Stella Dimoko Iranians Die In Large Numbers After Taking Toxic Drug To Cure Coronavirus


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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Iranians Die In Large Numbers After Taking Toxic Drug To Cure Coronavirus

Oh no!!!!

More than 700 people in Iran have died from taking toxic methanol to rid themselves of the novel coronavirus, the Associated Press reported.

More than 5,000 people had been poisoned from methanol alcohol with 525 deaths since February 20, Iranian health ministry spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpour said, according to the AP.

Over the past year, alcohol poisoning happened at a rate 10 times larger compared to the previous year, according to a government report released earlier in April. Between February 20 and April 7, 728 Iranians died from alcohol poisoning, the AP reported. By comparison, only 66 people died from alcohol poisoning in 2019.

The 700-plus figure is higher than the official number, and adviser to the ministry Hossein Hassanian told the AP that the figure takes into account 200 deaths from poisonings that happened outside of hospitals.

Methanol is a substance that is undetectable, and can't be smelled or tasted and the Iranian government has asked manufacturers to add artificial color to the product so people can differentiate it from ethanol which is used to treat wounds. Methanol can cause delayed organ and brain damage with symptoms like chest pain, nausea, hyperventilation, blindness, and even coma, the AP reported.

However, according to the AP, some bootleg makers of the toxic substance have also added: "a splash of bleach to mask the added color before selling it as drinkable."

Iranian health ministry spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpour said at least 90 people lost their eyesight or are suffering eye damage due to the alcohol poisoning, according to the AP.
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  1. Naija, take note.

  2. The way souls are being reaped this year in every corner of the world is alarming..

  3. all these ones na Kano max pro

  4. OMG!!! The very deadly, not merciful methanol 😩😩😩

    There should be some form of awareness about all these deadly substances.

    May the soul of the dead rest in peace 🙏🏽

  5. Methanol?! That is alcohol now!! I thought muslims don't take that..

  6. Hmmm covid 19 has killed more than aids

  7. The world is desperate for a cure and would try anything to prevent this virus but if it has not been proven good to health let's not try it..stay safe every one

  8. Can't forget 2020.
    God please we are helpless, come to our rescue.
    ike agwula dibia uwa.

    Bv madam so so gra gra

  9. May their souls rest in peace.

  10. See what desperation for cure has caused, my God come to our rescue we need you more than ever now.

  11. Lord this is way too much,please heal the World

  12. This is a case of an ignorant quest for survival gone wrong.

  13. Those guys are not any better than mallams in Nigeria

  14. Iranians and some folks in Northern Nigeria are peas in a pod.


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