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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

Wahala dey..........



Stella pls help me to post. I and my ex boyfriend broke up in 2018. He said divine guidance revealed to him that we are not compatible. 

During that period I started my MSC. He said he wants to get married. I am almost rounding up my MSC and I got a good job the period I started my MSC. But this guy is not married till now, he told me he missed me that I should pay him a visit. 

I told him i am busy.He started greeting me and acting extremely friendly to me. I told him his friendliness looks strange to me. Ever since then, he has not been talking to me. I am looking for love. I Am tired of married men asking me out. Should I call him and tell him I have a job may be it will boost my chance of getting married to him?. 

I have not seen a better a suitor. The ones I am seeing are married. I am in my late 20s. Pls ur red pen is needed. I wish to get married this year or late next year but no suitor yet.

*Tomorrow now you will send in Chronicle...Is it not obvious that the man does not love or want to marry you?He called you cos he prolly wanted Booty and stopped when you didn't yield...if you trick him into marrying you,you would have succeeded in Marrying yourself my dear......

Late 20's and you are this desperate,I wonder what someone in their late 30's should do.



Its not easy at all. 
I agreed to stay with my parents in law but these are my reasons:

 *when hubby and I got married he was staying in one room with shared utilities. I was hoping and believing that before I put to bed we would have found somewhere better. 

*as my EDD was drawing near,mil suggested we move in with them,I took that option cos it was better than what we had. Now I moved in,had my baby and suddenly I can't rest.

They complain of everything, if my voice pitch was not flat while saying good morning, it will be that I stay indoors too much,that I don't bring out baby for them. I have quarreled a lot with hubby over us getting a place but he has relaxed,saying since its a family house that will eventually evolve to him,there is no point renting a place. People,what do I do???I am so down

I dont know what to say my dear..........
Bear until your hubby inherits the house (hopefully) or pray you r him makes money to rent somewhere else...

You married a broke ass man that the parents are trying to help and cover his shame,try to bear,the complaints are not bad,maybe you should adjust,if you greet smile with sweet voice and give them access to their grandchild.....Anything else?
Because people say Parents in law are bad,some of you will be looking for troubles where there is none.


  1. Poster 1: please, don't call that guy. He broke off things with you in the first place. Yours would come. Just relax your mind and be happy.

    1. Poster 1
      Why so desperate??
      He opened his mouth to talk about divine guidance and two years later he’s after you. Has the guidance become blurry or it doesn’t apply again??
      And to think you’re considering him again I feel like giving you an e-slap!
      Please pick up your self esteem and ignore that human. Your better half will locate you. Don’t run faster than your ‘divine’ clock nne

    2. When people say they must get married this year blablabla I see another side of FAITH speaking but mehhhhhhh will that not lead to the wrong hand or show desperation in any man that says HELLO to you

    3. I AM TIRED!!! Poster 1 you are still so young. If only you realise your own worth! Under no circumstances should you go back to your vomit.
      Poster 2 lower your voice, act demure and like a mumu for now. Let your inlaws have access to your child. If you can start a small business or do something with your life and save that would be great. Your husband is lazy and he has no ambition past inheriting the family house. You are in for a long thing so start saving now.

    4. Poster 1: are you well, y are you so desperate?? He doesn’t want, he doesn’t want . Do you think his “divine dream” will change after you have told him
      You have a job. Pls move on!!

      Before I forget, Also remove that timeline you’ve set for yourself before you write Stella chronicles in your sham of a marriage.

      Poster 2: hard truth, you married a broke man who has no shame instead he is dwelling on inheritance. When will this inheritance be given to him, when his parents have died I believe , that means he is waiting on them to die. Interesting.
      Anyway deal with your present situation ( Do as your in-laws say, they have the upper hand here) while learning from your mistake to teach your daughter not to settle for someone who isn’t financially capable & your son not to be a bum.

    5. Poster why would you want to go back to your vomit now that your doing well.Don't let desperation force you to a marriage where you would lose your self worth just to keep it together.
      Look on the bright side you have your education and career sorted out,why not concentrate on finding your values, investing,building your spiritual life and at the right time the best man for you will find you.
      I'm 36 single,only,no job,no relationship,no money,stay with my parents who still talk to me like a child.
      I have had offers from married folks but I would rather pray that all my efforts will turn positive soon

  2. Poster one SARE ooo.

    Poster two, my prayers for you is to pray to God to bless you and hubby so that you can move out an dhave peace.

    No money inside marriage na see finish

  3. Poster one, how do you people do it with keeping up with your ex's (ex husband with kids excluded)
    Please, leave that selfish guy alone and start praying for your God ordained husband to locate you! That guy is not genuine and will always find an excuse to leave you in the future if you end up with him. Please, face your front and leave that selfish guy behind.

    Poster two, i feel your pains. Continue to Talk to your husband. I believe he is very comfortable living with his parents, hence, his not making a move to be free from his parents, especially now that he is married and with kids.

    Stop listening to whatever it is your in-laws are complaining about. Avoid them and continue to be on your lane.

  4. Poster 1 plz forget that guy. It will end it tears.
    Poster 2 I just feel sorry for your situation. I do not like people who are always waiting around to inherit something. Reeks of laziness. Keep praying and reminding him.

    1. Same as my lazy BIL that is hopefully waiting for his father to die so as to inherit properties. Who knows who will die first?

  5. Sisi no 1
    So what is you own "divine guidance?"
    When last did you separate yourself to fast/pray/study God's Word and relate with your creator?
    Do you want to get married to a guy that does not want to get married to you or you want him to get married to
    your good salary?
    Okwa sincere ajujus o 🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️
    If you have a relationship with Jesus, you will understand that God does not hide his will at all.
    Everyday, people are pursuing "bread" and
    have absolutely no time for God. This lock down globally is teaching people lessons. A missionary friend in Milwaukee told me that they have not
    witnessed the throng of people seeking God in their churches like they do now. Why? Almost 10 million people have lost their jobs, some have lost loved ones. And more people are losing their jobs daily as companies fold up.
    Nne, think well and seek God instead of seeking dudes that will wipe you clean, chop and dump you in the dumpster. Have you wondered after "marrying him" and you lose that
    good job what happens next?
    Answer these ajujus and help yourself inugo? 🌹

    1. I love how you retained your Annonymous name but still stand out with the way you type.

      I love how you always preach Jesus in every comment and reply.

      I love how you respond to those who come at you with insults.. So calm.

      Just saying I admire your blog personality Anon.

    2. Two Deeper Life (Rumuokoro branch) sisters have finally met each other. Say cheese for the picture.

    3. Lmao Da epic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. @epic
      ang has never identified with any church on this blog.

  6. Poster 2 learn to adjust where ever you find yourself, it'll save you a lot human stress.

    Poster 1...He said you both are not compatible, he's said it once, believe him.

    1. Poster 1, the only rule for u at this point is: thou shall not go back to ir ex, else, though shall marry into emotional manipulation and abuse.
      If you try it, you will your life; better be patient for the right man and don't sell uraelf to the ex dat won't appreciate, but use you and your resources.

      Poster 2: don't worry, you are in for a long haul! I hope you have a joba nd make ur own money bcos that man doesn't have any plan to rent anoda place, he will live in that house till he inherits it, so sot back, relax and adjust to all the complaints. If you can't, make ur own move to get a place and buy ur peace.

  7. 1st poster late 20s is not the end, it doesn't mean you will end up as a single lady (although not bad if you have your peace of mind) take time and prepare yourself as God will bring that person that will cherish nd love you the way you deserve.

    Poster 2: is not easy living with your in-laws but just endure, learn how to avoid issues and pray for God's blessing

  8. Simply because the man you deserve hasn't shown up shouldn't make you settle for Mr-good enough. You may not reason like me but I have always felt the only reason anyone should be married is that they have found someone so worthy of their heart that they would never want to make a mistake of allowing them to slip away. But your situation is different, you want to be married just because.....and anyone who appears will do. Do you even know what you desire in a man? The qualities you yearn to have in the man who would ultimately be the father of your children. Please go back to the drawing board and look within search yourself to discover your true self and what you hope for in a man for that would help you not to settle for just anyone. I am in my early thirties and trust me, a lady in her twenties isn't half as picky as myself. I have gotten proposals I turned down and I am happy I did. Imagine settling for just anybody then coming across the man I am with now. Believe me, I won't forgive myself.

    Number 2

    Just keep praying your situation turn around for good. Meanwhile, be tolerant, it will pass.

    1. Poster 1 this advice is what I wish someone had told me 30 years ago when I was your age. I seriously mis married and lost everything except for my life. Please do not marry for the sake of marrying.

  9. Two:

    Little or no planning for this marriage.
    Probably plenty planning for the wedding -painting the city red and blue.
    You have to be grateful that you in-laws agreed to house you for now.
    But for me, I would have preferred a one room to staying with people I do not understand.

  10. stop quarreling with your husband before you pack up that marriage and write another chronicle.

  11. Poster 2

    Your chronicle brought back repressed memories of my then MIL.
    I came back for very first xmas as a married woman and stayed at the family house and that marriage was never the same again. We eventually separated then divorced.

    I don’t want that for you so you better do your very best to live that environment. Nothing you do will ever be enough. You will be surrounded by plenty people but still feel lonely. If you can’t leave, pray like your marriage depends on it cos it does. Hang in there. xx

  12. Poster 1, please where did you leave your self esteem? Go pick it up, dust it & up it. Marriage will happen when it will, stop putting yourself under pressure. I could've sworn I wrote your last paragraph but some us aren't desperate about it. Chill, your ex bf is up to no good. He's only trying to warm his way back in because he's prolly lonely or found no one else., Either ways, he's bad news! Dump him.

    Poster 2, whatever happens, double your hustle. Your hubby waiting to inherit his parents house shows he's a NFA. (Sorry, but not sorry).


  13. Today I agree with Stella’s red pen for both. Posters make una heed.

  14. Poster 1,
    If you look for a way to entize that ex of yours, then be prepared to be his cash cow and what's the guarantee that he will marry you? Please no matter what you do, don't go back to him because it will never end well.
    Poster 2
    Why do you people marry men that are homeless? If a man cannot afford to give you shelter, which is as basic a necessity as food, that is if he feeds you. What then endeared you to marry him? Prick?...

    1. She thought she was marrying a man with 'prospects:

  15. Poster 1,he opened his divinely mouth and told you then that both of you are not compatible,what changed?
    You want to use your hand and carry had I known into your life? Continue.
    I feel you but he is not the one,believe me.

  16. Poster 1

    Don’t do it. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. He rejected you once, he will reject you again.

  17. Poster one, is your head correct at all ? Are you this daft or you still want to write more chronicle ?
    Face your job and love yourself first.
    Mumu girl.

    1. Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dis one vex Don wella

    2. LOL. Don abeg take it easy with her. She needed to hear this though.

  18. Sorry o poster two.
    Your husband need a brain reset.

  19. Poster 1 my dear relax and don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to get married...the guy didn't want you then and still won't ,so no need trying to hook him by force so you don't cry later! Stop putting time frame on yourself for marriage,"like I must marry this year or next year" pray and wait for God's timing

    Poster 2 keep praying for a turnaround so you guys can move out from there...while at it,try to adjust and be tolerant as well!

    All the best

  20. Poster1- na ur pu..y that guy dey find,maybe he enjoyed d way u were giving to him back den. Abeg carry ur shoe n run fast like a rabbit before u com back to write story that touches d heart.
    Poster2-why u sef no dey come out with dia grandchild. and apart from this ur story wey u write, u sef fit get ur own for body not all parents In-law are like that.
    If u show ur hubby the sign say him parents too dey complain,him no go move out from that place. Just pretend n get along with his parents, before u know it ur hubby go rent house. just my own little advise

  21. How do people get married without financial preparation. Poster 2 Beg ur husband to rent an apartment for u or threaten him that u will return to ur father's house. I know that wealth flies like bird but I can't marry a guy dat is not financially stable. To make matters worst u put to bed. Just accept whatever insult ur in-laws are dishing to u. Poster 1: Beg the guy, I belong to association of we die there crew. Husband are scares oh. COVID 19 test positive and test negative at d same time. Divine guidance may direct him to u back.

    1. Die there ke,God forbid

    2. Natasha, please I don't understand this your advice to poster 2 especially. Or are you pulling her legs?...

  22. Posted 1,that man does not love you,do not call him,your man will come.
    Poster2,you are the root of your problems,havent you read chronicles and stories here??you should have manage your 1 room and have peace instead of moving in with in laws,offcourse you are in their house so stick to their rules

  23. P2, the mistake you made was agreeing to move in with his parents, it doesn't end well.. If you have something doing, then focus on it. Try to avoid them as much as you can, to reduce the complaints. Keep talking to your hubby about the need to have your own place no matter how small.. Keep praying, and with time it will get better

    P1.. Don't even deceive yourself cos the guy won't marry you. He would probably use and dump you a second time.. Don't be so desperate cos most guys can tell when a woman is desperate..Relax, the right man will come.

  24. ‘We are no longer compatible’ , ‘we are flogging a dead horse’ famous lines from my heartthrob many years ago that broke my heart . He was of course cheating and was ready to move on. Youthful exuberance made him think too many available girls no need being tied up with one.

  25. Poster 1, he said divive guidance revealed you are not compatible, then he became friendly after you got a good job and well into to your MSc.*Alarm bells!!!*⏱️πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””. *Red flags!!!*🚩🚩🚩

    Why do you want to 'buy' him as soon a husband with your good job? Be sure he will not love you or make sacrifices for you.

    Marriage should be for love and companionship, not just to beat time/age or for change in status.
    Do you want a blissful marriage or hellish one?

    Please, stop looking for a husband. It's the man that looks for and finds a wife.
    Stop looking at every man as a potential husband, that's why married men come to you.
    Your aura draws every male BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT DEFINED YOUR TYPE OF MAN (husband).

    Please, read ANG's comment, take her advice and seek God's face. If you are not not yet saved, read Romans 10 vs 8-13.

    Poster 2, maybe your husband is not the enterprising type. Why get married when you both have not saved up to get a place with your own facilities?

    Please, try and build a good relationship with your parents-inlaw. Interpersonal skills is needed in every aspect of life. Show them love, respect and consideration as they have shown in taking you and your husband into their home built with years of sweat and sacrifices.
    Nobody can successfully resist love except devil and his demons.
    Give them access to their grandchild, interact with them as your own parents (in honour as God commands). Learn and adapt to their way of life.
    You are in Rome now, behave like Romans.

    1. he said *divine* guidance..

      Why do you want to 'buy' him *as a husband* with..
      (pardon all typos)

  26. @poster 1, sweetheart, please don't allow the desperate desire to get married sink you deep into the crevices of obtusity. Don't you have any feminine pride? Who or what happened to make you act so worthlessly? You actually asked if you should call your ex and inform him that you now have a job so he can be seduced by your job and now see you as eligible for marriage??? Goodness me!

    Isn't this the same ex who broke things off because divine guidance revealed your incompatibility? Who needs divinity to reveal what ordinarily should be painful obvious? That you weren't appropriately insulted by this poppycock, shows how little you value yourself and that is so heartbreaking! Honey, how do you readily run back to someone who has conspicuously shown that he doesn't desire you? So all is forgiven and forgotten because he isn't married yet? Are you serious right now or are we being punk'd?

    See how little he thinks of you? After he dumped you, instead of him to keep licking your boots and jump through hoops to show remorse, he has the effrontery to ignore you because you pointed out his strange behaviour. Yet, like a lost puppy, you want to crawl and beg him to want you? Darling, you need to get a solid grip of yourself and your womanhood. A guy all but says "I DON'T WANT YOU!". But you say "please want me, please marry me, you are all I have and will always have. Don't worry, I now have a job so I can take care of both of us. You don't even have to treat me right or respect me just please, please, pleeeaaasseee marry me." If I were to visualise aggravated despondent desperation, your attitude will flash right before my eyes.

    Honey, leave men, relationships and marriage for now and focus on developing your self esteem. With your present mindset, you have no business venturing into matrimony. Until you believe you are a Queen and you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, stay on your lane and leave men alone. Stop holding up hope that he will see the light and come back to you. Baby, you are only in your late 20s, you shouldn't have to boost yourself to have a chance at marrying an ex who doesn't want you. There are ladies in their 40s who still refuse to settle because they believe that an empty bed is better than a bad husband. My only consolation is, this ex of yours wouldn't even agree to marry you so your can't choose wrongly because he wouldn't even afford you opportunity to choose wrongly. I hope you wakeup and fix your mind ASAP!
    e-hugs and kisses.

    1. πŸ’―% πŸ‘Œ! Thank you, Ronalda.

    2. πŸ’―% πŸ‘Œ! Thank you, Ronalda.

  27. Poster 2, you have to endure and pray more. Don't fight your husband till you make him detest you and start reporting you to his parents. This may make them hate you and make the house unbearable for you. Whatever complain they make try and adjust.
    As for your husband waiting to inherit a house he didn't labour for means you have extra prayers to pray. It's like he doesn't have any ambition for himself, us he the only child??
    Try to understudy your MIL in particular and win her love and see everything falling in place for you.

  28. Poster 1. See how God is shielding you from battle disguised as blessing but no, by yourself you prefer to strike it hot. In your late 20's yet your desperation to marry is like that of...So when you call him to inform him you now have a mouth watery job, who will he choose- you for booty and your income to pick his bills? If married men are coming, just seperate yourself for 3 days, turn to the wall and face your Creator. Tell him exactly your need and patiently wait for him. Wedding and marriage dey hungry you now tgen small time, you'll rush here to ask SDK crew whether to leave him or remain there till he kills you. Do you even LOVE YOYRSELF FIRST? Nigerian women never stop anazing me with their "ultimate ambition."

    2. You narried a lazyboy. You mean you didn't see it coming before marrying, getting pregnant and still cant see? He was fucking you in one room, proposed to you in a shared environment and you agreed? Why didn't you wait to move into a better place before getting pregnant, why? Then he is sitting down and patiently waiting for inheritance before he can make you comfortable. Hmmm, Nne, that's a selfish man. So what if his parents live up to Metusaleh's age or is he plotting to kill them? Better take oja tie your baby go find work so you can give your children the life they deserve.

    1. Hahahahaha@"better take Oja tie your baby go find work" Chai!!! Una get mouth

  29. Poster 1 Please have some respect for yourself .
    Poster 2 please try and get a job

  30. Poster 1:Do not try it
    Poster 2:Time and God solves all things.. Give it time

  31. Poster 1.. Be patient, love will find you and when it does you’ll know..

    Poster 2.. You’ll need a thick skin to deal with this situation. There’s no point fighting your man over this issue.. It’s what you signed up for.. keep praying, miracles do happen.

  32. Poster one is like your village people are on your case. Going back to a guy that made it clear to you that you ain't good enough for him. Please dear reactivate your self worth. NEVER EVER GO BACK TO HIM. Your prince charming will locate you.

    Poster two please manage with your in-laws for now cause I don't see u having any other choice till things pick up for you and hubby then you can consider packing.

  33. Poster 1,I tire for your case oh. You need to calm down and not sell yourself cheap. Focus on your job, concentrate on seeing the good in your life, pray, connect to God, dont just settle for less.

    Poster 2, your problem does not have solution for now. Na bear you go bear am. This is what happens when you marry a good for nothing. Now for him to have lived in a single room wasn't that bad, but he obviously had no plans to become better. How on earth did you agree to marry a LAZY MAN who lives in a single room with public toilet and kitchen, someone who has no plan to improve his life? Now you are complaining? E be like say na your level you marry, person wey dey reason well no go dey your condition. You have to manage whatever to dish out to you until you are able to make money to rent a better place.

    1. @Onyintor that shared facilities part got me!
      Girl dated and married the guy in that condition. Jeez!

      I also blame the various State government for not enforcing a better standard in urban planning for residential and commercial buildings.

      A long way to go for Nigeria.

  34. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this poster one you are such a funny girl, you mean you want to tell a man you now have a better job so that he can marry you🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 let me laugh at you more.

    What made you think he is not in the known of your new job? Guy man was tired of you because you do not have a good job and decided to mess around with the girl he was hoping will love him or marry him but now she has said nope to him he want to come back to his vomit.

    The lady that dash put pussy without thinking twice. He knows you are desperate so he want to come back and finish what he started. Think of it this way if you didn't go back for your Msc and good job would he want to come back to you πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Block on all social media, stop giving him attention. Tell him you are done with him. A good man will find you soon.

  35. Poster 2 I longer throat of a fine house this has put you into this mess. The firi mistake you did was to accept offer from your mil, you use on a long thing.

    You get a job and maybe rent an apartment if not end till your husband inherit the house. You married a lazy man.

  36. Poster 1,you want to enter fire with your eyes wide openπŸ™„calm down and stop putting yourself under unecessary pressure.

    Poster 2,you married your hubby knowing fully well he isn't financially buoyant,please be patient and keep praying for him." Rome wasn't built in a day ".

  37. The first poster, I pity you cos you go surely jam agbako. You are clearly too desperate and will likely fall in the wrong hand.

  38. Poster one: please let that guy rest will end in premium tears.
    Keep your head up,readjust that crown Queen,there is so much more out there.

    Poster two:Try and manage,u must have known this living condition would be one of the possibilities wen u guys got married.

  39. Poster1, you are still very young to be this desperate for marriage. Having no boyfriend now doesn't mean that it will take time to have one. My 36yrs elder sister as of January last year did not have a boyfriend ,infact she have lost hope. But I was amazed when she called me on September that she is getting married,that l will be her maid of honour. In my own part, am 34 and recently told my boyfriend that we should go our separate ways. This is because I have thought about the relationship and know within me that the guy man is here for fun not commitment. He didn't even bother to call back when he got my text. I am now living my life with joy and thanking God for the job am managing. Just Google ' 12prayer points for Christian single' and key into it with faith.
    Poster2, relax a bit because it will take time. Just love your husband and keep praying for him. Most in-laws are like that. The worse thing is to fight your hubby because your in-laws will never support you even if the fault is from their son. I remember when my cousin moved in to her hubby family house. They loved her dearly but Immediately the father in-law died, my cousin saw another side of the mil and sil. They did a lot so that they will move out even told them to their face to pack out. This is family her husband spend all his investment to train his siblings, even married at 40 in other to see them through school. When they find out that my cousin and the husband is not planning to move, the mother inlaw and her other children moved out and lent flat for them selves. Now the her husband has gotten a job as special adivser to the state governor, all of them are giving them face but my cousin and her husband no send them. So dear poster if your child is a year old, look for something doing so the will not tell to your face that it is only food you sabi chop. Keep praying for your husband..

  40. Poster don't rush into this so that you don't end up regretting it, inugo?

  41. Desperation to marry can lead to destruction of life,be warn there are single happy people.enjoy your freedom now,u won't understand

    1. Pls who is using Efemena cos I did not type this at all whoever you are can you not use another initial added to your name for is left for me to add something to my name thanks.

  42. I wonder why only married men go for single ladies these days. Are the single men not ready for marriage? Is it better for a single lady to be married to a married man or remain single till she die because single men are not ready for marriage? These are important questions begging for answers. Poster 1 should also think about these questions.


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