Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Scammers And Their Different Formats


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Monday, May 25, 2020

Couch Convo - Scammers And Their Different Formats

Have you ever been scammed?Or you know anyone who was scammed?Was it Online or on ground?How did it happen and what was the format used to scam you or the person you know?

We are discussing about scammers and their different method alright but please this post is not a call out so do not mention any names here.


  1. The old ones they use that irks me most is coming inbox on fb to tell you they are engineers abroad, their wife died and left them with a baby girl and the baby is with their mom in the village. They will now send you a number to call your future mother inlaw in enugu.....fools.

    1. Funny thing, I know someone that fall for that. She called her supposed mother in law.
      She was scammed of her money...

    2. Let next convo be about blackmail πŸ€”πŸ€”

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Too blessed to be cursed25 May 2020 at 12:08

    One fellow called me yesterday claiming i was his teacher in dome sought of program some time ago in ph,bla bla bla bla i just told him this is not part hustle dear, get a resl job and hung up

  3. Last year when I went to visit my parents in 9ja
    I helped someone fill his tank at the gas station ,
    3 weeks later he tried to scam me , he told me he had an accident and the victim died that the family said if he could pay 500k he would be freed and he needed money ,I said I could get him a good lawyer dude said he was going to call me back .
    I kept calling him and he never returned my calls again apparently it was all false.

    1. Wrong assertion Miss Sophia. You don't condemn an entire nation because of 20, 40, 70 or 95% of the population. Please I've never tried to scam anyone and I know lots of people that have integrity too.

  4. Mine was through phone call..It was a Thursday afternoon, I was in menstral pain wen the call came in..I picked and d voice was just like my neighbour's voice I assumed he was the one..The neighbour in question is an elderly man that works in NNPC as a contract staff..The caller now went ahead to say there is a job opening in Nnpc, that he gave his oga my name and contact..That d so called oga Will soon call..As a desperate unemployed lady, I fell for d trick..To cut a long story short, I transferred my last dime to them..Said is meant for a document i need to get d job..immediately I did the transfer, it dawned on me they were scammers..That was wen I tried calling my neighbour's daughter to confirm the number that called me..It was a painful experience...

    1. They do search through corpers' year book and contact people. Knowing that some of them might still be job hunting. They used that bait to lure and dupe people...

      Imagine if there are such opportunities, they will inform their family members and we'll wishers and not total strangers...

  5. When i just started my data selling business then and was naive and eager for customers, they would call or message me that they want data and when i tell them is payment before service, they go all sentimental and say i have known you from sdk blog, facebook, your friend or customer referred me etc, i need the data first to access my mobile banking app and will send your money across immediately i have data to access it(few people actually kept to their promise & will send the money after receiving the data), but because i just started and was practically advertising everywhere and asking friends to help me post on their social media accounts and all that, i fell for the scammers a few times and immediately they receive the data they are gone, some wont pick or reply messages again and even block me after.

    I gave myself brain and never did it again for first time customers no matter how you persuade or plead with me, because i incurred a lot of losses then, but it was a much more needed experience that helped me grow my brand till date.


  6. This one go loud o 🀣
    They have tried me on several occasions, I always waste their call cards.
    Who go scam me go work hard.

    1. Miss goodie two shoes always wanting to sound the smartest.

  7. My younger brothers account details was masked and money was withdrawn from his account.
    I don't even know how they did it cos he doesn't have BVN number yet and he said he didn't put his card details anywhere,the person even started with 100 and then kept going up until they took all the money and bank wasn't any help.

    1. Lol. Inside job; the bankers did it.

    2. Without BVN on an account, it is automatically placed on Post No Debit. Meaning, no debit can be successfully passed into the account, even the so-called bankers won't be able to do it, unless they get his BVN and link it to the account. So it's one of two things. Either your brother is lying to you or he completely compromised his details. I am sure it's more like the second option. We have seen many customers argue about this and later confessed to compromising their details.

  8. What they do nowadays is to call people, claiming to be from their banks and request for their correct date of birth on their BVN which enables them to wipe out the entire money in an account, so many persons have fallen victim of this particular scam. .please do not provide anyone with details on your bvn, if they call you, go straight to your bank to rectify any issue.

    1. God knows I can't fall for this kind of scam.

  9. Scammer....hmmmm...There's this one time I got a text msg from a number. I was sent a card with instructions to sell it and use the money to come home for festival... I called the number and the person said it was a mistake that I shouldn't load it.. I said no wahala. Few minutes later, he called to thank me for not loading it and he said Baba want to talk to me to appreciate me. Baba collected the phone and started thanking me and praying for me in this old herbalist kinda voice. Then baba said he will help me and check my life for me from IFA. I say no problem. Baba called later and told me I need to do sacrifice and that I should come over to there festival in Ibadan. I said I can't make it. Baba said no wahala, that I will need some things for sacrifice.. And the cost is 15k and that if I can send the money, he will pray for me and my life will be rosy...To cut the long story short, I said okay and cut the call jare...what a local scam

    1. This same exact format was used but I caught on immediately because that my number only my sisters have it. Me I wasted their time and airtime very well, I was speaking queens English with them. At the end, I bursted out in Yoruba and insulted the life out of them. Can you imagine the guy even called me ashawo

    2. Happened to me. When the baba asked me to come, so he can pray for me and connect me with a job, I just hunged up. He called and called, naaa. No be my head una go use.

    3. This sending of airtime code is a very common method those local scammers use. I know about 2 people that shared their experience on this, thank God none of them fell for it.

  10. They call people who money in their account to scam by asking for OTP,date of birth and co.Only mugus fall for them and unfortunate old people who are not well informed.

  11. I have been scammed a lot of times by family and friends..

    The most recent one was last year, I was scammed three thousand eight hundred Euros. I almost lost it because that money was already budgeted.

    I was really at my lowest, but today, I'm alive, fit and healthy and very grateful too.

  12. I got that bank call many times.
    Scam: "Hello, I'm calling from your bank."
    Me: "what bank?"
    Scam: "your bank"
    I just roll my eyes & hang up. There was one who even called & claimed he was from the bank yet I was hearing vehicle movements & horn πŸ™„πŸ™„
    One even called & told me to confirm my account number. I just told them to go to hell. 🀷

    No bank will ever call you to rectify anything that has to do with your account. Funny thing is, their number on Truecaller is always flagged as spam, scammer or fraud.

    1. Don't mind them. When they send text that there us simethung wrong with my account, that I should text them my account number, I'm like so how did you see that there's something wrong with my account if you ate asking for the bank name and account number.

  13. Nigeria has unfortunately grown synonymous with scam but the truth is that scam exists everywhere, but you don't get it featuring on international news. When I first relocated to the UK, I though oyinbo people where righteous o. But omo, na packaging. It took two scams and a loss of about £400 to different service contract scams for my eyes to clear and I became wise.

    To avoid too much talk, the most recent scam attempt I experienced was quite smooth, but I was lucky not to have fallen. I have experienced this type twice, the first time gave me so much anxiety, but the second time I just dropped the call on the mumu.

    Anyways here goes the story:
    I received a call and an authomated oyinbo voice announced that I was receiving a call from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. The automated voice announced that I have been found to be in contravention of some tax laws or there may be an error with my tax filling. It then asked me to press one to discuss with a Revenue and Custom's support staff but warned if I did not press one, legal action may be taken against me. I was curious as I was like, how can there my issues with my taxes since my employer files my taxes directly. Anyway, I pressed one to discuss the thing.

    Na so one oyinbo voice, greet me and did all the professional introduction about how the call was being recorded for quality assurance and as a legal record of the call to me etc. Then he told me several of my details and asked me to confirm for security reasons. After that the oyinbo announced I was owing about £10,000 in taxes. I was like, from where now? How much I dey earn were I go owe £10,000 taxes after how many years?! I insisted there must be a mistake. The guy said I was at liberty to not deal with the case during the call and allow it go to court but note that I will be arrested within 48 hours while I am further investigated and then attend court hearings. He said the call was a final attempt to reconcile my taxes before legal criminal action is taken against me.

    At this point my heart was sitting at the buttom of my stomach but I did not let it show in my voice. So, I asked what my options were for resolving on phone. He said if I paid part of the money on phone, then they will schedule a payment plan for the rest. If to say the guy asked me to pay small amount, I for done completely fall mugu, but the guy asked me to pay £3000 and spread £7000. At that point I was like, wait, this countries system is not this unreasonabel now. They will never demand such amounts from you without consideration on your pocket first and won't arrest you over such matters. At that point I called a bluff and said, to the guys, "you guys should come and arrest me, since I don't have the money".

    As I dropped the call, I still dey fear, but was also thinking this sounds too much like a scam. I called Revenue and Customs immediately and was told government policy prevents any government agency from calling you out of the blues. They are only allowed to call you as a follow up to a previous engagement with you either by mail or face to face. They also were aware many of such scam calls where going out and many have fallen for it to the tune of several million of pounds already.

    I had to call the police next to report the incident because of the amount of information these poeple already had on me. Men, scammers are bastered - they work on people's fears, greed desires...

    1. My Santander account was almost emptied by scammers in the UK, an inside job def. Scammers are everywhere o. This covid period, the increase in online scams in the UK no be small thing!!

  14. I was scammed by a friend of mine and I'm still very angry about it. We were classmates in the uni and part of a discussion group. After we graduated (over 20yrs ago), we have not sen face to face but we talk on phone from time to time. The girl was quite a braggard in school and gave this impression that her family was very rich ( bit if you fir any reason needed her to lend you money, she will never have, rather she will be the one to borrow from you. So after we finished, she used to call me from time to time. Some years, we would lose touch and after some time, she will surface from nowhere and contact you.

    In August last year, she contacted me again and became very constant with her callings but I noticed that she never disclosed where she was staying. Initially she said it was Abuja, if you are in Abuja and wants to touch base with her, she will now say shes was at owerri. Next time, she will say she is doing a project with one oil coy in Warri. She talked about projects worth billions promised me that I would be part of the legal team.

    Early Dec last year,she called me and asked if I could help her pay 25k to someone. That she was somewhere far and does not have the bank mobile app on her phone. She provided to give back as soon as she was free. She gave me the account and I sent the money. One week later, I didn't hear from her so I called her to ask for the money. She said, oh, that she wanted to buy a phone from the person I sent the money to but that the deal did not go thru and that she has told the person to return my money to me. Another one week, I didn't hear from anybody so I called her and asked her to give me the no of the person for me to contact him directly, she said no, that I should worry, that the person will pay me tomorrow. Of course, no payment was made and I again called her. She then said that she was in her church for prayers. That she has lots of projects coming ip in 2020 and wants to spend Dec in prayers so that it will go thru. That she can't give me the no of the person because he is a prof and has sone contacts with the gov and she wants to ask him for favour so she doesn't want to offend him. She said she will be out of the church on New year day and will pay me when she comes out.

    By this time I was wondering what biz a prof has with selling phone but I decided to exercise patience. New year day came,no payment so I called again on the 8th of Jan. She told me that oh! That shes not with her atm card and that she doesn't do mobile transfer. I told her to go to her bank and tell them she wants to transfer money to someone (by then, I knew she was up to mo good). She said that the bank account she has money (gtb) doesn't not do money transfer! At this day and age! I told her that was a nloody line. That my cousin is a manager with gtb in PH and that my cousin said she should go to that particular branch that told her that and call her so that she will deal with the issue. The girl went underground and stopped picking my calls. This was towards end of Jan. I will send her whatsapp message and she will not reply. I then asked a friend of mine to call and that if she picks, she should tell that I was the one that sent because shes been avoiding my calls.

  15. Contd - My friend called and she picked. Afterwards she sent a msg asking how I could think evil of her. That he phone was bad. I now said now that phone is good, pay me. She said she was back to her church and pay me 13th of feb. The day, no shows I told her I never knew she had turn to a petty thief despite her billions. I told her its either she gives me the Prof no or I will be forced to believe that there was no Prof and that the person I paid to on her instruction was part of her gang. She picked offence and said i was uncouth, ill mannered etc etc. That she wont give me the no because I will be rude to her dear prof. That I'm spoiling her rep because of ordinary 25k. That she has shown Prof all my insults on her because of him. That people owe her millions and she has not said a word. That she will pay me.

    I asked if she was not a scammer, then why is she protecting the prof whose acct the money was paid into and who refused to pay it back. That if I'm her, that I would have released his no since so that I can talk to him but that I know that the wa no Prof. Just members of her gang.

    People of God, story is too long but till date she hasn't paid. I asked other classmate about her and nobody knows exactly where she stays. The same story everywhere. It wasn't really the amount of money that she took that pained me but the way and manner and stupid lies she told on top that pained me. I told her that i am a child of grace and people dont scam me and go Scot free. That if she was broke and asked me for money, I would given her more but if she borrowed money from me with promise to pay back, then she must pay back otherwise she will never prosper in anything she does. I have left her alone but I know that she will come back to pay that money with accrued interests no matter how long it takes.

    1. Chai this story pained me

    2. You left her ke?
      Disgrace her on your schools social media platform to avoid her scamming others.
      Post her pictures and full name on the internet.

    3. Please let your old school students know on the group chat. She might scam others too if she haven't already. Call her name with picture out. Save others.

  16. They have tried it with me but God always helped me to know it's scam...
    I do waste their airtime before telling them off then end it with text message with thunder...

    I haven't experienced it for sometime now..

  17. My ex-fiance has not spoken to me for over a month because of this- mot that I care though.
    Personally the relationship was over since December.
    I always tell him he's too gullible- which is the truth, but his useless ego makes him feel belittled.
    I don't argue when I'm not sure of facts, so anytime I argue with him and he turns out wrong, he really feels bruised. Tries to talk down on me and stuff but this babe here can never let no one pull her down.
    Well the last time we spoke, he told me there's a Fed Govt form for relief funds for Covid-19 pandemic and I instantly told him it's fraud.
    He got defensive, that I'm always pessimistic, I told him he should know by now that I don't easily get moved.
    So I googled and Business Day had published it as a scam.
    I forwarded to him.
    He said wow, thanks.
    That's the last iv heard from him it's over a month.
    He's fine I know.
    I see his comments on my brothers post and that of my colleague.
    Not bothered one bit.
    I pray he doesn't get duped big-time cos he's too gullible and always responding to scammers.
    Let me not even gist you guys how he drove to the next state to meet people who wanted to give him'contract'

  18. I have been scammed twice on ground

    1) The counting of pole method....I counted from Abuleegba bstop to Ahmadiya bstop

    2)I went to bank to deposit some cash(1000 denomination)He ask me to change it for him,I was carried away by his appearance,a perfect gentleman.
    I counted the cash he gave me,it was remaining 500,he collected and recounted and he added the remaining 500..When I got to the counter.12000 was missing out of the money.Till today,still wondering when and how he remove the cash.

    1. Please explain the counting of poles method.

  19. Almost fell for one that promised to assist me get a job in Shell in 2013. He just called and talked about openings in Shell Development Cooperation. That I should pay 50k into his account for him to use in making way as in getting letter from traditional rulers etc, that there were many people in line. When I told him I did not have as much as 50k, he said I should pay anything I had. I told him I had 5k, he said I should pay in. I almost was to go pay in when my wife told me it was scam. After sometime and he did not get alert from me, he started calling. That was when it downed on me it was scam.

    After, I noticed the job opening he sent me via email with Shell letter head was doctored.

  20. One called my dad recently saying his from d bank and that government instructed them to pay their customers 22500 as palliative for covid-19... My dad quickly gave d phone to me.

    Scammer: madam are you aware of the 22500 the government asked us to pay our customers as covid-19 palliatives?
    Me: No. How do I get it. Lol

    Scammer: ask ur mum if she has her ATM card with her.

    Me: No. The card has expired. she said she requested for a new one and the bank is yet to issue a new one "I lied. Lol. Plus d Scammer thinks my dad is a woman. they kept saying ask her dis n dat .

    Scammer: OK, does she have a dash n dash account? I want to link her Bvn to it.

    Me: No, She doesn't.. (I lied again. Lol )

    Scammer: from what I can see here, she has dash n dash bank account is she the one using it? Ask her.
    Me: (pretending to ask my dad, I acting like I was talking to someone ). Then I finally say, " she said no, she doesn't av any other account..
    Scammer: are you sure? Is 080 blah blah not your phone number? Is dash dash not her name n 1920 not her date of birth?

    Me: it is o... So how do I get the palliative..

    Scammer: am trying to help u, if those bank accounts her hers, then I'll need some numbers on the ATM card

    Me: I just told you she uses only one bank. That's the only account she has.

    Scammer: hangs up. Lol

    Me: after about 10mins, I flash the number.

    Scammer calls back saying : hello, Good morning am call from so so bank are u aware of d palliatives government asked us to give to our customers..

    Me: good morning what bank did you say you're calling from? Meanwhile d bank name he called earlier was different from the other bank he just called now... I laughed and said"oga no be working be this o. Coz las Las na ogun go kill u. Na fish go chop ur dead body inside water if u no repent... People don wise o.

    Scammer: bad market.. Quickly hangs up.

    1. Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I like the way you handled the wicked scammer. They don't have conscience

  21. That's how one got chatting with my sister on facebook,after a while they both exchange numbers. He starts calling frequently.. Told Sis he's from the abroad ,he number is international number.. Na so Sis start to fall for the guy o... After a month of call n chat... One day guy man called and said" am not happy,i Gave u my moms number to call and be checking on her, you haven't called her for one day.. Now mama is sick and the girl taking care of mama said she took her to the hospital and the doctor said the bill is 85 thousand. Can you please call and verify and also transfer money to this account ----. Baby please am counting on you.. I can't make transfer from here due to blah blah blah... Once I get to Nigeria in two weeks time, I'll come with the car I promise to buy for you and also the money u spent on mama.

    My Sis agreed.. Lol.. Lucky for her I was there and she told me.. I told her it was too good to be true.. How can you meet someone on facebook,barely two weeks of knowing him, he wants to ship a car down to u, already talking of marriage, he's so called mum calls you. All in d space of 1month.....
    So my sister placed a call to mama. Mama's voice was kind of low. So she ask mama to give the phone to girl taking care of mama.. Lol.. Behold mama's voice and the girls voice are the same. Hahahaha.. My Sis was like, mama, mama, d girl was like this is not mama this is Ngozi d girl taking care of mama... Then I give a signal to my sister to tell her to call her back... My Sis then hung up....

    I just told my sister, Omo this person na scam o... Oya make she call u back make we waste their credit... That's how the said Ngozi called back o..i now acted like my sister, i picked the call I drill the girl with questions, asking if a test has been carried out whats out come. What did d doctor say is wrong. Blah blah blah... The girl weak and she hungup.. Abroad boyfriend now unfriended my sister on facebook and blocked her number.. His line stopped going. πŸ˜‚

  22. I got an email with my password..the email started thus" I know your password is ...." and i can shame you for the rest of your life blah blah. . I know your facebook contacts( I dont do facebook) phone contacts etc.. I noticed you went visited a pornsite and malware was triggered and the webcam in your computer came on unknowingly to you. Pay 5000 dollars in bitcoin under 24 hours and I wont release your masturbation video to your parents etc... mshewwww I just read through and deleted. 1. I dont do stuff on my computer except official work 2. I mostly browse using my phone.but this person kept emphasising on my personal computer..

  23. I borrowed 20k from my banker friend. He would never ask me to pay back but I will always pay back when I return to my base. We communicate mostly through email (apart from face to face perhaps once or twice in a year) because he's always busy and he's not a whatsapp or messenger type. Then a waek later I got his email without our usual church pleasantries. He wanted his money back, but to a different name and account. I immediately sent it. It was his usual email, so there was no needcalling to confirm, afterall it was his money. Two days later, he sent another email requesting for 500k to pay someone urgently. He has never asked me for money, it has always been me and I have always paid back. So I considered it a privilege to loan my big friend some money. I told him to give me a few hours to organise the money. I quickly made the arrangement with the money transfer agent. Then something just clicked in my brain to confirm the account to be credited. I called him. Luckily he picked. we started exchanging pleasantries as if we had never communicated in the last two weeks. Then I asked him 'what account should I send the money sir' He was surprised! 'What money?'I then went ahead to explain how i refunded his 20k and all that transpired. He was shocked. His email account had been cloned! I immediately put a desperate call to the transfer agent. Fortunately for me the money hadn't been sent and I put a stop to it. That was how I escaped. Eventually he was set up by the bank and my friend told me hes was apprehended.

  24. My own story nah the buy cheap wrist watch for road, later found stone in the package.

  25. They sent texts on two occasions informing me of nnpc job openings. One was as a student. I sent a nice text back saying they had sent to a wrong number.
    They tried again some years later,I was working my dream job already. ai sent another nice text.
    I found out later it was a scam.

    Today,aella loan sent me an email that I qualified for a 4000 loan to pay back 4800. There was no link to unsubscribe. I just reported them to google.

  26. Yes ooh, I have being scammed before.

    Some years back, as a struggling student. I went to withdraw some money from the atm in school mum sent for textbooks and feeding. As I was coming out, I met and old man, really old with gray hairs and all. He pleaded with me to help him with 3k to 4k that he was running his PhD and needed to make some photocopies ASAP. The money he was expecting wasn't coming through and that he couldn't wait any longer. I was reluctant at first seeing as I didn't have my on me, but he became very sober and started saying he couldn't deceive me, I should look at his white hairs, he had a daughter my age somewhere blah blah blah. I eventually have when he collected my account details and promised to transfer the money later that night.

    Later, I waited for the alert. I didn't get any, I started to call, I called and called and called. It rang severally at first but it eventually started saying the line was switched off. I almost lost it, I had a deadline for the textbooks I needed to pay for and at the same time needed to feed. After crying my eyes out that I allowed something like that happen to me. I confided in a course mate of mine who gave me the money back without the option of refund. I learnt my very bitter lesson from that experience.
    Now, if I don't have enough...if you like, roll on the ground, I will not give you. I only manage to give, if I can completely let go of that money


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