Stella Dimoko Musician Eedris Abdulkareem Rants About How He Was Betrayed By Charly Boy And Festus Keyamo In The 50 Cents Saga


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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Musician Eedris Abdulkareem Rants About How He Was Betrayed By Charly Boy And Festus Keyamo In The 50 Cents Saga

In an Instagram live video with music producer, Samklef, Eedris Abdulkareem revealed what really transpired when American musician, 50 Cents visited Nigeria for a show.

Eedris says......

Charlie-Boy went to meet Nigerian Breweries, He told Nigerian breweries that "una know say una don dry fuck up tey tey, now I don catch una." "Una owe me money, and I go fuck una up well because Eedris don put una for job."
Guess what Samklef, Charly Boy collected money from the Nigerian Breweries to blacklist me with the media.
The next day, they said Eedris Abdulkareem slapped 50 Cent, Eedris Abdulkareem abducts 50 Cent, Eedris Abdulkareem this and that.

No blame the Nigerian media, (he speaks in Yoruba) "Ebi ti pa oju awon werey, ebi pa won buruku" meaning - Hunger has finished off the mad people, severe hunger has finished them off.

When the industry is messed up, when the country is messed up. When the fourth estate of the realm is not regulated, when the music industry wasn't regulated, what do expect?

People were snitching each other, people were begging Nigerian breweries to be on that show for N200, I mean for N200, 000, some for N50, 000 that I was the first artiste that got first pay in Nigeria.

In 3 millions per show, and I stood my rights because everything wasn't about the money. It was about the future of Africa and the future of Nigerian music. I stood my right.

Even 50 Cents knew if he was in his..... when we met 3 years later in Abuja after we did a renewal concert , 50 Cents told one of his people that if he was in my shoes, he would have done the same thing.

"Wetin dey worry people, you dey craze?"

So Samklef my brother, any body, or any stupid Nigerian youth wey no get sense, wey be fool, I no dey even listen to them, I dey ignore them. Because my fans are real and my fans wey dey real, den no pass 3 million because them don do me.

So you can imagine all those 'modafuckers' .

Now guess what, let me cut the story short, the next day, Charlie Boy collected money from Nigerian breweries, Festus Keyamo sold me out. Obasanjo called the Commissioner of Police, who happens to be from my state, Kano state, his name is MD Abubakar, he was the commissioner of police at that time in Kano. MD Abubakar called me, that's why I like Hausa people, them no dey lie, them dey very straight forward.

He said Eedris, " we were told by the president, the president just called me now that you kidnapped 50 Cent from the airport. "You see wetin dem dey talk?" You see as dem want chance me ooo" Them no talk say dem want take advantage of me, na im I tell the commissioner, (Eedris begins to speak in Hausa) I told him they just wanted to chance me, we had an agreement that whatever you are giving 50 Cents, that's what you are giving me. If you give 50 Cents an executive suite, I want my room to be opposite 50 Cent's suite. If you give 50 Cents 17 babes, I want 17 babes. If you give 50 Cents 17 Dom Perignon and Crystalla, I want the same thing because na Nigerians dey drink the beer, na Nigerians buy the shares. So why do you wanna treat us like animals?

So the man was like, " Are you serious?"
I said yes and he said " come on go ahead and do your thing." The man 'offed' his phone.

Samklef: Wow!!!

: So that was what happened my brother. For Nigerians who know the truth and don't wanna speak the truth, ah ah what goes around comes around. But my happiness is this Samklef, I am alive, I am thinking right, I am doing very very well for myself, I am happy with myself and I love the life that I am living.

WOW!!!!!....Eedris is not my fave person cos of our brouhaha years back but if what he says in the live chat is true then,a great injustice was done to him...Not fair at all...ah ah!!!


  1. Edris used to be d gbas gbos master n minister of savagery. It's a new dawn,Others have taken over but this bobo says his mind as it is. He no send at all

  2. He isn't a favourite of mine. And high or not, this is what happened.

    It's not today that Mr Charley Boy started the stabbing in the back way of life. Adeyanju of the defunct mumu don do movement is yet to recover.


  3. So ladies are now being served to male artists as kola nut...
    What a world!!!
    Some ladies no get shame.

    1. Serving "humans"; male and female is not new. Not even in the BC days.

  4. The absolute truth.

    Eedris never touched 50cents,one of the security details attached to 50 for the trip came after Eedris and ruffled him,he turned around and beat the oyibo cop to stupor.

    Would have loved to hear what he said in hausa because when an hausa man is angry,he rolls out shocking facts.

    Charly Boy? hmmmmm

  5. Charly boy is sneaky.

    1. Sneaky is being kind. The man is a fraud. Shame!

  6. Its because Eedris al ready had a bad reputation due to anger problems that is why all the lies told against him was swallowed.
    He only demanded that he be treated equally like the guest artist, 50cent. Are Nigerian stars treated specially than the indigenous stars when they go perform in the USA? No. Nigerian breweries only did what our people do all the time. SMH.

  7. I believe Eedris that guy will always say his mind ,if at all he touched 50cent,50 would have sued him. Truly nigeria jaga jaga

  8. This man with serious anger issues, always fighting and beating people everywhere even his fans. Just that one time, he did something right. But even you know say your anger issues cost you alot in the industry.

  9. There are three sides to every story, my side, your side, and the TRUTH.

  10. I still remember this their issues

  11. I am amazed that he expected to get the same pay scale and rider as an international star. There are Nigerian stars who can ask for it because they were or are international stars, but if you are not the headliner or the main draw why would you expect the promoters to pay you on the same level? Even in a company the CEO get a different pay from everyone else. He just sounds like someone who believed he had arrived when he was still learning and instead of using wisdom and humility to grow acted like he was hot shit and the industry taught him a hard lesson, we make you and we can break you. Everyone is replaceable.

    1. Dude is a delusional joker, he thought he was indispensable.
      He had anger problems, was quick to fight, he lacked sense, was rude and arrogant.
      Oh well, they decided to humble him, Mr frigidi rigidi....

    2. Pride always comes before a fall

  12. Oga Charly boy the perfect scam artist.

    Of course, Eedris didn't touch 50cents, he only fought with one of 50's security guards.

  13. But why did he expect to get the same treatment as 50cent?
    50cent was the headliner of the event, not him. Instead of using the event to famz and forge a working relationship, he was looking for executive suite and 17 babes. Mssschteeew.
    I think he was destroyed because in the moment of anger, he must have insulted some top dogs in the entertainment industry who decided to teach him a lesson. You can demand whatever you want, but you don't have to get violent and abusive.

  14. figidi-migidi king

  15. Well,Eedris already had a reputation,fighting every and anybody all in the name of forming streets.Water has levels,you can't treat an A list international artist and a local artist the same,sorry oo "Mr Oko Ashawo/Omoge",lick your wounds and move on,that's life,we live and learn.


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