Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 276


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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 276

Nigeria's Coronavirus cases though child's play compared to other Countries but still rising in numbers every day


  1. God help your children🙏

    1. No o but Nigerians are "lucky, coronavirus doesn't infect them like it infects the white man"! Spain only got it's first infection on the 31st of January this year! Exactly 2 months and 2 days ago, go figure!

  2. I don't believe all these figures

  3. Abuja is the second in command and yet people here are behaving as if nothing is happening.

  4. Stella some states that the figures haven't changed, doesn't mean that the infection is not spreading. Most states don't have the test kits to do further testing. Some have to carry samples to Abuja.

  5. I have stressed the point that Nigeria has more COVID-19 cases than the official figures provided by NCDC. We simply don't have the necessary tools (drive-in tests, public and private lab, testing kits etc) sufficient and efficient enough to test individuals with symptoms. As we sluggishly determine cases, the undetected ones are probably in markets, roadside football, street clusters, shaking hands, willingly and freely distributing the virus.
    All in the name of Nigerians are sociologically communal.
    Can I be frank with you. The numbers will keep rising until and when government scale up testing, and Nigerians strictly adhere to social distancing and other guidelines.
    Remember that the more we stay inside, the quicker we will return to normal.
    Good morning.

  6. Mercy mercy Oh Lord..
    Help us all O Lord..

  7. I am kind of confused now.... People have been on lockdown for more than a month here, yet, new cases keeps springing up.
    Its either some people contracted this deadly Wuhan virus and they are spreading it to others without knowing or something is wrong somewhere.

    By the way, some Nigerians in China contacted the disease in a Chinese restaurant in China., Now you will see the way these roaches and rodents eating people will start treating blacks in their country like plague.

  8. Hey! God please help us. Nigeria cant handle this.

  9. Very Simple! These NCDC figures are dubious because we have no STANDARD tests&procedures in detecting Covid 19 separating from normal fever&common flu.The figures are only based on assumptions.The same malevolent virus killing people in thousands in Italy, France,Spain and USA:countries with excellent healthcare facilities.

  10. Jesus save us ooo. We can't fight this on our own, we need divine intervention

  11. Only God knows how many are infected by this virus


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