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Friday, May 08, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner - Children Who Let Their Parents Down

Sometimes life throws situation that leaves us in pain, anguish and disappointment but it also balances it by sending us good tidings..

With time, we learn to forget some certain kind of pain and move on with life...

I am yet to see the kind of pain felt by parents whose kids kill the dreams these parents have for them and go South..... 

Dreams that when sometimes crumbled,can never be rebuilt.

I've been sad and downcast since I heard about the death of one of our church members' only child.

This woman and her hubby shared a flat with my uncle whom i was squatting with before I got married, so I saw first hand all she went through to make her daughter comfortable and happy.

Mummy Chi was a fruit seller and made very little profit out her venture but she had to go on because the business single-handedly saw Chi through secondary school and paid for her tuition when she gained admission into the University...

I still remember all the nights I would hear her praying for her daughter each time she was ill and it defied medical attention and how she would be worried each time Chi came home late whenever she went out.....

Many people complained about Chi's wanton behaviour with the opposite s#x and her despite mummy Chi's advice, pleas and threats Chi did not change her ways

It got so bad that the dad washed his hands off her and everything about Chi fell on Mummy Chi's shoulders....
Chi later became pregnant for a fellow student in her second year in the University and dropped out of school. She moved in with the father of her unborn child and ended to her mother's dream of seeing that she graduates and makes something of her life...

Unfortunately ,she lost the first pregnancy, got pregnant a second time and also lost it

When she was pregnant for the third time, her mum was warned by some persons who had terrible revelations concerning Chi to go and get her from the man because danger was imminent but she couldn't travel down due to the Covid-19 lockdown in some states.

Mummy Chi was called recently that Chi died during childbirth and the baby did not make it out as well...

Everything she set out to help her daughter achieve ended up in flames...

If only Chi listened and took her mum's countless counsel, she would still be alive today and probably be the proud daughter of proud parents....

If only...
*Na wah!!!!!!


  1. RIP chi wisdom is profitable to man ..lessons learnt d hard way

    1. Oh my!!!! Short of word. All I can say is for God to comfort Chi’s mother. Very sad!!!

  2. I wish I can read this. Its so painful.

  3. What a sad story 😢

    It's really not easy to watch good plans for a child crumble due to stubbornness and quest for life .

    I always advice youths , I tell the that they should know what their actions has repercussions.

    And they'd be the first to be affected even before their parents, i always make them realise that some things are not worth it and would only bear bitter fruits.

    I get really worried about some of today's youths and unfortunately social media isn't helping matters ,these ones are really gullible they believe what they read and see on social media .

    They all want the easy path of life ,cutting corners without due consideration of the aftermath .

    2 years ago I would have lost a nephew, if God didn't intervene due to wrong choice of friends , I'm honestly believing he genuinely learned his lessons.

    Not every mistake is worth it .

  4. Very sad!! Some of us were rebels but with our parents “iron hand” we had no chance but to fall in line....God’s grace.
    It’s very painful when you stray from what your parents planned for’s heartbreaking.
    For some, no matter what you do and the “iron hand” on them, they will never do good.
    Raising children is the hardest part of life.

    1. So true. Some kids are rebellious and is so sad that they wasted their life over resentment.

    2. "Raising children is the hardest part of life" True!!! I mean I'm not a mum yet but my sisters drives me crazzyyyy

  5. When talk does not work, go crazy on that pikin.

    1. My sister preach it!!! Loud it!!!! I never get into this spare the rod debate with people.... rada rada...I believe in being extremely firm with kids ( use kofo kofo if need be) then support that with extreme and attention .....

      Plenty things to talk abeg ...

  6. Its so sad,i feel for her parent.
    Rip chi

  7. May God not allow our labor on our children be in vain, amen

  8. May we not disappoint our parents just because we want to please our friends or feel among🙏🏾

  9. So sad.
    The death that will kill the puppy does not allow it perceive poop smell.
    Girls like Chi are so heavy a liability to shoulder. The mommy tried.
    So many times, bad company is the cause. Someone will tell you how well
    raised she is but all her friends are hoes. And you wonder why she should
    be different.
    Who are your friends and what are they known for?

  10. This is heart breaking, Rip to chi

  11. May God help us with our children. Amen. It’s not easy cos for some no matter what u do they will go the way they want to. It is well. Amen

  12. So sad a story. I have a friend who is currently passing such in her son's hand.
    The painful aspect is that the money the solicited from friends and family to build up his account for immigration purpose, he has spent N1m out of N6m unknowingly to his parents. Now they are indebted.

    1. If the foolishness is not resolved locally , it will only be manifested internationally

      Parents should stop exporting bad children to open anything goes societies ooo

  13. It's really a sad one. We're currently going through one at home now. He gained admission into the university to study pharmacy. Year one was done and dusted. Only for him to get into year two, we started hearing different stories. Finally he was 'waffed' because his CGPA dropped drastically. The lucky ones were changed to other departments. He would have graduated lasted year if he had kept his head down. But unfortunately his own younger bro graduated before him because he lost the first opportunity. Now he's just at home doing nothing. When asked what went wronged, he blamed it on pressure. Hmm.
    All we're doing now is to advice and pray from him. Because he still doesn't wanna change, but God is bigger than him. Though he's accepted to take jamb again. All we can do is pray for God's grace, guidance and divine direction. I believe with God he'll fall back on the right track.

    A lot is happening out there. Some persons don't have who to talk to. Some have everything but they just want to experience life for them. Unfortunately many did not come out alive to tell their stories. In all God will help us all because the world is making it look like if you can't beat them join them. With God all will be well.

  14. There is a guy I know, he is a serious disappointment to his parents and sisters. This is a man that was raised in a strict Christian home. When he was a boy, his family thought he would end up being a pastor because of his upbringing! He was expelled from the university because of fake results, he pretended he was in school for 4 years,made his parents spend huge sums of money to see him through school. still lives with his parents though he is married with children. He actually impregnated the girl before they married. He wrecked the family business and duped a lot of people. Its always from one police station to another because of his fraudulent activities. He tells outrageous lies. He squandered the money kept for his sick father's hospital bills and drugs. He has a high entitlement mentality! He wants to earn billions without working for it..guess what? , he is jobless and depends on handouts to feed his children. Tired of typing..his parents are so so disappointed!


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