Stella Dimoko President Buhari Reportedly Gives Directive To Ease Coronavirus Lockdown In Kano State


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Sunday, May 03, 2020

President Buhari Reportedly Gives Directive To Ease Coronavirus Lockdown In Kano State

The Kano State government has said President Muhammadu Buhari gave consent to ease the lockdown imposed due to coronavirus.

The State Ministry of Health made this known on its Twitter page on Saturday.

Recall that reports emerged online that Governor Ganduje came under attack for relaxing the lockdown order in the state despite a record of 92 new cases.

The Governor had announced that Mondays and Thursdays would be lockdown free days, especially between 10 am and 4pm to enable residents shop for food.

But following backlash from Nigerians the State Ministry of Health tweeted,”@KanostateNg relaxes #lockdown on Mondays & Thursdays from 10:00am – 4:00pm with the consent of the President @MBuhari.

“The General public is to adhere strictly to #COVID19Kano protocols as given by the health professionals.”

from dailypost

These people are jokers!!!


  1. Kani ko! kanu ni!!!
    What ever happened to proof reading these days????
    Whether Kani or KANO, Gandollar made the biggest mistake relaxing the lock down. And with the alleged consent of Bubu.

    Are they not in the same dundee boat? Lagos state should better tighten their border control.

    I foresee danger

  2. Obviously these northerners dont value their lives. Why relax lockdown that you just made to please some people when death is rising in the state daily.

  3. I don't even know what to say to them.

  4. They want the Wuhan coronavirus to ravage the north. Why ease the lockdown in Kano when community spreading is moving like wildfire.

  5. Enter your comment...
    Stellacious please correct your headline to Kano,you typed Kami.

  6. We all know what total lockdown MEANS IN NIGERIA. Residents would still have the chance to gather in circles, play football on the streets, you name it.
    We also know that a relaxed lockdown in Nigeria's lexicon means 'business as usual".
    The situation in Kano is worrisome (am I being paranoid, Sapphire?), and I wished it was a bit different.
    3 weeks from now will tell us whether they got it right or wrong.

  7. Ganduje and buhari are both clowns🤡

    how do you relax the lockdown in a state critically affected and hit daily by covid-19 cases....saw videos online about how they all trooped outside to witness the burial ceremony of the rano of kano, no social distancing of any sort, they were all squeezing themselves trying to get a touch of the coffin of the deceased, it was so horrifying to watch because these people have no idea how serious of a situation covid-19 is yet😩

    saw a tweet from punch newspaper saying ganduje makes a U turn about lifting the lockdown and now has said it must continue, also dangote has donated a mobile testing laboratory which has the ability to handle 400 samples daily

  8. Kano's case is becoming like a spiritual problem. I just hope it's not what I'm thinking.

  9. I say again
    He who sows wind shall reap whirlwind.

    1. Please get away! Your fangs come out form time to time.

    2. Anonymous get over yourself please. Ain't you tired?

      The worst part is that you do this under anonymous(show yourself naaa if you are a Saint) . I'm sure you are still the same person lithering the SP and I'm also sure you've got an ID...

      Get over yourself biko

  10. All of them in Kano deserve each other. They are ignorant, stubborn and don’t value their lives so lockdown or not is their personal problem. I just pray other states lock up their borders ki won to fi ti tiwon koba wa.

  11. This slowpoke of a president. Just anything to please his kinsmen. Nepotism will be dis man's doom.

  12. This country is a joke! Kano state is playing with fire.

  13. If this was from a southern/Western/Eastern state, the APC and PDP would be exchanging press release by now🙄🙄
    The nationals would be crying foul.
    Its either the Coronavirus is a scam in Nigeria for this lockdown to be lifted or The Governor knows what we don't and should be probed to reveal if the deaths are coronavirus deaths or High fever and Thyroid

  14. Abokis na abokis. I won't pity them because they don't pity themselves.

    That ganduje is one of the useless governor in APC.

    He thinks drinking dongo go save them.

    Shame on him and others who supported him. His mind is always in dollars.

    May Coro enter his dwelling then he will be serious


  16. Really sometimes reading all these I wonder if our leaders know something we do not know??
    Is this a scam to them and that is why they handle it so carelessly because that should be the only reason for these ease on lockdown.
    Maybe they think and know it is malaria that NCDC claims is coronavirus that is why they relax the lockdown.
    If they understand what coronavirus is they should know status is not known to the virus and it might also get to them, knowing they can’t fly out for medical care, why will they put them and their families into such risks of relaxing the lockdown?
    If they don’t care about the masses, what about their families?
    Someone said they went to burial of influentials because they know the real cause wasn’t coronavirus, is this really true?
    Because if this is true which person in his right sense will gather in crowds to bury someone who died from the virus?
    Why the curfew like coronavirus only infects during the curfew time; dusk to dawn?
    Why can people swarm into markets during certain days and time, abi coronavirus virus waits till after closing time to affect those left behind?

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 @ abi coronavirus virus waits till after closing time to affect those left behind?

      You have raised valid questions that need answers with indisputable proof.

    2. @anon 10:03.������ abi coronavirus waits till after closing time to infect those left behind? Northern elites make sure you force your people to get basic education and help alleviate poverty in your region. I see ignorance and high level of poverty and your place is well situated but the rich are greedy and can't stop servitude.

  17. This is not a good decision... Like Hilda dokubo said whoever is advising our president is lying to him

  18. Let people in Kano just remain there since they want everybody to get infected. All their neighbouring states should ensure they don't move into their states.

  19. Let them do what they will as long as your state don't let them in.

  20. Kano did not even stay one week before it was eased,why we have been home for 5wks now.
    This people should not make this thing explode oo.


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