Stella Dimoko Actress Benita Onyiuke Talks About Motherhood And Says It Is The Best She Has Ever Played


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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Actress Benita Onyiuke Talks About Motherhood And Says It Is The Best She Has Ever Played

Nollywood actress and former Most beautiful in Nigeria contestant Benita Onyiuke (Formerly Benita Akpofe) talks smittenly about Motherhood and how it impacted her life and career....

This is every woman's story after they become a Mother and nobody prepares one for the role of a Mother because it comes with several emotions....

Earlier hours of today, I took a little walk through my gallery, and saw some old pictures of mine. It was interesting to see that I had grown so much, not only physically, but in every aspect of being human. This particular pictures got me thinking about one of the biggest reasons for that growth, which is motherhood. It is more than a journey, and nothing actually prepares you for it. Now it's my life everyday because even when I am being other things (as an actor), I carry my children with me.

Looking back, I've always loved kids and eagerly looked forward to having my own. However, I wasn't certain when that phase would come and how it would be. 

So, when I got pregnant with my first child, the news came with a whirlwind of emotions. I was estactic and at the same time scared and a little intimidated by the responsibilities I imagined would come with it. Would I make a good mother? How would I protect my kids from the unpleasant side of this world? How would it affect my acting career? These are some of the questions that filled my mind.

Then, the constant nausea and physical changes started. Some days I would look in the mirror at my bump and smile. Other days, I'd get so frustrated with everything and start to cry. The pregnancies were tough, but I bore it all for the love I had in my heart.

When I had my daughter, it was like being in love for the first time. That's the only way I can describe what I felt and still feel. The love and emotional connection is like nothing else. It's so easy to lose yourself. I didn't sleep for days. The birth of my son was followed by a similar pattern. I was determined to be the best Mom there ever was and nearly broke down from wanting to do everything by myself. I had to unlearn, learn and relearn a lot of things. It is a grueling process which I get better at with each passing day. I'm not a perfect Mom who gets it right all the time. But knowing that this is the most important role I'd ever play, I show up everyday and give it my very best, not missing a single line. And that in itself is enough.
In many ways, motherhood has changed me. The most obvious being that I'm way more observant and cautious than i used to be, i scrutinize everything and everyone coming around my children. And pay close attention to my intuitions. I'm also more organized, taking the time to plan and create a schedule for everything, down to the tiniest details, in order to have a work-life balance.
By God's grace, each day is better than the previous one and I'm proud of how far I've come.

 P. S i still slay 😝

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  1. Very beautiful girl... The Onyiukes quickly snatched her away from the single market 😊😊

    When you meet a down to earth woman, you'll know.

  2. Congratulations to her.
    Motherhood is a bittersweet journey, we pray that we raise Godly children by the grace of God.

  3. I just can't wait to experience motherhood 😍😍 😍

  4. Me too. I love this post. I was smiling all along.

  5. Nice read..e sha long

  6. It's the best feeling ever! God is good mennn!

  7. Oh my fave is finally here.

    Stella o thank you for bringing her here. Such a beautiful girl

  8. She is an amazing actress with an impeccable accent and a very alluring aura.

  9. I love this
    A clear look into motherhood
    Can't wait to be a mother too oh
    This feeling is the best in the whole world.

  10. Nice read. I love her movies. I first saw her in a movie she acted a long time ago with Mercy Johnson and Nonso Diobu.

  11. Motherhood rocks. It's a nice piece.

  12. Cute picture; where she is carrying her baby.
    This baring of pregnant tummies on the internet is total turn off for me.

  13. Nice read.. Congratulations to her.

  14. This is beautiful,she's an amazing actress I have seen lots of her movie...more grace mam

  15. Congratulations beautiful Benita
    Motherhood rocks, may God bless everyone looking up to God for this precious gift with theirs, amen

  16. Wow, so this lady has kids? She looks good, i notice her in recent movies, pretty calm lady. I said this gal resemble urhobo

  17. I can't wait to experience motherhood.. God am counting on you.

  18. Motherhood really changes one. Beautiful piece.


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