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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



My elder sister's son just turned one yr two days ago and despite the lockdown and she living far away, my husband insisted we go celebrate with them. I suspect the boy is my husband's. She lived with me for a while when she had financial problems. She didnt have a husband nor children. I was glad with how she helped in the house and took care of my children. Secretly, I didnt want her to leave. It also gave me chance to travel for my business.

 I got back from a business trip one day and saw that my sister had left. What happened? "Oh, money came and I wanted to use it judiciously, so I got an apartment'. Few months later, my sister's tummy is big, bigger, biggest. She gave birth to this child and even at birth, he looked exactly like my husband. That ginger skin color, those stretched ears. It's not been easy especially as I cannot bring myself to ask her if the child belongs to my husband, she has suffered a lot on this earth. I guess I will just be looking until someone decides to tell me something. #sighs

I know you did not ask for advice but you posted this in a post where it does not belong so i had to copy and delete.....

Reading your post very deeply and i am forced to conclude that you let your hubby impregnate your sis and you are now living in denial as if you did not know when you left them alone and travelling up and down...

The love you have for your sis is greater than the one you feel for your spouse...The earlier you have a conversation with both of them or your sister alone,the better for you before she will get pregnant again and become his permanent side chic....The choice is yours but just know you know what is going on. #SMH



Stella pls help me post as a chronicle. Cant even think straight. Been married for 16yrs with kids. Oga has been suffering from premature ejaculation from time memorial. I married young and a V so wasnt really aware the depth of the problem...however when i asked he said its because he wasnt having regular sex aka celibate hence the quick ejaculation that wt time it ll improve.

Well we kept at it and had children however his issue worsened. I got viagras cidalis etc yet it didnt help.

I asked he should go and see a doctor about it - due to our lifestyle, medicals are free of charge but oga refused. I then told him i cant continue having poor sex until he has this issue assessed at the very least because it had become so bad that during foreplay he has cum...if he lasts long, literally at the 3rd trust he has cum.

Oga vehemently refused that denying him sex is abuse therefore 

(1) i am abusive 
(2) he doesnt trusts me and believes i am cheating 

(3) brought up issues from a decade ago and another issue from 4yrs ago 

(4) said i am not submissive because i spent money on a bedroom tv - we both contribute to the home jointly 

(5) i am doing this because i know he is a christian and cannot cheat because of his principles.

I then said if thats how he feels, pls go and have a side chic or divorce but he should give me the heads up ....last night he said he ll go the divorce route and will take the older child with him.

I just have this feeling of the unknown, a bit like a bitter sweet feeling....i have been through a whole lot of bullshit in this marriage that in a way i feel like i will always have to justify myself plus some statements have been made a while back that i took mental note off....i dont want to carry on writing but i need guidance and advice pls.

I think he feels really hurt and has said divorce but he might not mean it and all those accusations he labelled against you is his own way of trying to defend himself in case you rat out his problem...Men with PREMATURE EJACULATION are very sensitive and anything you say gets to them...They want to be petted and told it is OK...

A man cannot gbensh well and you are advising him to go and get a side chic?LOL

He prolly refused to go for help because he is ashamed and your attitude didn't help...I am not saying you are to blame but please walk through this with him together,you kept quiet for 16 yrs and made him comfortable
Saying he will take the older kid is emotional blackmail..He has laid his cards on the table and waiting for you to make your move #gameofchess

If you still want the marriage,check your technic and help him through it

Some people have to live with this problem for the rest of their lives...think about this and decide......


  1. First poster, just go to your sister's place one day, talk to her with seriousness but not with bitterness. Then tell her that you now know the father of her and as he has confessed, then ask her how it happened

    I don't know how you people feel free to leave a grown woman with your husband who's not his family member and you travel for days.

    *Larry was here*

    1. but a man can travel anywhere and leave his wife with grown up men at home without coming to hear stories that touch abi? so men are so low and irresponsible that they hop on any female they see in their house? abeg ehnn,make una no dey make excuses wey no follow.The Poster's husband and sister messed up if truly they are guilty. The poster did nothing wrong helping her sister.

    2. Her blood sister?
      Even if my husband is a goat, I expect my sister to refuse him unless rape is involved.

    3. ) i am doing this because i know he is a christian and cannot cheat because of his principles.......

      He is a Christain but not a manipulator. All that he said in his defensive is out of place.

      2. I’m not sure why women cover up men’s shame. Would be do the same to you. 16 WHOLE YEARS OF dead beat! Well done ma

    4. Poster 1... Try to confront them please...gently just incase it turns out its not his. But from your narrative i suspect the kid is his...and cant begin wrap my head around why it had to be your sis of all people.

      Poster 2... since you've come all the way, dont throw it all away. Ask God to help you guys deal with the situation and try to encourage him more to get help. I hope it all works out for good in the end.

    5. Thank you anon 3:36.
      If anyone agrees that the woman caused it by having a career, that man is a common ekuke dog without any training.
      Imagine the bullshit.
      But men can be politicians, business men traveling allover china and nobody blames the man when the wife cheats.
      The wife and sis are both cheats periodt. That is if this is true.
      My advice?.
      Get whatever any DNA lab needs when next u visit.
      If it's a swab they require, get it on code.
      Find a way and get your husbands and run a DNA before you even accuse them.
      Cos this is a heavy accusation.
      For e.g You can tell him you want to culture his saliva cos you've been itching after he gave you head.
      That is if its swab they need.
      If its hair, then that's easy.
      Do the test first before any conversation.

    6. I spend time with my brother inlaw a lone all alone when my sister is cross-country,
      Sometimes she has to travel to other parts of Europe and she has no fear leaving her fully developed younger sister with her husband ,
      There are good and decent people out there with self respect and worth .
      Id never betray my sister and I doubt her husband would betray his wife too . Its a personal thing.

    7. So men are dogs that can not control themselves? I don't understand? Why can't men be held accountable and responsible for their randy behaviour? Must you f**k anyone with punani? So the poster shouldn't have left her sister and hubby at home, because both adults lack self control.. What a world we now live in... Tueh!!!

    8. What do you people mean by "leave a grown ass man" is he a child or baby that cant control himself?
      Someone's sister?
      They are both useless.

    9. Poster 1, how about you find a way to get the baby's saliva or hair, husband's hair as well and get a DNA done. With the result in hand, you know your next move

    10. Which one is sleeping with SIL again? Haba. Plsgo over to hers and collect anything for DNA. Ur sis has suffered enough ke? Where u come from is such not a Taboo? Are u cheating on guy man and does ur sis know about it? This one Taya me o

    11. Poster DO NOT CONFRONT THEM WITHOUT PROOF. This is a very serious allegation that can destroy your relationship with your family- both your nuclear with your husband, and that with your siblings. Tread very carefully before it becomes similar to the case of the lady who asked her husband if he was sleeping with her daughter cos in her mind they were too close and it turned out to just be in her mind. She lost everything, and God forbid that turns out to be your case. Your best bet is a DNA test. Let science give you your answers with no he said, she said in the matter. The cost of the test outweighs what could be lost if you accuse them and it is not true. Abeg tread very carefully. I repeat, confrontation without proof is not the way to go o.

  2. No 1 Narrative:

    Marriage is about sacrifice. A lot of times, a lady has to choose between the peace and tranquility of her home and what is falsely called "opportunities".
    When companionship is dealt a steady blow in a marriage, the devil comes with his spanner...yes to work adultery.
    Why not ask your sister, who the father of the baby is and why he hasn't showed up? For goodness sake, your husband (if he is) is likely still collecting fornication from this lady and more that you do not know.
    You made your bed the way it is now. You can re-make it by asking Jesus to help you.

    1. Stella, I disagree with you on post 1.

      That she left her husband and sister at home and travelled to better herself does not mean she set them up to shag.

      What da heck? She trusted those two and they betrayed her trust. Simple.

      Does it mean that she will tie him on her waist as she goes out to work to earn an honest living ? Are men babies or dogs that they cant be left alone with other women and trusted to behave themselves? Is every opposite sex relationship supposed to be sexual?

      Is she supposed to turn down helping her relatives because she's scared her husband will sleep with them? Or turn down a good nanny because penis dey scratch person whey no sabi control am?

      Is this how she sleeps around with his brothers and friends?

      Pls miss me with that nigga shit. If he's guilty, he's nothing but a piece of shit!

    2. I think poster 1 is more disappointed than hurt from the the tone of her narrative. She is glad for her sister but disappointed in her husband.

      Maybe she indeed consciously or unconsciously thought of something like this happening to make her sister that has suffered so much happy

      What she wants is to be in on the secret, if indeed that child is her husband's.

    3. Gbam 17.10

  3. Poster one pls the earlier you discuss with your sister the better for you and everyone. I guess your husband got the house for her. Be wise madam.

    Poster two hmmmmmmmm pls find another means to tackle this issue.

    1. Emla cream, lidocaine and procaine spray could help. Benzocaine cream too. He should use any of them to rub the cap of his penis 10-15 mins before penetration.


    2. Poster one, please stop living in denial abeg, but Stella how did she let her sister get pregnant, does shw control her life? Dint you ask your sister who is responsible for her pregnancy? How can my sister fall pregnant and i dont ask who the father of the child is. Hmm
      Cant you run a DNA test without their knowledge?
      Please snoop through their phones, you will surely find something.

    3. Poster 2, your hubby is funny o, what does he mean by "he is a Christian"? Does he know what he is doing isn't Christian like, why won't he see a doctor, for 16 whole years.
      Nawa o

  4. Nothing pisses me off more than people that are not honest. Come out clean to your sister and say hey I am sorry I slept with your hubby. Hubby come out clean to your wife that madam this is my problem. I need help!!! If only people know that being honest 100% goes a long way. It is well with both parties.

    1. You see that 100% honesty?
      It can equally send you to untimely grave, some issues need time & careful calculation before theyre revealed.

    2. U r very correct.but I still find that telling the truth with God's help will always make it alot easier.

  5. Poster tell your husband you had a funny dream that you saw him and your sis in a Labour room and he kissed the child on his forehead like it was his and that you woke up in shock saying it's impossible. Then tell him you are going to tell your sister the same dream and make sure you say it as a joke !!!watch both their body language for 1 week and then you will find your answer. Keep repeating the dream until either of them breaks..

    Poster two- he's just insecure and wants to do reverse psychology on you

    1. Poster take this advice...its on point since you don't have a Clair evidence to nail both.

  6. Steal a sample from the baby and your from comb or brush n if you can afford a DNA test, do it without their knowledge, when the results come out, then u can decide. Irresponsible men abound, imagine sleeping with your wife sister? What a curse.

    1. @Blackey
      Yes, the husband is irresponsible.
      But isn't the Sister the more irresponsible and shameless one that you left to talk about here?
      Except she was raped, she decided that the sex should take place in the first place, didn't she?
      If a lady says "no" there would be no fornication.

    2. Sister is even good... there are men that do mother and daughter

    3. Tell your hubby that you are aware of everything. Throw the question unprepared and Watch him closely to get the final finding. Some men don't have common sense at all.

  7. Poster A. Prick wahala.
    Poster B. Prick wahala.

    If u have a man that can control his prick & keep it healthy, you dont know what God has done for you.

  8. poster one i don't know what went wrong that your husband has to have it with your sister. I cannot judge your sister either because i wasn't there when the whole thing happened.

    If you can confront both of them with a strong proof as you have mentioned to us and see if both of them will agree and stop sleeping with each other but know that the truth will break you down more. I wish you Solomon's wisdom to handle this.

    poster two when people show you who they are believe them, when people tell you who they are believe them. You have been leaving with this issue for 16 years without both of you looking for solution, 16 years in marriage is not moi-moi and yet you don't know the best way to handle issues like this with your husband. You broke his ego with the way you presented your complain to him, you should have sieve your words before you speak or you would have come over to SDK to ask the question first before approaching him.

    Now the only thing to do is to think of the both option which you can be able to manage or live with and follow that option. If you still feel that you need your man i will say you should beg him for how you spoke to him about the whole and you both should seek for solution or how to manage the situation.

  9. "Love is patient..." 1 Cor. 13:3-4
    A gentle answer turns away wrath...Prov. 15:1
    YOu could have been a little patient.
    Putting him through viagra was way too much and he could have succumbed to the cardiac side effects, seeing that a doctor did not prescribe that.
    You did not mention what you mean by "our lifestyle" but let me make the suggestions to the solution (you can do your research online to confirm):
    *Put away REFINED sugar; replace with
    raw cane sugar or honey. That means putting away soda drinks/malt etc.
    * put away alcohol/smoking -current research is that REFINED sugar does all that alcohol does to the body and more -things like dementia, neuronal degeneration, brittle bones and of course erectile dysfunction etc.
    *Stay away from caffeine and its siblings in coffee, kolas, tea etc.
    *Do some fruit fasts to detoxify and free your systems from free radicals.
    *Above all, seek God.

  10. Poster one;
    This is the occupational hazards of greed. You chose pursuit of money over companionship and egged your husband to adultery. Keep traveling about for business and get another full breasted lady and keep for him
    in the house. 😏😏😏😏

    1. See wahala oh.
      Do u know the situation of the house? You must sha blame the woman...
      She must be responsible for the birth of COVID19.

    2. @MacBeth
      So when you get married, if you were traveling out and staying 1 month for business,
      begin to stay 3 months and get a full breasted lady to be cooking for your husband okay?

    3. Macbeth, leave them .
      Enablers all of them.
      Imagine if all housewives were to start behaving like dogs.
      Nobody will blame the men for going out to work, they'll still blame the woman and take her for cleansing þ

    4. Her blood sister? Nawa oh. I lived with my sister's husband/kids while she was away and nothing happened, didn't even think of it. Some things I read on this blog I honestly can't even relate. The guy and the sister are the scum here. Family is sacred. They both betrayed her trust. Is it curse or bad upbringing? Very sickening abeg. This should never be our normal. Tufia!

    5. @Anonymous why must we always blame the woman? So because I am married, I should follow my husband everywhere. The way Nigerian women carry men matter for head is the reason we are being treated badly. African women are really suffering. Chai

    6. I don't know why some ladies can't respect and control themselves in their sister's home/s.
      I once stayed with my sis before I got married and they are looking for the fruit of the womb till now but never gave the husband any chances even when he sent me a text during my NYSC's about him becoming a chartered acct and added one stupid word to the text messg. I smiled and used my church mind to reply him. I avoided him to the core, till I left their house.

    7. Anon 15:18,I am tempted to call you an 'efufulefu' but let me just spare your myopic ass. In 2020,where women or anyone can be whatever they choose to be and make life better for themselves,they shouldn't because they married a man that lacks self control. Poster if your man can sleep with your sister,he can as well sleep with your daughter,mom,grandma you get the drift... so don't let anyone here make you feel bad about yourself. It's not your fault.
      Men oh,come and defend yourselves seeing as some people have labelled y'all worse than dogs. I have dogs and they are loyal and have self control.

  11. Ist post: Madam, you have to come out of self denial and face the truth.
    You have to ask your sister in a calm way to know the truth because if you turn a blind eye now, both would probably continue with f there's anything going on between them

    Post 2: Your husband's ego is bruised with your words. Please, find a way to sort things out with him.

  12. And all of you ladies will rush to the altar and
    chant "for better for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part?"
    And you don't even wait for death to do the parting again. You force the parting.
    you run your mouths like bad diarrhoea whenever and for whatever?

    1. Anon 15.21, do you suffer premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? That people exchange vows, does it mean one should be hoodwinked into an already existing problem? Or because of “for better for worse“ she should be living a lie?
      People should be given the chance to decide what they want! Always place your cards on the table. Come clean and quit the deceit!...

    2. @Mama Mia
      You just concluded that I am a guy because I said the truth.
      Really confirm two things to me;
      1. Nigerian Ladies hardly tell the truth.
      2. Those vows are non existent in your hearts only lip service.
      and that is why adultery and birthing other men's kids for your husbands are rampant.

      And I did not read any place where this lady told us that she walked into "an existing situation"

    3. About Nigerian women hardly telling the truth, committing adultery and passing other men's children unto their husbands, perhaps that description best suits you.
      Maybe because you want to get married or stay married, you chose walk into an already existing problem with your eyes wide open. But as for me, I'll pass.

      About the vows, nobody will use any form of emotional blackmail on me. So, quit the sentimental bullshit!
      Concerning your last paragraph, go back to the chronicle...

  13. Poster 1 - You don't seem too bothered about your suspicion and want to take the high road. If that gives you peace of mind, it's okay. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Poster 2 - You managed this issue for 16 years, had kids even.. don't throw it away because of PE. You can work it out with your husband if you truly want to. Change your strategy and most importantly, take it to God in prayers.

    1. I love Perxian14 May 2020 at 22:53

      See why I love Perxian? 2nd advise...... APT as usual

  14. Post1 I’d say you carry out a dna test without her knowledge. It’s that simple

    1. DNA is not like doing malaria/typhoid test, i hope you know.

    2. 15:56 learn to read and understand.

  15. Poster 1....Better sit your sister and your husband down and ask relevant questions.

    Poster2... You've really endured. Not easy when a woman is not sexually satisfied, even though you said you married as a virgin without experience. Try to convince him(in a soft manner) to see a Doctor.

  16. I'm concerned here because you put up with PE for 16years. And now you want to opt out. He definitely is very hurt, have you been pretending about this problem all these years? He probably knows there is no solution to his problem,he might have gone in search of solution and found non. You need to have a rethink. Else prepare to share your kids and go separate ways.

    1. 16yrs can go in a flash...
      Life is meant to be enjoyed pls.

    2. Poster Take your kids and leave then send your lawyer accross to him. Be smart you can leave in his absence when the will be no drama and make sure you go to an address he doesn't have.
      I hate nonsense why will he refuse to see a doctor? It simply means he is hiding something from to you. He knows more about his condition than he is willing to tell you.

  17. Poster 1,that baby is likely to be your husbands son.Even if you left your sister and your hubby to travel,my dear it is never your fault because as human we should have self control.

    Your sister betrayed you but to be sure,it is better you confront them,the earlier the better please.

    Poster 2 please find a way to make up with your hubby,you have come a long way.

    Try talking to him and follow it up to go and see a Doctor if his condition can improve. Agreeing to divorce him may lead him to depression, forget some men and their ego, he is dieing inside, i beleive it so hurt to have erectile dysfunction talk more of you reminding him of that.

    Don't allow devil to win.

    1. Thank you. You're quite sensible.
      I stayed with my sis for 3 years.
      Her husband travels a lot for work and she was at home. Did she cheat? . No.
      The husband finally settled and she began her own career, did he cheat? No.
      He was always in the house cooking whenever she was away.
      Please, we should stop shaming women for the irresponsibility of men.
      To think the poster didnt even mention how long she was gone for sef.
      Could have been days travel or so, yet we're quick to blame her.
      It says a lot about us

    2. Na them go dey tolerate nonsense all in the name of keepi one nonsense marriage that is dead on arrival. "I must be a Mrs geng"

  18. Wait, are people seriously blaming the poster for her husband sleeping with her sister? ARE YOU ALL FOR REAL? So women shouldn't blossom in their businesses because of the cheating dogs they call husband? Would you all say the same thing if the husband was one putting in time in his business and she sleeps with his brother?

    Poster, open your eyes. Only a WICKED sister will do what you think has been done. It's best you involve your parents in this matter and confront them.

    Really? Your husband didn't see anyone to cheat on you with, it's your own flesh and blood. You opened your home to her when she was experiencing issues and her "thank you" was to sleep with your husband and get pregnant for him?

    Confront them as soon as possible please. It's possible it may not be what you think. I even suggest confronting your sister first. Her reaction may be give her away.

    Please give us an update o. We would like to know what happened next.

    1. Heaven's blessings on you for this reply. I was also shocked to see comments blaming the poster.

    2. I second your comment. Women have really suffered in this part of the world. What if the poster is also contributing to the family upkeep too and she needs to work her ass out to make ends meet. Her elder sister is supposed to be like a mother to her for heaven sake. The so called elder sister is a bloody betrayer(that is if she did was you are suspecting) and the husband is so shameless and irresponsible. Gosh

    3. Thank you jare, I was shocked reading some responses. How women so easily get blamed for the excesses of their men. Rubbish & ingredients. Family is sacred, who does that? They both betrayed her and are the scum, not her. There are sisters who live with their siblings and nothing ever happened. There are men who will never do that. This is not the norm abeg. God forbid, pls some people have dignity.

  19. Poster one! Hmm na wa oo. Omo you need to ask them ooo..

    Poster 2. Marrying a man who can gnash na wat o. Me I cnt deal.

  20. Poster one, I have the believe that your sister has been seeing your husband and having sexual intercourse with him. What can you do now, I like that you're not too bothered about it. But, I'll advise you seek the truth, so that you can know where you stand and also for your inner peace.

    Poster two, you know in your heart that you have hurt your husband's feelings by some things you said to him.
    You've been able to manage with him for good sixteen years and even made kids with him, what is now so difficult for you to handle. Maybe, you are no longer satisfied and want to go have a taste of a bigger dick outside.
    You asked a man to make a choice, and he went with the easiest route.
    If you know within your heart that you don't want to loose your husband, you better go have a heart to heart talk with him and make peace with your home.

  21. Poster 1. Just accept your sister as the second wife. I hope you are cool with it

    Poster 2. Men are too proud to accept their problem. This PE thing can be managed. It's just pride. This thing can be sorted out. Everyman with PE should go for help. But this one seems to be worst. How can someone ejaculate during foreplay. It's well

  22. Better steal DNA samples from both of them and go check because if you talk to your sister about it,you will only destroy that relationship even with your own family.

  23. Poster one take samples and go for DNA, then you can take it up from there.
    Poster 2 your hubby is reacting out of shame, you know men have pride, try and see if you can still give your marriage a chance and work on it.

  24. Poster 2 Do you know why the bible says no to fornication because if you tastes different pe an vi by the time you get married you start comparing with the old ones you tasted, so poster you just cheated on your husband and now you know the difference.

  25. Poster 1: Do not confront your sis or husband because if it turns out to be false alarm your relatiknship with your sis or husband will never remain thesame.
    1. Think about what you would do if it turns out that the baby is ur husband's. If you dont want to leave the marriage or be estranged with your sis, take the hugh road like you have been doing.

    2. If not finding out is giving you anxirty,get close to baby and get strand of hair and run a DNA.

    Plan your disaster management and recovery technique before you do anything.

  26. Poster one, don’t confront either of them yet. Just get samples from the baby and your husband and do a DNA test.

  27. Poster 2. Since you dont mind medications, have you ever tried Sansu oil. He should just rub a bit of it on the cap of his penis. It has little to no side effects. This is highest guys code. Make sure you write back in with your testimony.

  28. I have this feeling even if poster knows the baby is her hubbys she still won’t do anything. I think she wanted it to happen in a way she feels really sorry for her sister. Well the child na family child. Pls take care of the innocent child as you can. It is well with you all

  29. Poster one-i think you just don't want to admit the truth that is glaringly in front of you,I think you want to give it to her as a kind of consolation since you stated she has suffered.OH well,the choice is left for you to find out the Truth or live in denial for the rest of your life and pretend you don't care

  30. Poster use cotton bud and swipe the saliva of the baby or get his hair, get same for your husband and go to Lab that conducts DNA. When you get the results you can now decide how best to handle the situation because once a child is involved and she is your sister, its complicated

  31. Poster 1. Am thinking your husband raped your Sister or took advantage of her in her period of vulnerability.The way she moved out says a lot. A woman's intuition is barely wrong. She was pregnant for 9 months and baby is now 1 year,that about 2 years and it never occurred to you to ask about the baby daddy?
    What about your horseband,he didn't ask you too?
    An Igbo adage says " Onye gbalu nkiti,kwelu ekwe" meaning ,He who kept silent in agreement. So the three of you non-verbally agreed that the babay's patternity is a sacred path .

    Go visit your Sister after the birthday (but of course watch both of them during the birthday visitation) ask her like woman pleading with another to explain how it happened.
    I don't even know what to say,this is like a fly perching on a man's private part really. There is a way you will handle it and your sister will be remorseful and not keep away from being intimate with your horseband or get involved in your marriage for life. There is also a way to that can cause a catastrophe which is what you are avoiding that made live in denial.

    Poster 2. This issue would have been resolved when you newly married but then you were ignorant. Being a V does not make up for knowledge and wisdom. As a person you are expected to gain knowledge and gain understand in all areas of life.

    At this stage,you need God and also wisdom. He is reeasoning that if you bore it for 16 years then you can bear it forever.

    Go through the route of prayer and influence. Men can be influenced and controlled.

    You can't loose your home for it now or will you?
    May The Lord give both of you wisdom to manage your situations wisely in Jesus name 🙏.

    I will admonish newly married ladies to always speak out on things are not comfortable with. When I say speak out,I mean with respect and also empathy where need,then both of you resolv the issue.


  32. Poster 1. All you have is suspicion, if you can afford carry out a DNA test on the child and ur man.

  33. My hubby started regular Hime exercise this lock down period. He was actually doing it because of his stomach but we just discovered that it cured his not lasting long. like PE has become a story in our sex life. we have been married for 6years.
    Dear poster The grass is not greener on the other side. if your husband has been a good man... Pls don't throw away your 16years.

  34. Poster2 ha all your life like this you have not enjoyed sex, too bad.
    Encourage him to seek help in case you still want the marriage

  35. Poster 1....snoop on your husbands or ypur sister's phone. Your answers are right there.

    Poster 2. Please don't let your husband blackmail you into accepting weak ejeculation. Are you gonna leave that like for the rest of your life? You deserve a good sex please. Maybe he's hiding more than weak ejaculation, if not why would he go to the hospital?

  36. I hope y'all remember the anonymous poster saying he was sleeping with the wife's younger sis and got her preggy. You guys cursed him up and down...use that same energy to advise poster 1.

  37. Poster case you guys 'settle' go and buy him ONE DRUG ONLY...EMBAGRA FORTE.
    He will become your biggest fan! Then come back and say thank you

  38. All these people that always like saying "my pastor/papa said i should not do" oya come and see d result. Me i am an advocate of test before you buy. Its stupidity to buy electronic before testing. Even bigger stupidity to marry without knowing if a dick is defective or not. Argue all u want, but your papa will never tell u that some men have theses issues. You dont know how painful it is to do holy courting then discover a man cant get it up after marry ing. These men will run to all these holier than thou churches and be forming dedicated church worker. And an innocent sister will fall into their trap. Look around u. It is very rampant.

  39. Poster 2.. get the following items* A few gloves of Garlic

    * Two big Onion

    * Few Ginger roots.

    * A big cut of water melon [ green flesh between edible red and the rind]

    * A small quantity of lemon juice

    * A cup of pure/natural honey.

    Blends everything together(talking two sponful monrning and night)and after some days you will see result


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