Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Rises To 2558


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Monday, May 04, 2020

Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Rises To 2558

The numbers keep increasing............stay safe!!!



  1. I watched the funeral of the Emir of Rano of Kano... the Hausas are/should be kept in a world of their own. They will NEVER change! If you see the crowd around a corpse that died of COVID 19, you will puke.
    The community testing they are doing, 80% of the samples tested came back -ve. The the foolish people are repatriating almajiris to neighbouring states... and these kids constitute about 95% of carriers in Kano state.

  2. Aunt stella states with high cases should not be allowed to work but those state with low cases can work this lagos own weakenes the soul do they want to kill lagosians

  3. The speed this virus is spreading in Kano is so scaring me to the bone. It just entered the other day and now it's chasing Lagos like it's a race. God please save your children.

  4. Once the cases reaches it's peak in Nigeria,number of infected persons will definitely reduce

  5. From the figures, its like most Nigerians have Covid 19 even before its importation but rarely experience the symptoms and antimalarial drugs made us not to notice it.
    Well God dey sha.

    1. Ignorance they say is a disease. It’s like saying other countries in the world had the virus before it was imported to theirs. It seems you don’t know that one person alone can infect thousands of people in less than a week.

  6. Everything keep rising, God save us.

  7. For those going to work today please be safe out there. Adhere to caution.

  8. Even with this daily increase they are still asking people to go out. Please BV stay safe because with this proposal that people should be treated at home, it is an indication that the government want to leave most of the citizens to their fate

  9. It keeps increasing and people are going to work.
    My sister inlaw called me yesterday and she said she's scared of going to work today, she's a customer care representative and I wonder why they can't ask her to work from home.
    Her boss is so wicked and he didn't pay them for April. I pray for her to be safe

  10. So Kano carried out test yesterday. I felt they intentional reduced the number two days justify ago the easing of the lockdown.

  11. I am not surprised by the rising figures on COVID-19 cases in the country.They say he who fails to plan ,plans to fail.The measures taken by the government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic was haphazardly Carried out.Wide consultation was never made and the hurried lockdown of some states without putting in place adequate measures to help mitigate its effects on the citizens even when billions of naira were deployed.Calls to stay at home are noble,as this would greatly help to reduce the spread of the virus.Alot of Nigerians went from one level of social and financial status to another as their savings depleted and sources of income temporarily terminated.Hunger became prevalent,exacerbated with the high cost of food items.Nigerians would have been so willing to stay at home if the basic needs were provided;power supply always epileptic,hunger increasing and Nigerians only responded to one of Maslow's hierarchy of needs" physiological need" and food its primary concern.In as much as people remain hungry,they cant stay at home.Period!

  12. Stella, I'm scared. Last week we heard a corpse was brought in from Kano into ozoro, Delta State to be buried but wasn't sure if he died of covid 19. Yesterday now, a chat was been passed around which says the person was tested positive. I fear for our lives in this village. I stayed away from Lagos to be safe and now look what is happening. Social distance was not observed during the burial.
    I'm really scared and worried.


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