Stella Dimoko Youths Protest Death Of Woman Who Was In Labour But Delayed At Police Checkpoint


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Friday, May 22, 2020

Youths Protest Death Of Woman Who Was In Labour But Delayed At Police Checkpoint


ouths in Ibi-Ade in Ogun Waterside council area on Thursday, May 21st took to the streets to protest against police officers responsible for the death of a pregnant woman whom officers enforcing Covid-19 lockdown delayed from getting to the hospital in time for delivery. 

The youths threatened to burn down the divisional police headquarters in the town.

According to an eyewitness, the woman was already bleeding but the motorcycle conveying her was delayed for hours before the officers allowed the motorcyclist to continue.

She died shortly after arriving the hospital from suspected blood loss, sparking outrage in the community and it took the intervention of the traditional ruler, Alarege of Ibi-Ade, Oba Kola Rahimi and some notable personalities in the community to help pacify the youths.

Festus Ogun, who spoke to one of the newsmen said,

“The true situation is that, the woman was in labour and she was already bleeding profusely and being taken to the hospital. “On the way to the hospital, the motorcycle carrying her was stopped by officers of the Nigeria Police Force, she was delayed for hours and it was that delay that led to her death.”

However, the spokesman of the Police Command, Abimbola Oyeyemi denied the allegations that the police officers were responsible for the death of the pregnant woman. He revealed that,

“The officers stopped them and asked questions; they said that the woman is bleeding, so the officers asked them to go to the hospital. About 10 or 15 minutes later, the woman died during labour. Maybe she had lost a lot of blood before they decide to take her to the hospital. ” She hasn’t even given birth before she died. So, those people came back and said that the policemen that stopped them at the checkpoint delayed them from getting to the hospital earlier, saying that they killed her. How is that possible?”

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  1. Eishh!
    Can you just imagine!!
    May God rest her soul.

    1. No value for human lives, no application of common sense. Bunch of cowards in uniform.

    2. No, I don't believe this no police officer can be this wicked. May her soul rest in peace.

  2. Oh my God πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😣

    Please what exactly is the meaning of this kind of stories?

    I don't just understand what drives Nigerian Police officers to act like this, ohhh

  3. This is heartbreaking..

    May God rest her soul.

  4. Police can lie..very wicked and manipulative set of people in this
    country. Very very sad. I hate to hear news like this,after pains of carrying pregnancy for 9 months ☹.
    A major reform is needed to improve the effectiveness of the Nigerian Police. Their havoc is becoming too much

    1. They can lie ehn,so it's so difficult believing stories from them. Sad story,died in the process of bringing another life to the world. Iku gbigbona, rest well woman.

    2. The root of the problem is the category of people they recruit into the force. They should raise the bar in terms of selection, minimum requirements a school cert leaver with @ least 5 credits- English & Maths compulsory, must be able to communicate in English, must be interviewed and assessed.

      I also think their salaries should be increased. They need series of trainings before and more importantly, after employment (not physical training only).

      This profession ought to be a reputable and honourable one, haba!!!

      Abroadian BV

    3. I agree with you @Abrodian bv

    4. very true Abroadian BV i wish they'll look into this

  5. This is sad one. May God rest her soul.

  6. This is so sad! I don't even want to imagine the pains and hurts her husband and children are feeling right now 😒😒

  7. This is a very sad story. Nigeria police and their wickedness.
    Rip to the woman
    I pray for my sister that is due in port harcourt to deliver safely. Amen

  8. I really got emotional reading this. What did those cursed police men want to achieve? That they were enforcing the law? Over a bleeding pregnant woman? Fact she was there in pains, gnashing her teeth and the idiots probably asking the okada man for #100.

    No one can sue any security arm of government in this country with so much lawlessness and these cursed men that rub citizens with guns in uniform in day light everyday keep getting away with disgracing their uniform shamelessly.

    May every police man on that so called check point that was there that lead to her death experience agonising death too.

    RIP woman.

    1. Ameeen to the prayers, may such be their portion at their time of need, mean, heartless idiots

    2. I don't show any sympathy for any policeman. Cause they are very wicked..

  9. Egunje will kill our police people. No empathy at all.

    If the youth burn the station, they will say lawlessness.

    May God Almighty give people heart of flesh because most are having hearts of concrete

  10. I think the police would have sense when the federal starts giving people gun's license like that foreign countries. Despite that, their bribery money is increased from #20 to #50.


  11. The problems this lockdown is causing is even worse than the Covid19 virus.
    Covid19 that is a scam in Nigeria,
    Covid19 is real but it is so over exaggerated in Nigeria.
    NCDC and the Ministry of Health with some Health workers know the truth that though Covid19 is in Nigeria, it isn’t as deadly in our weather and immune system.
    Why punish the masses.
    They have all the funds from foreign bodies, they have all the donations, this is why the cases were increasing, why suffer the masses because of your corrupt ways.
    Leave us to go on with our normal lives.
    Kogi and Cross River states are not recording unusual deaths, they don’t want to be involved in this dirty games.
    Too sad
    May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  12. What a country where life is not valued ������

    In a sane country, the police would have rushed her to the hospital themselves! �� may her soul rest in peace.

  13. oh no! Seeing her in that condition alone they shouldn't even have stopped them.

    A woman gave birth inside keke last friday night in my shop when the keke man stopped to get something. We just had to call women around to help her out and she delivered safely

  14. 😭😭😭 May her soul rest in peace.

  15. The Nigeria Police Force never ceases to amaze me, they always mess up when they are meant to do the right things.I bet if they had been settled,they would have allowed the motorcycle conveying the woman go.
    Imagine them denying the allegations leveled against them,well...what do you expect,this is Nigeria. May the soul of the woman and her unborn child rest in peace. This is so sad.

  16. Nigeria police are not your friend
    They are wicked, heartless, theives!
    Am sure they were waiting for bribe.
    Rip madam.

  17. oh my God!!!
    what a sad news!

  18. Those police officers were heartless, you saw a pregnant woman being taken to the hospital and she is bleeding, which question are you asking, the best thing to have done is to speedily clear the way for them to pass but no,they delayed them,what do u want to find out? Mtcheeeew, stories like this turn my stomach.

    They must be amongst the ones drinking alcohol while on duty, what kind of question are u asking a bleeding pregnant woman? Or the person rushing her to hospital. Some of this policemen are so wicked.

  19. Is he saying how is that possible? This man is a clown. How can your men delay a woman in labor and also bleeding and you say they are not responsible for her death... They weren't even supposed to stop her,they were even supposed to call the ambulance for her or better still help her get to the hospital quickly in the van. These guys are bunch of lunatics with no regards to human life. They should all be investigated!

  20. Heartless souls that lack common sense

  21. Nigeria police are another set of demons,
    I cant even begin to explain how I hate
    Nigeria police.this is just sad.

  22. How can you see someone pregnant and bleeding and be asking questions

    When they are meant to even. Give her escort to the nearest hospital

    They are very heartless and may it be so to them as they made that woman suffer.

  23. RIP to the dead. Now here is what I think happened, the woman must have tried delivery her child at home, but the labor did not progress and lots of time might have passed, then they quickly decided to rush her to the hospital, and police stopped them at checkpoint(5-20mins). The woman is then taken to the hospital but dies after some time. Sad scenario. Heart felt condolence to those she left behind.


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