Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 1337


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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 1337

COVID 19 cases on Nigeria ia still on the rise and the NCDC says a Lagos patient was counted in Abuja...

How did a Lagos case become an Abuja case?Does it mean a COVID 19 patient was allowed into another state?


  1. It will get better in the coming days

    1. I believe also that The Month of May will be better by the Special Grace of God..

      The Month of May it must surely end in praise.

  2. The careless of authority is just too much 😏😏😏😏

  3. How was a Lagos patient counted in Abuja?
    Nigerians are not asking the right questions!
    These politicians, has sucked Nigeria/Nigerians dry, they also imported a deadly Wuhan virus and are now taking all your rights, even the smallest ones you used to have

    There's a compulsory lockdown, but, people are still moving within the states, how's that possible..; politicians makes it possible! They are the ones doing the continuous spreading of this virus.

    Bigmanism will be the final downfall of the country.

    Protect yourself and your family, the virus isn't going to disappear soon; especially not in a country like Nigeria where people are lawless, insensitive, self-centred and very uncompassionate.

    1. I am trying to understand that when I see comments like this, it's not borne out of hatred or the desire for bad things to happen to the people in Nigeria. It's most likely born out of love or perhaps, great concern...

      Perhaps, it's a frustrated feeling, when you expect people to do the right thing, especially when it pertains to life, and they seemingly don't...

      I guess it's that feeling of helplessness, especially when you have relatives or at least, friends, in the country, and you are worried about their welfare...

      I am beginning to understand this... I also believe we can let out our disappointment or feelings and express ourselves positively, and not the other way, as much as we are tempted to...

    2. Madam MrsA... the virus will disappear SOON irrespective of how wicked our politicians are! The mercy of God will supersede their wickedness!

    3. Anonymous 8:41, no my comment is not borne out of hatred for my country or my people! It is out of my frustration of the way I see things are being handled.

      We must learn to see the reality in every situation. I can't continue to turn a blind eye to all the negative things happening around and just claim positivity; it makes things sink further down.
      Thank you 🤗

      Anonymous8:46, yes, God is merciful but He can also choose to turn His back against stubborn and wicked people

    4. Mrs A you are too bitter,always angry take it easy pls. Its too early.
      No one is happy about what is going on but what is the meaning of bigmanism. Must everything be a fight between rich and poor. So the big man purposely got himself infected and is purposely infecting the poor people. Maybe Nigerians should get rid of all of them before they infect the good saintly poor.
      You dont even know what positivity looks like we dont need your positivity mixed with hatred please.

    5. Anonymous 9:44, your self hatred and your bile filled mind will not make you think straight.
      But, its not my fault now, is it?

  4. Which way Naija?God help us


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