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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....




Hello Stella and hope you are doing well?

I am a silent a blog visitor and I just can't do without your blog in a day.

I have a big family issue on ground and I seek reasonable advice from everyone here.

I am from a family of four, two boys and two girls and I am the last born. The boys are married, remaining us i.e myself and my sister. While my sister was in school then she got pregnant for her boyfriend in her final year, the guy came for introduction (let me call him Tony). And before u know it, things started going down for Tony (perhaps it's something spiritual) to the extent that he committed suicide early this year. The son they had together is 9 years old already. My sister hasn't been lucky in relationships based on the fact that she has a son.

We had a new neighbor(let me name him Frank) , he came in with his pregnant wife, they are staying in a one room apartment. After the wife gave birth, the mother couldn't come for omugwo, so my mum been an experienced person took up the position of the mother and started bathing the child till the she could bathe her child herself. Because of that bond Frank started liking our family. He gives us gifts during Christmas, he connected us to his generator, everyday we sleep with generator if there is no light.

Anytime Frank wants to go get fuel, my sister always go with him, we never knew something else has started between them. Rumours was moving in the compound that my sister is dating Frank to the extent that Frank's wife heard about it and was behaving somehow to my family

I confronted her about it, she denied and told me that it's just rumors, I closed the chapter.

This week my sister called my mom and told her that Frank said he wants to marry her, that he doesn't mind sending his wife away and renting another apartment for my sister. It now dawned on me that relationship has started since.

My parents has been sad ever since the news and it's affecting their health.

My brother came and tried to confront my sister, my sister insisted that she would marry Frank to the extent that they fought. Since yesterday my sister hasn't returned home, same with Frank. He hasn't come back home since yesterday.

Now back to me, am in a serious relationship with Moses, we have done introduction. And then he had opportunity to travel to out, he promised my parents that he will come back to pay my bride price immediately he returned. Things didn't go well for him over there, so he returned with nothing. Throughout this period, I never cheated on him, I love him badly. And am still praying that he gets a better job and come and do the needful.

My question now is that, what kind of advice can I give to my sister concerning this issue? And secondly this thing concerning marriage, all the girls from my mother's family have been make mistakes concerning marriage. Three of my Mum's younger sisters are not married and are well older than even my brothers. The one that is married, couldn't get pregnant. One also married wrongly and now the husband is dead leaving her with two kids to fend for. Another also married wrongly and up till now the husband haven't paid her bride price and they already have children.

Please Stella, do you think it's a family problem for all the females in the family, cuz I am confused and I have been thinking seriously that what could be the cause.

Please I need your advice, please pardon my errors, am really sad. 

*Na wah oh....The issue is much and our sister is also towing that line...
Ask your parents well,especially your mum,there must be a curse a generational pattern that she must have noticed and can talk to you about...
I am not a professional in giving advice on generaional problems...


  1. This one na spiritual matter. You need to break the yoke in your family

    1. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'21 April 2020 at 15:49

      Hmmmmm this one pass person power, what a chronicle!
      Poster I really feel for you and I hope your sister hasn't elope with your Married neighbor, Only prayer can return your family issue and curses broken (physical & spiritual). Pray without season and ask your parents some real questions.

    2. Please do seven days fasting. This is not ordinary. There is something sinister at work.

    3. Yeah it's not ordinary
      Even ask your mum how she met your dad too
      It's a pattern!
      Let's say Tony marry your sister
      She will still be messed up at the end because of this pattern going on!

    4. konji na bastard. Your sister is possess and you all need prayers. With what you typed,you need to do serious midnight prayers to break whatever that's binding both involve Frank's wife, and your mum too.

      Jesus cares.

    5. Reach out to Pastor Olukoya of mountain of fire. You can join live broadcast on Facebook and the church website.
      The women in your family are cursed. You mom may not know but it's true.
      Your parents should tell your sister to hold on until after the family prayers for their decision on her new relationship.
      Whatever you do, don't go to scoan.

      This is a spiritual battle.

  2. There's no curse.. Why is there generational curse ? And no generational blessings?

    Well both exist..

    Let's solve mathematics..

    If generational curse is 2x
    If generational blessings is 4x.

    Because blessings are twice as Much as a curse.

    4x ÷ 2x= 2

    That tells us that, generational curse is cancelled out..🤗🤗🤗

    1. Thank you Ola.
      This is not about generation curse. Your mom got married and gave birth to you guys. Why didn't it affect her. Please start working on your Mind!

    2. No generational curse, just a really messed up mentality going on right here.
      Somehow I like this poster, you sound okay.
      But I’m scared you aren’t too wise.

    3. Thank you! Its all in the mind. Being around unprogressive people for long will make you soak up the energy and that will become your reality. That is why I counsel that you be friends you admire and live in a neighbourhood you admire and want to be like the people there. You cant choose your family but you can choose the quality of friends keep.Birds of the same feather will always flock together. Pray and fast for the beautiful dreams you have pictured in your mind cos there is no such thing as generational curse! Yes I said it and I and a living outcome of what you think is what you are. What you focus on becomes your reality. That which you fear the most will befall you. Dont scorn successful people or yimu for people in happy marriages. Open your mouth and praise every beautiful thing you see and openly appreciate success, wealth and joys when it comes to other people. So, my friend...ever heard of SUNNY SIDE UP? Focus your prayer in thanks giving for the beautiful future you have built in your mind and stop being a victim.

    4. But there is generational blessing na.

      That is what the Jews are enjoying and that is what the Kuti's (Felas family) enjoyed based on his grandfather's spiritual sacrifice.

    5. Saphire I learned so much from your comment. Thanks.

    6. It is all in the mind! If you condition your mind to think through decisions logically and prayerfully seek the best course of action for your life, you will find that this was not a "generational" anything but a factor of choices. Your sister has chosen her life's course. What are you choosing?

  3. Of your mother married your father, and the marriage is okay, the it is probably not a generational curse, except of course of you'll agree that By marrying your father, your mother didnt marry well too.

    1. You better shine your eyes and keep your options open.
      Cos these men ain't loyal.
      Meanwhile you want to tell me your ancestors are causing you now to love a broke jobless man badly?.
      Or they forced your sister to have a bf in uni?.
      Or to date a married man???.
      Come on.
      Y'all are just poorly raised.
      Advice your sis gently, no carry am for head.
      She'll still do what she wanna.
      Get busy with your life you ma.
      Ignore tour sis biko.
      She is an adult and responsible for the consequences of her actions.
      When Frank's money finish now, his eyes will clear, your sister will claim devil.
      Devil has really suffered sha

  4. Now to the chronicles..

    How do you want to advice your sister?

    Or do you know where she ran to?

    A woman in love; no matter what you tell her, she won't hear. So leave them both, their eyes will open.

    And for you poster, if you have money, go and rent another apartment and stay on your own, seek assistance from your elder brother..

    And if you can't leave there..

    Continue with you life, if you no see man marry you, go on with your life, pray for God's direction.

    Don't carry marriage on your head, because you may be disappointed

  5. Your sister is educated but, she's acting like a village illiterate!

    How can she go after a man that is married and with a little baby. So, she couldn't find a single man to date.

    She should be very careful because she is on the path of destruction.
    I hope you guys are able to talk some senses into her head and she'll desist quickly from getting married to that guy.. I also hope she is not already pregnant for him.

    As for you, you should be praying for your prosperity and success. The right man for you will come at the right time.

    1. Pray against evil pattern ,mistake and errors

      Then for whatever joined them should scatter

  6. Your sister is heartless, I pray she got burnt with what she started, scattering sineube home just because of her own selfishness.

    She going to end up pregnant for the guy but the guy will dump her, she will never be happy in life unless she backtrack.

    No be curse, na fact.

    1. Don, I couldn't agree more. She is very heartless and selfish. Just imagine the nerve. Someone's husband? Chai!

    2. Don, A big Amen to that. She is heartless! Poster you have to pray your way out there is nothing God can not do.

    3. Don't I agree with you. She reap the seed of discord she planted in this young couples home,what comes around goes around. U cannot plant okro and expect to harvest apple.

    4. Don I agree with you. She would reap the seed of discord she planted in this young couples home,what comes around goes around. U cannot plant okro and expect to harvest apple.

    5. I hate to agree with you but that's the fact. One would have thought having gone through the first one she would have had sense by now. She is a very wicked person. Of all guys she had to choose Frank. She will regret it. Why are your parents getting sick because of your senseless sister? No time. If that's the path she has chosen, she is on her own. You all just convince his wife you are not party to her foolery.

      Meanwhile I don't believe in generational curses when it comes to not being married. Not everybody desires marriage, not everybody will marry and not everyone has the right attitude to be married.

    6. Don I agree with you. She would reap the seed of discord she planted in this young couples home,what comes around goes around. U cannot plant okro and expect to harvest apple.

  7. This one reach to ask questions o.

    On a more serious note, I support Stella's red pen. Ask your mum questions concerning her generational background. Also you need to go into serious prayers to cancel the courses. Pray that it doesn't affect your life. This one is serious.

    1. Who knows if it's your sister that pushed her first husband to suicide. She's terrible.

  8. When the foundation is broken, what can the righteous do?

    Your sister is a thief. See her longer throat with another woman's horseband. Tell her the truth and team up with the man's wife to break every bond between them.

    Concerning your family, there is something your parents are not saying. It is really spiritual.

    If you dig well, you find out the ugly truth confronting your family.

    Someone must have placed a curse on your mum side that is affecting every lady in the family.

    Go into serious prayers, God will reveal more to you because it is really bigger than you.

    A truly man of God would throw insight into your family.

    It is well.

  9. I am happy that you recognized this matter as "spiritual". The point is that people should not just rush into marriage without a sound spiritual fitness; making Jesus Lord of your life and making the "father of all spirits" your father. And then, have a habit of fasting and praying like Jesus taught, not just when marriage is around the corner.

    Yes, there is purely a spiritual problem; a covenant that stems from visiting mediums in the past; parents, grand parents, they are tricked into this thinking that they are
    going to "secure their families" but what they do in these satanic altars is to sell their families to the destroyer of human souls.
    What you can do is to fast -get anybody that calls upon God in your family to start a regular fast till you see this bondage broken. Begin to learn the Scriptures and you will see God -the father of all spirits (Heb. 12:9) rise for you. 🤗🤗

  10. It looks like anybody that has s8x with your sister and indeed the females in that family is jinxed. 😮
    Please seek God in fasting and praying as soon as possible. All the best.

  11. Their is no course or what so ever, it’s in almost all families, the issue is that times have changed and marriage does not stand for what God has planned it for us humans. Before you call it a family problem,please take your time and look at other families you know,although most families hide stuff,but you will be able to notice a pattern. The economy and social morality is also an issue,take your sister for example. She is shamelessly going after another woman’s husband up to the extent of putting it in everyone’s face. In your own case ,your boyfriend and you are lazy. You don’t have to be rich to be with who you truly love,now let me ask you. Is this your supppse boyfriend not wearing clothes? Have a phone? Buy data? Cut his hair? Have a place to sleep? Or eat food? He is looking for what is not missing,a lot of people got married with out a kobo in their account, the only thing I can say is get married work together as a team,but don’t bring in a child just yet save for today’s world a lot of women that have kids find it hard to find a man for keeps,as they are lot of single ,young beautiful girls with out baggage .are case is not different.she should stop looking for fresh unmarried young men as that may be difficult,she should concentrate on divorcée or widower

  12. Hmmm am experiencing same tin. My father family only one marry and her husband drove her out . The rest 3 are not married. Am almost 30 nd I feel miserable.

    1. 30! Almost 30 and miserable! SMH

    2. Did I hear you say 'you feel miserable' ? Gosh... Why won't you feel miserable when all you do is just waiting for someone to marry you. Do you think marriage is an achievement? Please invest on yourself, change your mindset and the right man will locate you.

    3. I'm 35 and was to wed this Easter but will wed once lockdown is lifted. Stop focusing on family problems as they are in most families, delay in marriage is the most popular Nigerian jazz they do for females.

      Life your life and be happy, pray and constantly confess positively about your life, career/business,marriage,dreams and aspirations etc. I always reminded myself that GOD IS BIGGER than any foundation problem and its a reality today.

  13. My sister fast and pray, stop asking questions? Matthew 17:21 is your answer
    Get up

  14. Something may be wrong somewhere

  15. Generational curse!..
    Poster,you might end up like all the females in your generation...
    Give your life to christ and become a born again!..
    God might use you to break the chain

    1. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'21 April 2020 at 15:52

      For the first time on this blog , so Linda you can preach like this? We need more of you like this Biko.

    2. What QnB said is the plain truth. Please this kind will not stop by three days fasting and praying after which you relapse.

      You have to cut off anything that will lure you into sin if you want this recurring cycle to be broken.

      It may take time and serious consecration before you see any visible change, but don't give up.

      Your mum may not even understand this because it's very likely it occurred before her.

      Brace Up

    3. Linda you don born again? Praise God, if so. If not, you should take your advice❤

    4. Eiya she don tire to knack peigon.

  16. My sister fast and pray, if something is not going well, there is a force behind it and until you arise it won't go away Matthew 17:21

  17. Women! Your sister plotted her way calmly. She took her time to bait the idiot and he fell. In all of this, I have pity for just one person- Frank's wife. She seems the quiet type that takes in shit without complaining. If your family doesn't want this unholy union to move up a notch, they know what to do. Your father and brothers should call the filthy Frank and warn him. It might not stop him from fucking your sister, but it will definitely put a stop to the marriage talk. Except there are certain things we are not being told. I hope he hasn't used cheap favours to seal una mouth.

  18. My dear go to MFM immediately after the lockdown. Thank me later

    1. Kiks, what is oh please? Anon has dropped her own comment which she believes is a solution, drop yours or face front.

    2. I dropped mine. Oh please!!!

  19. This is spiritual matter o,i don't even know what to say. Everybody get their own for body. Pray and fast so you can break this curse,since your sister refused to listen,let her be!!! Reality is sure gonna set in soon.

  20. Poster the issue in your family is spiritual and not physical. Your sister wants to also follow the wrong path by getting married to another woman's husband.

    You need to talk with your parents to find out where the problem is coming from. The whole thing is not normal.

  21. Am very sure your sister has no job. See single mother or not your sister is an opportunist looking for who ll foot her Bill's but she is going about it the wrong way. It ll backfire by then she ll b single with baby number two

  22. your sister is wicked human being and she will get what is coming to her very soon. now i see why she hasnt been lucky in relationships... as for you if you have i'll advise you to hold God with everything!! go and a 7day fast (now is even a good time) wake up by 6am and 12am and call on God

  23. I kept on asking why did Africa always sees curse on all they do. Tempramentally your mom family don't carry marriage thing at heart. They let go and don't kill themselves over marriage. Again religiously God whom I serve whose name is Jehovah don't punish his children with pain like Nigeria preachers preach. We africa has limited opportunities to excel in life. You we see pain and agony due to many lacks we have here. If God really punish people like you people believe Germans will suffer more pain for killing 6,000,000 Jews. My advice I will give you is this, let this young man do court wedding with you then pay you dad pride price then focus his energy on building new life for both of you. You have to increase your hustle to because my Bible made me know that he blesses what he sees in our hand. Open Bible and read good promises of God. I'm am who God said you are. As for your sister the reality will soon set in, she will understand what she put herself. Ladies love yourselves too much wanting for love has made many die uncomfortable death

  24. Hmmmm.. na waa ooh. No family wey no get their own. As much as your fear of it being a spiritual something, there's nothing prayers can't do. You need to interceed for your family, stand in the gap, take it to God in prayers.

  25. There are many families with issues like these including my family. The females not settling down happily but the reverse for the men. It doesn't necessarily mean its's a spiritual thing.

    Sadly, many men in Nigeria today view marriage as unimportant and are more likely to date and dump more women than the reverse.

    Also in Nigeria, men are the ones who dictate when they will get married. What i mean is, if Kunle decides he wants to get married this year, all he has to do is ask his girlfriend or a female friend. If she says "no", he can go ask another. Chances are 9/10 he'll meet a lady who'll say "yes" even if he didn't date her.

    But this isn't the same for women. Women are not the ones who propose. Amaka may say "I want to marry this year." But she may not meet a man who wants to marry her this year. Her boyfriend may not be financially or emotionally ready. If she proposes to a man and he says "Yes", chances are high that he said so because he just wants to sleep with her and clean mouth or he wants to take advantage of her financially.

    Also, that your brothers are still married doesn't necessarily mean they are happily married. The wives may be going thru a lot but they don't say or do anything, that's why the marriage is still standing.

    What your sister did is bad and i commend you and your family for not supporting what she did. I know families especially some mothers that will turn a blind eye as they desire their daughters to get married.

    I advise you to also be watchful with your own fiance. I'm not comfortable with the "then he had opportunity to travel out, he promised my parents that he will come back to pay my bride price immediately he returned. Things didn't go well for him over there, so he returned with nothing." narrative. What plan did he have in place before going? Was it realistic? Many young men desire to travel abroad with no realistic plans on how to earn income as if money grows on trees there. Please, make sure your desire to get married does not cause you to close your eyes to potential red flags and place yourself in a marriage where you become the bread winner from the beginning. Continue to encourage him to get a job or start a business, then ensure HE pays your bride price, not you. I'm honestly not comfortable when marriage plans are in place and the man does not have a source of income. Some work out well eventually but sadly most do not.

    However, put your family in prayer. That i don't think there's any spiritual thing going on doesn't mean i'm right. Besides, before making plans we are suppose to involve God in our plans if we want to be successful.

    Wishing you much success and please give us an update soon

  26. Wow unfortunately your sister has activated a self-destruct button..This is spiritual but it takes one person to stand in the gap and break that yoke which the mantle falls you..So pray very well dear..Cry to God at night and ask God to break any faulty foundation in your family..My dear seat your parents down and fish out information about this cycle that must end and make a firm decision..There should be no pussy footing..All the best..

  27. Similar thing is also happening in my mum's family. I noticed that my mum's side dont marry and if they marry , they aren't really fulfilled in the marriage more like they married the wrong person.
    My mum isn't married (she did not marry my father),her sisters two aren't married. The boys aren't married, they end up with unserious women that give buth for them, drop baby and leave. They are all struggling.
    I looked into my mum's mum(grandmother) side, and I noticed that her brothers and sisters too experienced or are experiencing such. The first born married different women and the marriage did not even have head, he's late though, the second one marriage is unproductive more like"manage". The third marriage was somehow until he passed away, the fourth lady did not enjoy her marriage, husband was always beating her until she died, the last is just managing the marriage for the sake of the children. I cannot pinpoint one successful marriage among them. I looked into their children, (that is my mum's maternal cousin ),most of them are not married, the married ones marriage is shaking. Sometimes it baffles me, could it be coincidence.
    I for my part, my marriage was rocky(people were even congratulating me then that I was lucky I got married early, it was a surprised, it was God that saved my marriage, so many thing happened to disrupt the marriage, my husband had already made his mind to marry me if not). Thank God we are learning how to manage ourselves , the quarel is reducing. We are struggling financially though but we hope on God. I just dont understand.
    I'm very prayerful, I dont tell my mum private issues cos she doesn't know how to code, she can expose me innocently. I will never go to anyone for consultation, I'll keep praying..

    1. God bless and uphold your marriage and give you a life of joy, achievements and dignity. Amen.

  28. Poster, have you made Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour? If yes, no generational curse can operate in the life of Christ in you. Keep affirming/speaking the Word of God concerning Christ's victory for you.
    If no, start there first. Romans 10:8-10.
    Ask God for the right husband. Mark 11:24.

    Please, is your family middle class or just getting by? Not to put you down but to know why your sister chose to hook up with a married man with a baby living in one room apartment.

    Is sleeping with power supply connected to a generator from a neighborliving in one room a luxury?

    I asked these questions to assess your sister's mentality.

    She is a graduate and should aspire for a better life by learning a skill, setting up a business and making a good living for herself and her 9 year-old son.

    *Pray for your sister. At this point of her folly your advice would be wasted.*

    Have a conversation with your mom to know why her sisters are not married? From her answers you could discern if it was from wrong choices when they were younger, lofty expectations, bad experiences, witch-hunting/voodoo by an envious relative or generational curse.

    Whatever the cause of the problem, the solution is total surrender to and faith in Jesus Christ. He has redeemed us from the kingdom of darkness and translated us to His Kingdom of Light.
    Persevere in faith. The walk of faith is not easy but God gives the best.


  29. What a decision of great repercussions
    May God always guide us to make the right decisions which may seem stupid before men but spiritually ryt in God's eye.
    Please pray deeply for your family.
    God will never forsake his children.

  30. poster, this is quite dicey. I don’t know about it being a generational curse cause what your sister did doesn’t quite sound like a curse. More like a frustrated and dirty act. How can someone whose husband died early this year, Be in a haste to start fooling around with someone else’s husband. Havnt Even mourned her husband.
    You are concerned about her, what about the poor woman you live in the same compound with whose husband she’s absconded with? How do you think she feels about your family now? What if decides to go diabolical on your family? Would you say that’s a curse? If your sister suffers more in future after this one she’s done, would you still say it’s a generational curse when she inflicted this curse on herself?
    Don’t believe your entire generation is cursed dear cause your mom married didn’t she? And is still married. You sound like youv got a good head on your shoulder. It is well with you. Be closer to your creator cause I don’t want to scare you into believing your family is cursed. Cause when you believe that, it manifest.

    1. She was never married to the first guy before he died, just introduction

    2. Anon 16:49,i use to share same school of thought with you not until i started seeing life at a very very young age.My darling sister,this is Nigeria where spiritual happenings is beyond our understanding. May life not humble us😎

  31. Your sister is very wicked and heartless, tell the man's wife about their affair and also go for deliverance, this seems like a generational curse.

  32. Your sister and that frank are very wicked,must it be someone's husband???

  33. Your sister is very mean ooo

  34. Its someone like your sister that gives bad reputation to baby mamas,las las frank with dump with another baby.

    And for you poster,focus on developing yourself and the right man will come.

  35. Your sister's mind is messed up,she is already frustrated and thinking low of herself,she think she can't deserve more than a married man who is still actively married.Let her know there is no blessing in what she is about to embark o,thank God her son is grown,she should concentrate on securing a future for herself and her son,she may learn a skill or get a job,her utmost priority is to make your parents proud again and happy.She should leave marriage for now,financial independence and a good life is the most important.

  36. This is very spiritual, dont even take it carelessly. Your mom already knows but she can't help matter. The only way out is prayers and fasting, feed on the word of God,its sure to give you freedom at last. Dont be discouraged, be prayerful you too can overcome through Christ Jesus.

  37. When you see women having marital issues in a family you can be sure there is an evil power behind it.(Powers from fathers house or mothers house,marine spouses sometimes both combined,yes it can be that bad, that is why you see some of your mothers/fathers siblings in the kinda marriage/family they have).
    Mostly in Africa, Naija to be precise. Poster you and sis may be suffering from spiritual marital family curse.
    Lemme use my family as example. We are five, a guy and 4 ladies, 3(The guy and two ladies are married) while the other two keeps experiencing delay and disappointment, men are coming o, even the ones that are married the enemy keep looking for a way to bring problem in the marriage,but they always fail.See ehh it doesn't mean that nobody will marry in the family, people will marry, mistakes will be made if they are not's like a battle to get settled.the evil spirit hold too tight to some than others, with prayers and knowledge of who you are you can and will overcome. It is prayer o,patience nothing else, God is faithful and always & forever shows mercy. He hears when you call. You own part is to keep a cheerful heart,Have faith, be patient while you dig it out in prayer. Dont go about sleeping around or dating with out purpose. Dont let frustration set in. Marriage will happen.

  38. The poster was not asking if what her sister is doing is right or wrong. She knows that already and is already very hurt and same with all other members of her family. She is asking for advice on how to convince her sister to refrain from such act. Enough of insults and curses on the sister. If you don't have any advice to the problems the poster raised just say this one pass me.

  39. Please tell your sister to flee from that relationship. Her days of reckoning will be bitter

  40. Tell ur parents never to accept that frank as an I law and the marriage should not hold

  41. Regardless of what some people may think/feel,the spiritual always controls the physical.Seek spiritual help...

  42. If Frank's wife had insisted they mind their business all this crap would not be happening to her but she felt she was the queen of goodness Make she carry wetin she bring upon herself
    If your husband is middle class avoid poor people but singles and married. If your husband is rich only mingle with the rich

    1. Desperation for a man doesn't know class. Even the rich cheat within their class too

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