Stella Dimoko President Trump Accuses WHO Of Mismanaging COVID 19 Pandemic And Halts Funding


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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

President Trump Accuses WHO Of Mismanaging COVID 19 Pandemic And Halts Funding

 US president Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the US will halt funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO)and accused the global health body of “severely mismanaging” the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden; Trump said hundreds of millions of dollars in US funding to the WHO would be suspended and said a review would be conducted to assess the body’s role in severely mismanaging; as well as covering up the spread of the coronavirus.

“American taxpayers provide between $400m and $500m per year to the WHO; in contrast China contributes roughly $40m a year, even less, and as the organisation’s leading sponsor, the United States has a duty to insist on full accountability.”

Trump said he would authorize governors to reopen US states. This comes barely 24 hours after insisting he had total authority as US president to lift coronavirus restrictions; even though the US constitution leaves such rights and responsibilities to state governors.

“The plans to reopen the country are close to being finalized…We will soon be sharing details and new guidelines with everybody. I will be speaking to all 50 governors, very shortly, and I will then be authorizing each individual governor; of each individual state to implement a reopening … at a time and in a manner as most appropriate.”

Equally important, Trump said re-openings would be very close to or maybe even before May 1st, 2020.
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  1. This makes me laugh. What happened to the information he was given when China was plagued with this virus. He wasted six whole weeks talking about how it was going to go away once the weather gets warm. Now, he is blaming WHO. It’s good to accept responsibility sometimes. He messed up on this one. Now, Na Governors he wan fight too over reopening states.

  2. As far as this Chinese Virus is concerned, guy man is after the economy and not even the health of the people. As the sickness no catch am or any of his family members, he feels nothing. He is a business man and seeing that his own businesses are affected, he doesn’t want to run at a loss.

    Like someone said, “na China chop, na we come de wash hand”.

    1. Is the stay at home working?
      Is the virus not still spreading?
      Now themma saying folks can be reinfected, how this virus wan totally comot?
      Plus WHO have been playing politics with this pandemic.
      Isn’t China gaining from this shit? Why not Trump?

    2. Please educate yourself, research and see the stats on stay at home and social distancing. It has brought down the numbers of newly infected. Russia refused to impose the policy and there is a surge upwards. They finally did after the increase in new cases and after Putin himself was exposed to someone w C19.

      Ecuador, over there it is pathetic, a 3rd world country with no resources nor infrastructure. To bury is even more than them. People just leave the corpses on the streets. Their Presi refused to heed the call to lockdown.

      And you all should not say its 5G. C19 is a virus, which
      means it is a living organism. 5G did not create C19. If according to conspiracy theories it weakens the immune system, then other bacteria and viruses , not only C19 would have finished human beings where they are using 5G, #case study Lesotho

      Lesotho has had 5G for some years now. Yet no case of C19.

    3. And Trump is freaking right about WHO, how they did not pressure China to close borders till 2020. It took 2 months for the world to know , meanwhile the thing has spread through air travel worldwide. WHO infectious diseases department was slow to raise alarm and take the necessary steps to contain this thing in China.
      Now the whole world has to suffer. Deaths, economic recession, poverty, hardship and sh*t.
      Worse part is China is so deceptive. You can't trust their reports and statistics concerning this virus. Scientists who raised alarm about this virus suddenly disappeared, the Chinese communist govt is just terrible. Now the whole world is crumbling.

  3. Please re-open! This corona virus will bring great hunger. After this pandemic, we will face more hunger and death. The key message should be wearing your mask. If I wear mask and you wear your mask, if the other person has corona virus whether asymptomatic or symptomatic, wearing your mask has protected at least 50% and me wearing mine has protected me 50%. We all know it spreads through the mucous membranes. Wear your gloves if possible,avoid handshakes and use your sanitizer also maintain distance from people even when you are in the office and never take your nose mask off. Offices that have much population should have rosters on how they will be coming to work on shift. People without nose mask on the street or even in their offices should be arrested or displinary actions taken. Sneeze in your nose mask, cough in your nose, breath with your nose mask, talk with your nose mask on. This idea of stopping everything is scary for the economy . To be honest, I fear the after effect of corona virus more than the virus itself.

  4. This uncle T is so akin to our Nigerian politicians. Always quick to shift blames. Like we have forgotten his lackadaisical attitude towards this virus when it was initially announced.

  5. He is pushing for his reelection ...yeye

  6. Donald Trump has done very well! I support this move. It is to teach the WHO a lesson.
    The organisation is now in the pocket of Communist China.

    China has greatly invested in the last decade in Ethiopia, the world health organisation chairman is from Ethiopia. One can never trust African leaders, they have no integrity.

    The Wuhan coronavirus was mismanaged... He played to their tune of not naming the virus after the town it was first detected.

    All the information the world health gave from December last year until February/March are online, you all can access them online.

    The WHO took all that China told them without making a thorough investigation (they claimed that a delegate were sent to China for few days) they were the ones that told the world that the virus can not be transmitted from human to human... Whereas, people were already dieing in large numbers in China.

    All these world organisation is actually to oppressed the other poorer countries.

    When President Donald Trump banned flights from China in late January, the WHO organisation told the world that the move was bad, the chairman advised other countries not shutdown their borders. China was buying time, using the opportunity to send different strains of the virus to different regions.

    WHO and UN are totally sold out.

    1. When he became aware, what did he do with the intel he received? He blew off the intel. He did, Blaming WHO, dies not absolve him of any blame.

    2. I agree with you absolutely. why didn't they stop it in China at the early stage? they were strategic in their distribution especially through cruises like the diamond princess etc.

  7. Truth be told Trump doesn't want China to benefit from the WHO fund,he said they are not amongst the top 5 country contributing to WHO.Asides that he also wants to save his country's economy et business.

  8. I just Love Trump and his decisions. It’s high time the WHO is investigated. They keep playing chess with people’s lives.

  9. Trump and shifting responsibilities and playing blame game is 5 and 6

  10. Ambition is good but unbridled desperate ambition is disastourous. China working with WHO in partnership with Vaccine saviours/world depopulators and conniving with democrats (in the knowsince because the idea was sold to them tey tey)to regain power from Trump is all that is playing out. Lying china with all their fake products may have human capital but can never attain World Superpower till eternity. Bill Gates can never be wiser than God who created and gave him knowledge which he allowed the same deceiver with the same old strategy to fool him by giving him excess wealth that made him forget his creator owns the silver and gold, can never rule the earth as his own in the name of breeding a perfect population. All of them has failed and now being exposed one by one. Soon, exactly the same way this laboratory farmed virus emerged, the same way it will become history and humanity will live and go about their business and livelihood,amen.

  11. I think I agree with his decision.....they re so many holes in this Coronavirus outbreak

  12. People die from surgical procedures all over the world,the U.S alone records over 250,000 death every year due to medical errors, have they shut down the hospitals or banned all the doctors from practising? No! We need to learn how to adapt to new things and fight for the things that matters and not frivolous issues like this. He knew what he signed up for and it saddens the heart that we lost one of ours like this. Rest well sir! May we meet again if there is ever an afterlife.

  13. People die from surgical procedures all over the world,the U.S alone records over 250,000 death every year due to medical errors, have they shut down the hospitals or banned all the doctors from practising? No! We need to learn how to adapt to new things and fight for the things that matters and not frivolous issues like this. He knew what he signed up for and it saddens the heart that we lost one of ours like this. Rest well sir! May we meet again if there is ever an afterlife.

  14. Hmmm m now looking at China side eyes lol.. anything black man head na so he they always jam rocks...them din manage give black man better position as head of WHO see wetin he don do...African we go always they shit for church,tuahhh!!!

  15. Anon 11:49 your type got the world into this mess. The extreme racist right wing, faux news and their outlandish conspiracies. How did you come about your conspiracy theories? I’m amazed that any naija will like Trump. He calls naija a sh...... country. He stopped your sister or brother or mom or dad from filing for you or you from filing for your parents! Democrats colluding with Gates to kill so many Democrats in New York, Seattle, Washington State and California states, all democratic states! Please stop peddling your ignorance of America and it’s issues. Mr trump just realized his ineptitude and is looking for scapegoats and WHO happens to be an easy target especially since American taxpayers contribute the most money.

    Only an irresponsible president will withhold funding to WHO at this moment in history. Don’t forget it is WHO that is helping the developing countries including Nigeria fund the fight against COVID19 so don’t cut your nose to spite your face in ignorant write ups. Donald Trump has blood on his hands and it’s just dawning on him and who is his latest scapegoat in this epic meltdown of a man child turned Manchurian President


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