Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Trust Issues..


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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Couch Convo - Trust Issues..

Why do people have trust issues?
Is it because of people who say one thing and do another?


  1. It's pretty difficult to trust anyone these days and of course,human being are unpredictable

    1. firstlady blessing25 June 2020 at 13:52

      So unpredictable my dear.I really love this topic.

    2. Tell me one lie and I can never trust you again. Ordinarily, I'm very trusting up to the point of being gullible, but once my eyes open and something's don't add up again,and your words are not consistent, that's it.

  2. It depends. For some, it's from the bad experiences they had.
    Insecurity issues too.
    When it comes to trusting, I don't trust easily. You've got to earn it, and that entails some good hard work.
    Once you betray my trust, I'm never trusting you again and things will never be thesame. Betrayals makes me sick!!!


    1. firstlady blessing25 June 2020 at 13:54

      Trust is deep.

    2. I can forgive anything but betrayal

    3. Hmm unfortunately it's now so hard to trust people these days .
      Betrayal is hurtful very hurtful.

  3. In my opinion trust issues stems from constant disappointment from people to a person or repeated actions of a person.
    I.e saying one thing and doing another
    Let me give a recent example my friend Coco believes every man is a liar with an agenda and this stems from people she has met that have said one thing and done another.
    Ahe finally found a man that swept her off her feet 🙌
    At first she was so happy but every time we spoke she would tell me sis 'I feel like this dude not right cos I been there and seen how these men be lying to me '
    I kept assuring her he could be different , one day we had a very deep conversation and she told me about her experiences and how it has really affected her life.
    She has deep trust issues, but she is working on it.

  4. Most times its usually because the foundation is built on lies.

  5. An opposite sex bestie is just a chicken at the side waiting for 25th December to be eaten.

  6. firstlady blessing25 June 2020 at 13:16

    Especially when you confide in someone and the person goes to broadcast it, it makes difficult to trust anyone again.

  7. That illustration up there is one of the reasons couples fail to trust each other. Too many lies

  8. I have a friend we met in the university. People actually thought we were dating. The closeness was more than that of some siblings.

    We were like that because in 200 level we discovered we love almost same thing.

    One day she came and said so so and so guy and her were an item. I didn't know how to withdraw our friendship because it was sure to affect them. People would also say one or two things.

    The girl too, very stubborn. She refused giving the guy her cookie. The guy would sometimes get angry and say things like, 'you r doing as if Emmy hasn't eaten it before?".

    Somehow along the line, I tried being friends with guy, but the guy didn't allow it. Always angry at my presence. The girl too tried to let him know that Emmy is a decent, but he wasn't having none. To him, Emmy was chopping below babe and the babe refused giving him to chop..

    The broke up finally and I became his enemy!

    After 8 years, these two people met again and became "seriouser".. more matured and doing well, including me, (as at this time I was married with a son and doing great too).

    The babe still refused him the cookie o and said till marriage night (that's if they can make it to that night as couple).

    Marriage came they got married and on their wedding night, the guy discovered she was a virgin at 33 years..

    He was confused. I mean totally confused. And he asked her, the way you dance and roll waiste, everyone in school then was saying "imagine wetin Emmy de chop".. she could whine waiste like Shakira.

    To cut the story, on December 2nd 2018,I got a surprised visit by the husband at my office and all he came to do was to apologise to me.

    Today we buddies!

    Sorry for any error.

    1. firstlady blessing25 June 2020 at 13:51

      Waoh but you wouldn't blame the guy,such friendship is hard to believe, anyway thank God it turned out fine.

    2. Nice story....

      I love love-stories with happy ending

    3. Wow!!! What a beautiful story...i could read on and on.I am so glad it ended well. May God uphold and bless your homes.

    4. Thank Goodness the guy did not rape her when she refused to give him the cookie. The three of you are good people.

    5. What is beautiful about the story?

      Was the man a virgin as well when he married her?

  9. I have serious trust issue. I mean, I deal with things on my own I won't even talk my siblings or parent about anything. Just the way I keep things to myself, i also don't know how to keep any type of relationship. I don't even have friends, I mean I'm a freaking loner and sometimes I feel alone in the world in a house where I have 5 siblings. My parents are amazing and never abused us while growing up. I'm a loner who loves her space and keeps her mouth shut all the time.

    1. I know you. Your name starts with S and your surname starts with K.

    2. Anon 17:52, with peot like you, it would be wise to be a loner.

  10. It really hurts to trust someone and they betray you.

    Best is deal with whoever on a plain level so that when they hurt you it won't hurt much.

  11. The bible said guide your heart with all diligence.... I can't bring myself to trust any man. This has been causing a lot of issue in my relationship but i care less. I feel that when you have that "backup thought" that people can betray your trust,you will be less disappointed when it eventually happens.

  12. Stella i have serious trust issues because when i trust,it ends up up tearing and breaking me up. Like I've gone through stuffs that made me give a double thought to every scenario around me.

    It's that bad that some guy kept telling me I've got to change my perception about guys that come close to me so i dont end up with the wrong one in marriage. Ever since then,I've been trying to work on myself and hopefully, will get better soon.

  13. Freshest & Tastiest Bread in Naija. 0813851632825 June 2020 at 15:25

    God is the only One who deserves absolute trust as every human being is fallible and can disappoint.

  14. I cant trust anybody, i trusted before and got hurt real bad..

  15. It really painful to be hurt by someone you trust, pain changes people. It makes them over think, trust less, feel worthless & shut people out.

  16. we've got New couch!!!
    Trust issues is one of the worst thing in a relationship and it's currently hitting me hard.
    I love this babe, told most of my past that might hurt/hunt us, in her own side, she said nothing. 2mnths in plenty contradictions and revelations, we had a table talk and was told it's a past she wasn't proud of, I said OK about a month later, she forgot her phone in my house and party scatter...
    Her bestie was her lover in another state
    I was referred to as "this guy that has money to throw around"
    A chronic lier
    Attention seeker from anything male
    But I must say this too she had no intimacy with them.
    I gave her the phone and ended the relationship but then she had a mental breakdown and I had to come back again. we've had clear the air talk but na trust mater we de face now

    1. "I gave her the phone and ended the relationship but then she had a mental breakdown and I had to come back again"- this is the beginning of a long string of manipulation and mental abuse. When people show you who they are, believe them and flee even if they threaten to jump from a building. This is what Olamide did not do and she paid with her life.

      Throw your money around at the psychiatric hospital and then, get lost, ja pa!!! Delete every number and social media contact and never look back. While she was being honest in her chats, she was mentally fine and now that she has been caught, she is suddenly I'll? Miss me with that t-bills style.

      To avoid sending in a chronicle, run for your life.

  17. I just wish I can loosen up a bit and trust people. When I trust, it's always very deep and I invest all my emotions. At the end of the day, I get really hurt in a very hard way.
    I've been hurt severally so it's making it difficult for me to trust now.

  18. I'm quite paranoid. I can't even bring myself to trust people because deep down, I take whatever people say at face value. If eventually they misbehave, I dont usually get so angry.. because people are meant to disappoint. Only God is faithful.

  19. Stella, the man I married is a pathological liar, you, d be shocked, he looks so calm and religious!him and his friends lie for fun, just found out this year, that he has been cheating like say no tmrw!! Stella he lies about everything, imagine during lent, he wasn't around and while until of his slut,told me he was fasting, I shouldn't cook anything for him! I pray and hope he finds peace of mind. He, s best program on TV is cheaters, ID, crime and all, planning on taking my children to run away!sick men everywhere


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