Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 5445


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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Rises To 5445



  1. Coronavirus in most parts of the country is simply audio

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    God help us.

  3. I don't even understand dis Lagos own at all.God save us o

  4. The figures are rising everyday.. Please the discharged cases are they COVID 19 or malaria cases πŸ˜”

  5. When will all these end torioloun?? Is this how we will be living ...or has it come to stay? Everyday newnew cases.God please have mercy on us.

  6. 😳😳😳😳😳

  7. Where are the Chinese doctors that Nigerian government claimed were in Nigeria to help?

    A reporter asked the minister of health and all he could say was that they shouldn't ask him, he doesn't know their whereabouts, they are not all doctors, they didn't come to render any help to Nigeria, most of them work with the cecc whatever company; I was gobsmacked listening to this incompetent man spill all those rubbish.

    Nigeria is not a failure but, Nigerian government is a failure, a total joke.

    1. Someone who said Nigeria was ready for corona

  8. So Sunsan Idoko the Benue State index case is in Abuja isolation centre but is counted among active cases in Benue State. NCDC what's the way forward?

  9. This has got to be the biggest joke.
    Corona is real but these numbers are a reflection of our comments on blogs and of what NCDC reads online and their other swindling purposes but these numbers in Nigeria are not real.

    Write and post something now, that will get people thinking and asking questions and tomorrow, GBAM another banger in the news from these our online government.

    Well Coronavirus have been in Nigeria over 4 months, same time it started in Europe and people are still asking when the curve is going to flatten, which curve? Did people drop dead in Nigeria like they did in Europe that we are still talking about curves and when they will flatten.
    Must of us already have vaccination against malaria, influenza, yellow fever, typhoid fever, so that is why a larger number of us cannot be infected or sick to the point of needing a ventilator and being in ICU, we heal from the virus without intervention but our stupid govt still wants to punish us even when our economy Is crumbling beyond repairs.

    Lagos wants to decide on a lockdown based on the results from an online poll that they are manipulating, when they READ blogs ONLINE and see that most people are against the lockdown and yet their ONLINE POLLS shows so many people are in support of a lockdown, they now want to increase the number of cases, to scare the people to accept their decision. and justify their reason for another lockdown next week?
    How many people have data to vote online?
    How many people are on Twitter in Lagos?
    How many mature people are on Twitter in Lagos, I mean people with businesses,families, people with financial responsibilities.
    How many people who have been tested or know someone tested and is negative have a twitter account?
    So now Twitter is to make decision on something so serious?
    Why didn’t they take to Twitter to decide on testing centers to be allocated in different zones in the state?
    Why isn’t there an online poll for people to decide how they get palliative?
    But lockdown, they take to Twitter?
    This way if the online results favors a lockdown, the people have spoken, the government extends the lockdown, no palliative will be provided for because they will say the people wanted and asked for a lockdown and they got what they asked for.

  10. Lagos I hail oπŸ™„πŸ™Œ

  11. Hmmmm...Lord,have mercy on us and on the whole world.Amen

  12. Lockdown or no lockdown this demonic disease is still on the rise.

    Only God knows who is telling us the truth

  13. Corona wahala is increasing every day yet we are on lockdown.

  14. But let me ask have you seen or know anyone around you that is positive? Be it your neighbours or distance stories? Corona is real but ive not seen or heard anyone with it


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