Stella Dimoko Lessons For African Rulers!


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Friday, April 10, 2020

Lessons For African Rulers!

This is for African rulers in General but if you like,you can zero it in to your President ......citing examples for each number.....

1. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson contracted the novel coronavirus in the line of duty. #Leadership

2. Even at that, he continued to discharge his duty from his self-isolation centre. #Commitment

3. When his situation became worse and he couldn't carry on any longer, the British Foreign Secretary (Dominic Raab) stepped in for him. #Structure

4. He was not taken abroad for treatment. #System

5. He is being treated at St Thomas Hospital right there in London. #Patriotism.

6. The hospital is a public hospital where anyone can walk in and be treated. #Equality.

7. The media has been giving the world constant update about his health. #Trasnperency!

8. The opposition party is also wishing him well because he has shown great leadership. #CountryFirst

9. When he was moved to the intensive care unit of the hospital, it wasn't shrouded in secrecy. #Accountability.

In conclusion: Leadership is not about the leader. It is about the people. Until Africans understand this, they will continue to rule (and be ruled) rather than lead (and be led).



  1. You are just wasting your time preaching to them, Africans especially Nigeria live in secrecy and yet expect more respect than those who are ruling their countries in utmost transparency.

    1. Thank you Queen Amy

    2. Accurate.
      But will they listen?

    3. 💯👌🏽
      Well said .
      Thank you !!!

    4. When the average Nigerian hides the amount of their salary, their pregnancy and time of delivery, their travel plans, etc. because of "village people", what do you expect?

    5. @Anonymous 10.57...Age inclusive,..Infact u hit d nail right on d head.

  2. Now that is equality and democracy in play in a country where free speech is the order of the day- CU

  3. Naija is just the very opposite of each number.
    Buharists, argue with your conscience.

    Jesus take the wheel!

  4. This is what governance ought to be and not some kind of incompetent, unqualified and clueless mediocre persons that have been in the helms of affair in the country we are unfortunate to find ourselves.

    I was blown away last week when I saw the Chadian President led the country military onslaught against the Boko Haram insurgent. He was on military camouflage and on the front. Their was heavy casualties on the terrorists, for the solders were boosted by the presence of their president. This is what is called a leader in action. Can this be obtainable in Nigeria?

    Even the Chadian government is begging Nigerian government to allow them enter Nigeria and finish the terrorists but Nigeria government refused. Now, you understand how complicit the government is on the insurgency.

  5. Is only God that can see us through in this country.

  6. In Nigeria, everything done in asorock is shielded in secrecy, if not, how people be doubting who's in charge? Buhari or Jubril? No transparency, no accountability, no freedom, zero equality.

  7. Sigh.. maybe some day,we will get there.

  8. Transparency??not a thing for Nija

  9. What is DON & EESAK the Nobody saying about all these.

  10. This can not happen in Africa talk more of Nigeria

  11. We don't have a leadership system in Nigeria. What we have is dictatorship.

  12. I was following the BBC news on Boris Johnson and it impressed me. Everything was made out for the world to know. I wish our president and other top leaders will learn from how the British prime minister handled his health issues. By now Buhari and others have seen how bad our hospitals are and that 95% of Nigerians are poor and may God help us to end corruption. I sincerely appreciate the efforts the Lagos state governor is doing. It's high time our leaders stop being secretive and open up by telling us how much is their salaries until then we will remain they way we are.


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