Stella Dimoko Governor Wike Says FG Is Politicising Fight Against COVID19


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Monday, April 06, 2020

Governor Wike Says FG Is Politicising Fight Against COVID19

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike has accused the Federal Government of politicising the fight against the spread of coronavirus, describing the selective support to states as unfortunate.

Wike, who spoke in a broadcast on Sunday, condemned the exclusion of Rivers State from the Federal Government grants in the fight against coronavirus.

He said despite the exclusion, the Federal Government had continued to endanger the state by flying expatriates into Rivers state.

He said: “It is quite unfortunate that the containment of coronavirus has been politicized by the Federal Government.

“While Lagos State received a grant of N10billion as a commercial hub, Rivers State as the nation’s oil and gas hub that produces a greater percentage of the nation’s wealth has not received any support from the Federal Government.
One wonders why Federal Government should single out a state out of 36 States to give support.
Does it mean that support will come when a State has a record of over 50 infected persons before it gets support?

“No state should be seen as more important than any other state. This is a Federal Republic. No state is superior to others.
“Rivers State is entitled to support from the Federal Government. Every day, we are inundated with letters from the Federal Government to allow oil companies to fly in expatriates to drill Oil.

“Then we ask, what is the status of those coming from Lagos? Nobody has told us their status as regards coronavirus.
“If they come to come Rivers without us knowing their status, what will be implication assuming they have the virus.”
  from the nationonline


  1. I'm sure this type of thinking will mess the country up,must you be envious of everything happening, he should just pray God to increase the number of positive case in his State for him to earn free money

  2. He is very right. Even d so called sharing of money is still tribalised. I still dey watch una with 5d network

    1. Yup. And not just Lagos being favored, the core north. Why the favoritism now! When it comes to taxing, everyone in every state is taxed irrespective of what.

      Not surprised some people are turning a blind eye on the point he raised. What is bad is bad.

    2. Government will only help those states that are affected, not because you one case of Coronavirus now you want government to give you 1 billion naira.
      How many people infected in Rivers State compared to Lagos you're all shouting about ?

  3. My governor I am with you on this one. They shouldn't politicize it just like they did in the 20,000 naira disbursement.

    1. Teejay ask him why he is shutting oil mill market? It's Igbos that come from Aba to trade there. He is guilty of what he is preaching. This pandemic exposed the leadership capacity of these our so called leaders. See how Lagos is struggling with this pandemic and someone is busy doing 'my Mercedes is bigger than yours' Mschew.

    2. Why won't you be with him? Are you not always with anyone against government? Does PH have the level of cases Lagos does? What is politics about what's going on?

    3. Teejay is a PDP member, the lost of PDP is a great pain to him. His only business is living on the loot of the nation.

  4. Hmmmmn.
    They have started sharing the billions that was donated abi? Where is my share?

  5. Oh lol.this man leads like an emperor in rivers state..his administration not transparent with money.doles out money as he pleases.decieving people all in the name of project..wehdone.

  6. You sef can send your own audio number of infected persons.

  7. What if Na that 10billion dey baba eye...

  8. Same governor that sacked the GM of the media house that announced the first Covid-19 case in Rivers State?

    The donors should have given to their States instead of FG and raised a board of administrators or trustees drawn from different sectors excluding government officials.

    Of course there's a lot of tribalism in the way the FG runs Nigeria. The intervention loans by CBN are also disbursed to businesses owned by the northerners with ease.

    When given the Covid-19 grant,, would this governor crying wolf appropriate it judiciously for the common good of the people of Rivers State?

  9. So money as a result of Covid-19 positive cases is what a governor is bickering over? Na wa o.

    1. Can you imagine that, shouting like there are people infected in Rivers State.
      He's just after the money, just like Obiano.


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