Stella Dimoko Nigerian Lady Put Up For Sale On Facebook In Lebanon Has Been Rescued


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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Nigerian Lady Put Up For Sale On Facebook In Lebanon Has Been Rescued

A Nigerian woman who was put up for sale for $1,000 on Facebook in Lebanon has been rescued....

I dont believe they will do anything to the man who tried to sell her....


  1. Thank God! Nobody should go through this kind of humiliation. That Lebanese guy should be severely punished because we are no longer in the slave trade era

  2. I don't believe they it too. Nothing will happen to him.

  3. Is it not Lebanese men again? Useless species them. They don't respect women there one bit.

  4. Thank God she is in safe hands.

  5. Thank God for her,as long as she is safe.

  6. The man was arrested. They have a very bad law in Lebanon, in short, in the whole of the middle East and Arab world.

    They usually own their maids... Like, they take over their maid, take their passport and whatever IDs the maids have. The maid don't have any right to quit their jobs, their slave masters can do whatever they deem fit with them. Maybe the slave masters gets tired of them, they can now be relieved of their duties., Disposed like trash.

    This is actually a law that was passed into their constitution... It is the worse form of modern day slavery.

    Africans should stop going to these places to work as maids.

  7. Good news. People should desist from traveling to Lebanon for greener pastures.

  8. Now that our government has begining to wake up to their responsibilities, then the world will begin to have respect for us.

  9. Thank God she's alive. Nothing will be done to the Lebanese. No be their country.

  10. Horrible. They come to your country, you treat them too good. See eko hotel of Lagos and eko Atlantic all owned by Lebanese men. You go to their country they treat you like shit. Nigerians wake up. Own your country. Treat them like shit when they come here don't let them enjoy all your wealth


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