Stella Dimoko Actress Hilda Dokubo Rants About President Buhari Easing The COVID 19 Lockdown..


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Saturday, May 02, 2020

Actress Hilda Dokubo Rants About President Buhari Easing The COVID 19 Lockdown..

Actress Hilda Dokubo thinks someone is lying to the President of Nigeria because he has decided to ease the lockdown imposed due to coronavirus.......


According to her:

"Who exactly is lying to the President? Who? The President has announced the easing of the lock down on the strength of a lie. Who is lying to the President.
We've been locked down now for 5 weeks prior to the lock down they made us a commitment of testing a thousand five hundred persons everyday. One thousand five hundred persons times fourteen days is twenty-one thousand times four weeks is forty-two thousand, how then can the committee tell us that they have tested only slightly above ten thousand.

 Today we are close to two thousand persons who have tested positive for the virus.

if we use the strength of ten thousand total already tested and two thousand already infected that places us at twenty percent infection hmm that's higher than every other country. Research findings are based on percentage, who is lieing to the President? Because on the strength a a lie, he has approved an ease and he has also approved an increase in the number of people to be tested daily to two thousand five hundred if they could not accomplish one thousand five hundred then how are they able to achieve two thousand five hundred persons, the nurses, and doctors, health workers are working extremely hard breaking themselves into pieces just to safe lives and a few people are sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned room, reaching agreements that only empowers only their pockets. 

Why make a mess of people's effort, why? 

You know sometimes when I sit down and I think of some of the things that people sit in committees and come up with, I wonder what runs in their veins blood or water. Because we act like people who don't feel the pains of others.

You have moved responsibility from yourself and you have hung it on the neck of the common masses, the same people that we are supposed to be protecting during the lockdown, a lot of people where on the streets, why ? Because the palliatives didn't get to them so they were out there struggling to see for how they'll feed out of the food that you hoard at them, so the palliatives didn't get there. No one is empowered to carry out research, research isn't going on, nothing is going on and now you're throwing people in the streets, the streets that you haven't fumigated, that you haven't cleaned up but you have told us that this virus is airborne and can stay airborne for eight hours, I don't understand? Do you assume that everyone is stupid.

Let us take for instance Lagos State with no traffic during the lockdown, they could not trace people who had contact with those who have tested positive for the virus,. They couldn't trace them so imagine now which traffic and how they will trace anyone and if someone needs help deliberately how will the NCDC get to the person. I don't understand, do we want to end up like Ghana? Who lifted their lock down prematurely and ended up with all the casualties that they have.
Can we handle that casualty? 

Someone is lying to the President and that person needs to stop. The President cannot be allowed to reach decisions on the strengths of a lie and Nigerians cannot live with this lie"


  1. Stella, we are in God’s hands, am so scared of the buses, how they pack people together, breathing, odor etc. And most people are not taking precautions at all .

  2. While, I'm well aware that people's means of livelihood were affected by the lockdown, I'm not comfortable with the easing of the lockdown.

    It's only someone who's alive that'd think of eating, paying school fees etc. So for me, Health and Safety is paramount.

    I'ts worrrisome that people have to go back to the streets when there's imminent danger out there. Imagine a place as overpopulated as Lagos. What measures are put in place to ensure that the guidelines by the Lagos State Government for easing the lockdown are kept?

    As of now, Tricycles are still carrying 4 passengers, the few buses I've seen are 100% full. Who's checkmating the transporters? Nobody.

    Then we talk about people getting to the office, the exposure to all sorts, etc. Oh I'm worried and I'm really scared.

    I just hope that we don't have mass casualty as a result of this decision. I Hope.

    1. My babyyyyyyyyyyy🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

      This lockdown easing is really scary!! Hilda made really valid points!!

      But Nigerians are hypocrites.... They've been shouting that the lockdown is this and that, now they are still the same people complaining of the easing!!

      Me, I'm not going out anytime soon, I've told my parent same.... Nigerians like learning from experience so let them go out and find what they are looking for!!

      May God protect us all

    2. It doesn't have to do with hypocrisy,some faction support the lockdown and others don't.

  3. Anonymous gangster2 May 2020 at 12:44

    My sentiments exactly. Cases are increasing like crazy yet we're being told to roam free but take silly hard to comply precautions.

    They finally realized they lack the ability and determination to do all that's necessary to keep us indoors, as other countries are doing, so go forth and die, na una say una tire to sidon house. Shame.

  4. She's right. Infact it's only God that can save us.

  5. I just started working march. I have spent all my march salary for April. We weren't paid for April. We won't resume with d rest coa I work in an hotel. How will I live? I'm already broke. Gid help me

  6. WE confuse Me!!! Before the ease was announced , what I read mostly was

    "we are tired".
    "We are hungry".
    "We are broke".
    "we are bored".
    "let them ease the lockdown and we will take our chances".
    "There's lockdown yet the cases are rising, let them remove the lockdown Jor"!!!!

    Now, they bowed to pressure..... We are ranting??? You better all iron your clothes and get ready to go outside from Monday. That thing you are all looking for outside, awaits you.

    1. Thanks anon 12:58. Nigerians don't know what they want, many people on Twitter and other social media platforms agitated for the ease of the lock down , now the President has bowed to the pressure they are the same people complaining.

    2. You are right though.

      I recall the reaction when the stay at home order was extended. A lot of bvs cursed the government saying they are wicked and insensitive.

      Ok, so the govt has listened to your pleas, you can go out and hustle, it is now a barrage of complaints. I am totally drained.

  7. These people don't reason at all.
    Lockdown!lockdown!!what has the useless govt done for the masses,nothing.provide for people and they will observe the lockdown order.
    Please people that are comfortable should put themselves in the shoes of people that does not have.

    1. Okay, go out Nah.... Is that not what you want?? Go out!!

      In this type of situation, something has to give!!! So pick the best option for you!!

  8. Thank GOD I'm jobless 😂😂😂😂😂 whenever I like I will relax my own lockdown

    1. I'm not thanking God I'm jobless oooh but I'm just happy that I'm under no pressure or obligation to go out right now

  9. Hmmm,she's saying the truth tho. God help us.

  10. Seems the government dont understand what this virus is capable of doing, or they are hiding something. the middle east is very hot, and it's still spreading there. maybe this virus nor dey naija afterall .

  11. Hilda is aging fast.
    We are really in dilemma concerns this lock down.Staying in doors doesn't make sense if there is no solution.

  12. Hilda well said, our survival is now in our hands. I pray God prevents this virus from spreading further.

  13. Since govt didn't provide any means of survival for the masses,let people go out and hustle especially most eastern states.One thing must kill a man.

  14. Truth though!!I don't support this easing of lock down

  15. Each night I stay up late to get the daily result from NCDC easing the lockdown might spell doom, but with the help of a vaccine there is hope

  16. African Queen2 May 2020 at 16:32

    Take responsibility.


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