gave me some money to go to the hospital and gave me two days off! I thanked her for being so kind, carried my self to rumuokoro market bought fresh fish and went home to enjoy my supposed leave.

    As for what vodka did to me, the absolute worst! let me just reserve my comment. Drink responsibly my people!


    1. 不不不不
      Lmao !!!!!
      This really cracked me up
      @ fresh

    2. Damn! Your narrative is so hilarious
      You had by forced flat tummy

  11. Oko ashawo I'm really curious. Has that babe paid you???

    1. you know !!!!
      We need the details and also the other babe that ended with gbese on her birthday .

  12. Replies
    1. Wetin be "Anakogheri"?

    2. Anonymous 24:30 "as in— Rubbish"

      It means someone talking rubbish

  13. Hahahah okoashawo take am easy with awuff

  14. This oko ashawo write up is it a true life story or just story to entertain us? Asking for my neighbor anyway.

    1. Tell that your neighbor never to send you on an errand ever again hian!hh

    2. Anon loud it well well in her ear

  15. Oko ashawo chop awuf o who no know go know,say awuf dey turn belle...

  16. Any time I comment I don't normally see my comments why

  17. I hardly see my comment this days

  18. You forget say awoof dey purge belle

  19. Hope your money and phone was intact?不不不不next time take soft or chop food alone

  20. MY FAVOURITE PART...I got paid less than the ashawo that i dropped off with the man even though i spent longer hours with the man i dropped off with the ashawo. sound like rhythm


  22. nice fiction. every time customer asks you to come and drink inside club.


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