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Monday, May 04, 2020

Who Wants To Be A Genius.......

Which do you think it is and how did you arrive at your conclusion?

The most Intelligent response will get 5 gig data...


  1. corona virus is a disease which turned into a scam business for politics in order for politicians to score cheap points🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Isaac!! Kilode!! If you get the data,we must share o

    2. Score cheap point how?

    3. Isaac Baba's answer is the closest there is.
      I would say Corona Virus is an infectious DISEASE (A), which sadly has been exploited by the machinery of POLITICS (C) e.g. (States cooking figures and asking for FG COVID-19 fund, Northern states getting a large chunk of social security money). Our politicians and their associates have further taken advantage of the situation for BUSINESS (B) ends, e.g. contract for palliatives, etc. The only SCAM (D) is the N20k social security handed to the poorest of the poor. They claim billions have been distributed to Nigerians, but we all know the truth

    4. adanne they try to look as if they care when in reality all they care about is campaigning for next elections or photo shoot

  2. Political scam

    1. It's a DISEASE that turned to a POLITICAL SCAM just for BUSINESS.
      They act like they care but in reality ,they don't ,they just want to make money off the disease from donors.

  3. Politics. Because given the claim by palliatives allegedly disbursed,some states reportedly seeking Federal Government's aid,Nigeria seeking to go into outrageous debts because of borrowing,flying videos of supposed isolated persons "enjoying", speculated reports on " inflated" records of casualties.. It begs the conclusion that it has a heavy political undertone.I believe the virus is in existence.. In Nigeria.

  4. A disease/virus, you can’t call it politics because even top politicians that gets first class treatment are dead because of this virus, you won’t call it a scam when you lose your love ones and those that are trying to make it a business, well that’s how life is generally, people take advantage of every situation into milking people/masses off their hard earned currency.

  5. All of the above. Some people think it's a scam, politicians are using it to cash big money into their household alone, people are making money out of it by increasing food prices and other relevant items and in reality, it's a viral disease killing people all over the world.


  6. The answer is all of the above reason being that:
    1. The politicians are politicizing it because they politicians are making it political because
    2. They are making it scam no accountability to those affected like showing us real people down with it just like other countries are doing their.
    3.Is a disease because someone people are down with it currently in isolation centers or at various location with the symptoms.
    4. Is also a business because some are enriching their pocket with coronavirus. Some have made it legit business and some made it non legit some are making it legit . E.g the sale of face mask at higher price and the production of fake or locally made nose mask just to make fast money. Some are picking from waste bin, wash and sell to people for use.

  7. cute Isoko gal❤4 May 2020 at 11:48

    Its a disease..(A)... Although some Nigerians still see it as Scam, others see is as politics and majority are monetizing the disease as business yet its still a disease and will remain so as far as the world and Nigeria is concerned.


    Because no matter how much we politicize it or how much we pretend it doesn't exist (scam) or how much people profit from it (business). It is still killing people.

  9. All of the above in Nigeria. My answer is A

  10. The Corina virus is a disease. It. Has been proves to have respiratory effects on it's carriers and undeniable proof of deaths have been recorded both home and away even thought arguably that the numbers are not accurrate as common flu and malaria patients are numbered as civid carriers as they show same symptoms. It is a diease, it is real but just maybe exagerrated in the number of infections and consiquent deaths..

  11. It is B business in Nigeria
    Becos the price ofof facemask
    Has now increased and people are
    Now making money from it.even police men are now making money from it.

  12. A first a diseaae.

    C politics started rearing its ugly head between governors seeking for government largesse e.g Kano state and Rivers state governors respectively.

    B business as most commodities became expensive especially Face mask and hand sanitizers. Then corporate organizations started donating huge sums to government and nothing to show till date. Palliative measures put in place somewhat became audio. Social media giveaways increased while some celebrities used it as opportunity to cash in.

    D scam fake messages,email's and online begging increased including audio giveaways.Outright lies to fleece people of there hard earned money.

    The negative impact in Nigeria greatly out way the positive impact from what I observed.

  13. Covid 19 is a politics in Nigeria. These are my reasons;

    National Cake:
    Immediately Lagos state government was given some money to help in curbing the virus, all other governors requested their share because to them it is a national cake which needs to be distributed accordingly. Some went as far as holding down returees just to be among the states affected and some refuse to take the precautional measures to avoid virus from settle among their people so as to ask for 15billion naria as palliative.

    Power toxification:
    Some governors like River State government felt he alone has the power to say what happens in his state and will not take orders from any other person. He shades some power that be and broke alot of tables only because he's sitting on a constitutional chair at the moment.

    Conflict of interest:
    The virus becomes a politics when some leaders and citizens felt it an opportunity to display their unsatisfaction towards the dealings, responses and decisions of the ruling party in the past years. Infact it created an Avenue for criticisms and blames ( our usual way of grudging).

    Pay back time:
    Some ward leaders as in APC ward leader rejoices at this time because they obviously know their people and their people know them too. I mean they know those that belongs to APC and those that does not, so the palliative sent to ease the suffering of the every citizens was shared among their party members and families therby leaving others to their fate. 'Next election I will vote for the two parties, in order to get a better chance'.

    Abeg pardon my grammatical errors. I'm still a leaner. I will be back with more points

  14. It's a disease(A), politics (C) and a business (B). The three in one.

  15. Coronavirus is a disease that came into Nigeria out of ignorance of our leaders and it has become a,way of booming business for some people e.g medical suppliers,tailors and Even some hospitals treating patients codedly and some traditionalist claiming to have,a cure for it.For me some will be scammed in the process and there is no politics cuz the virus is,apolitical

  16. Corona Virus is what it is anywhere in the world. Nigeria inclusive. A disease.

    Currently we have 2558 confirmed cases and 87 deaths in Nigeria.
    A Disease is an abnormal condition of a human that causes discomfort or dysfunction. A disease can affect both human, plant and animal. In this case a country's economy is affected too. The government, the people, businesses are all struggling cos the disease known as covid 19 is eating deep into systems and its environment. With the way the spread is going if its not properly managed in our country it will become chronic and we all know when it's at this stage, it can last for a very long time and can be hard to manage.
    Moving forward, those who are able and in power to stop the spread of this deadly virus is both the government and the people by following all laid down prescriptions (a definite plan which gives ideas on how to solve a problem or improve a situation) stay safe and be cautious.

  17. It is all of the above.
    Firstly Coronavirus is a disease in Nigeria because it is actually real and the virus disease has been killing people in Nigeria of which a prominent member of the society was a victim.
    It is also a business in Nigeria because some Nigerians ventured into making cloth facemasks and selling then for money(profit).Additionally the market sellers are also using it as an avenue to increase the prices of foodstuffs and commodities.
    It is a politics and Scam because politicians are using it to scam people and the government and embezzle money.Some governors are reporting much more cases than they have so that they can get the Federal government allocation for the Coronavirus case for their respective states.Some are even reporting few cases where no case is existing.

  18. Its all of the above

    Its disease because many Nigerians have died from it, and some were able to recover to tell their stories

    It is business as usual for done state governors who keeps increasing the number fraudulently ti be able to collect money from FG and donors

    It is not a scam cos coronavirus is real

    It is political,just like bello is using it to score cheap political post

    The answer depends on which state we are focusing on ,because our governors have different aims,

    In Lagos na disease e be, in Kogi na politics, in osun na business etc, so it depends on the state, and in done states sef the numbers na scam

  19. Its a disease (A) that Nigerian politicians thought could be business (B) as usual and these same politicians, due to the way they had tried to play politics(C) with it, some ignorant Nigerians now believe that its a scam(D)

  20. It's all of the above
    A-Disease because it is killing people both in Nigeria and outside. Some are dying while some are recovering from it.
    B-Business because people are now using it to produce nose mask and hand sanitizers and the prices are twice the initial price before. Also the prices of foodstuffs have increased because there are limited supply in Nigeria
    C-Politics because Politicians now use corona virus as an excuse to embezzle Nigeria's money. So many backs and other people donated huge amount of money to the federal government for the fight of Corona virus and the Nigerians are yet to understand what happened to the money.
    D-Scam because people now use that to beg for money and free foodstuff. One are already using the Corona virus to scam some people of the possession.

  21. It came into Nigeria as a virus/DISEASE but Nigerians are now using it for BUSINESS while the politicians are playing POLITICS with the donated funds and numbers which made people now believe it's a SCAM.

  22. It is a political business disease. Political in that many politicians are using it as an avenue to advertise themselves in wait for 2023.
    Business in that many have taking hold of the opportunity e.g face mask and ventilator dealers, pharmacists and govt through palliative.
    Disease; it's obviously an infectious virus we are trying to deal with. It's a pity corruption is a part of it too

  23. CoronaVirus is all of the above in Nigeria. It is a disease in Nigeria as it is in other countries of the world, which has killed a lot of people both old and young. It is business because people are cashing out from it, as prices of goods have tripled, with people selling foodstuff, hand sanitizer, hand gloves and facemasks making the most profit. It is politics and scam as well because individuals, companies and organizations that need one favour or the other from the FG are donating billions, while laying off their staff, and not paying salaries while monies donated is not reaching the people that actually need it.

  24. Coronavirus is a viral disease, which can be contacted through droplets, from the nose and mouth. It came into Nigeria through foreigners and Nigerians, the first index case came through Lagos to Ogun state, where he was discovered, Ogun state government returned him back to Lagos for proper treatment, contact tracing was done and more people where discovered which prompted the federal government to disburse large some of money to Lagos and Ogun her neighbouring state, which caught the attention of other governors in the country, which they all turn to business as usual, in other to have a large share of the national cake, without putting it to good use, it became politics, the higher the number of cases in their states the more money they will receive from the federal government, Coronavirus is not a scam.

  25. Stella, if there is an Option E for all of the above. It would have been the best Option with reason to back it up.

  26. COVID-19 is (A) Disease which affecting the people and as brought an halt to (B) Business activity in the Nigeria, however those in government are playing (C) Politics with it by using as an avenue to (D) Scam well wishers and international community of the funds meant to use for treatment and administer relief to those affected by this Corona Virus Pandemic.

  27. Corona virus in Nigeria A is a highly infectious virus which can be transmitted through exposure to any contaminated surface area or material of which we don't know if truelly the people who our country claimed died due to the infection were actually killed by the infection EXCLUDING of course Abba kyria.

    B. It because the most flourishing business for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies as we saw how the prices of face mask, hand sanitizer and handgloves skyrocketed while for others business was brought to a complete halt.

    C. Politics. We now see how some areas and regions in Nigeria were said to deserve the 20k that was to be shared to our poor citizens because they don't have relatives in the abroad while some regions were told off.

    D. Scam : we all saw and witnessed the greatest scam of the century when the powers that be were able to share billions in less than 72hrs and when names were demanded, some very important house got burnt with all the documents in it.
    Oriegwu really!!!

  28. Corona virus it's three of the above. Disease 'business and politics.

    1.It is a disease because it affects human system'causes death in human and spreads from one person to another when in contact without taking proper precautions to prevent it.

    2.It is business because most of the companies that produces drugs use in managing it are cashing out'also those companies that produces sanitizers'nose masks and other essential needs needed for protections and prevention from this virus are cashing out big time from the production of those goods.
    Also some Governors and top officials like the NCDC's are using this pandemic to collect huge amount from Government and individual financial donors.

    3.It is politics because because some individuals and politicians are using the means of giving out palliatives to publicise their good deeds and and campaigning indirectly by pasting their pictures on the goods given thereby indirectly getting ready to make known their political intentions.

  29. It's all of the options,to different people. Fact and perception plays a major part on how the virus is viewed.

  30. A. It's a disease which could lead to death. Those who tried to use it to scam Nigerians are seeing that the virus is no respecter of persons, so they are scared, those who politicised it are counting their losses in terms of the number of deaths, those who see it as business have seen that they can never make gain because the next victim could be their family member.

  31. All of the above.....all hail Nigeria😋

  32. The answer is simple. It is Politics. The virus is real but politicians are playing politics with it

  33. The answer is politics... Pls send my data...thank you big sis


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