Stella Dimoko Cab Driver Reportedly Beaten To Death By Security Operatives In Cross River State Faked The Scenario..


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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Cab Driver Reportedly Beaten To Death By Security Operatives In Cross River State Faked The Scenario..

On Wednesday there was a viral story that security Operatives on the orders of governor Ben Ayade killed a cab driver because he did not wear a face mask before coming out.....

That story is fake and you will be shocked to find out what really happened...

According to movie producer Egor Efiok ''Nobody was beaten or killed in Calabar,the Taxi driver faked it

The video below that some Instagram Blogs and sites carried about a taxi driver being beaten up by Peace Corps and Civil Defence officers in Calabar is not an accurate account of what occurred.

The taxi driver was stopped by the Peace Corps officers because he carried 6 passengers in his car (2 in front and 4 behind). They also were not wearing nose masks. He had no sanitizer in his car.

One of the Peace Corps officers then seized his car keys. To their surprise, the taxi driver suddenly opened his car door, "slumped" and lay still. Nobody touched him. They were all looking at him, suspecting foul play. This was when a passerby started filming the video that became viral

At this point, the Civil Defence team that you see in the video, happened to drive by and were surprised to see a crowd, so they stopped. You can see them arriving at the scene in the video. They just walked into the situation. They then noticed that the taxi driver was blinking and lifted him up. 

They asked him what was wrong with him and he said that it was shock that made him "slump", as he remembered that his crime attracted a 300,000 Naira crime.

To cut a long story short, the taxi driver was given back his car keys and he left. Nobody touched him and nobody died. Listen to the second video here to hear the account of another eye witness. The incident happened between 2-3 pm yesterday (07/04/2020)''

Egor Efiok.



  1. Thank God nobody died...
    People are quick to believe everything they hear on social media and pass judgement

    1. The same way you believe this report.

      Thank God nobody died.

  2. 不不不不不不不 that taxi driver is a clown.

    1. No he is not. If he faked it, he is a criminal. There is no difference between him and the politicians who suddenly develop ailments when charged with criminal offence.

    2. He did it because he didn't have the money to pay the fine and he didn't want to go to jail. Very smart of him abeg. The only issue was whoever filmed it and posted it online

    3. 12:26, comments like yours depict who people really are.

      You call an obvious show of disobedience and dishonesty, smart.!!!? And then, you go on to place the blame on someone else.

      This is precisely, why we are where we are, as a country.

      Citizens like 12:26 will find themselves in governance one day, steal as much as they can but say they "took" it because they are "smart".


  3. Who cares?
    Ngor Effiok works for the state governor.
    What is here is the doctored version.
    When these whole covid thing is over, we will read what the governors did in their states to suppress all the corona impunity that happened, including those that hid the corona patients without reporting it.

  4. Ngor, the governor has given you scene two to act for us?

    When is scene three coming?

  5. cunny man die.. but how can you carry 4 passengers at the back seat of a cab? 2 in front again?

  6. hahahaha nollywood producers what are you waiting for see a perfect actor. Nigerians and funny moves thank God nobody died sha

  7. At least, the former fake story will make other soldiers less abusive.

  8. What a very nice movie.
    title -The collapse of the taxi driver
    Producer -Governor Ayade of Cross river state
    Director -Ngor Effiok
    Featuring -civil defense and peace corps
    Camera men -passersby

  9. Nonsense people

  10. to think I wrote all those plenty grammar yesterday sef

  11. Thank God I didn't waste my hate speech on d military men yesterday


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