Stella Dimoko Actress Sylvia Edem Sends Memo To Married Couples Concerning 3rd Party Involvement Marriages


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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Actress Sylvia Edem Sends Memo To Married Couples Concerning 3rd Party Involvement Marriages

Nollywood Actress and Producer, Sylvia Edem has urged women, most especially, her colleagues to desist from involving third parties in their marriages.

She counseled: “This is for all the married couples out there; always sort out the differences between each other without a third-party, because third parties destroy homes. For me, I can only marry a man I love, not because of his wealth or size of manhood. Because after five years in marriage and those things are no longer there, it means I won’t be there for my husband. But if it was for love, I will stick to him through all circumstances.”

The movie star also advised her colleagues to devise other means of putting food on their tables. “I will advice entertainers to look for other means of businesses rather than depending solely on entertainment, in case what is going on in the country arises again,” she noted.

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  1. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  2. Okay, we hear!
    Marriage no get manual Sha!
    Third party, money and big gbola works for some people!

    I love that inner wear!

  3. Going anony on this.

    3rd party destroyed my marriage but trying to mend it again. Now i cut off those 3rd parties, so atleast if they have infor said by the other party i.e. husband. I wont hear it, talkless of act on it. Ntooor. That 3rd party is my mother and sister. Infact it was like a 3rd and 4th party. Rollercoaster something, very annoying ish. So glad now, i just got a missed call from my sister saying my mother is around. I dont have interest, love my peaceful life devoid of stupid gossip and talks.

  4. Awon feminist gang gang30 May 2020 at 12:47

    Couples prepare very well for wedding day but dont prepare for marriage. People marry for different reasons and leave marriage for silly reasons. Most immature spouse had never left their family home that's why they keep running back to their parents for advise and comfort in times of marital crisis.
    Friends, relatives and in-laws are killers of marriages. Marriage is not a bed of Rose's and not for the immature, feeble minded, mummy's boy or daddy's girl. The divorce rate is high o!. Anybody bringing Ashoebi for me will sign agreement that my ashoebi money will be returned with 100% compound interest on divorce.
    Peace and healing to the world.

  5. Add these: - (i)parents should raise good,responsible, honourable, selfless sons who will grow up to become good husbands and fathers.

    (ii) Pastors teach men to love, honour, sacrifice, protect and provide for their wives and keep their marriage vows while expecting respect and submission from wives. It's scriptural. That way they can build wholesome, longlasting families and a better society.

    (iii) Parents raise godly, chaste, modest decent respectful, skilful and daughters who work hard to earn an honest living not greedy or daughters of Jezebel.

    Society and church denominations have placed the burden of making marriages work solely on women even to their breaking point. This has resulted in a lot of divorces and fatalities. Women and their children are the casualties thereof.

    Parents and Pastors should be good examples in families and society. This is part of the doctrines of Christ.

    The scriptures cannot be broken or set aside and you expect thriving marriages, families and societies.

  6. marriage itself is not a bed of

  7. Love is not enough.


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