Stella Dimoko Court Appoints Giadom As APC Acting National Chairman


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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Court Appoints Giadom As APC Acting National Chairman

Chief Victor Giadom is the Acting National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, according to a ruling of the FCT High Court.

Giadom is the party’s Deputy National Secretary and highest ranking official following the ruling of the Court of Appeal which upheld Oshiomhole’s suspension and declared all his actions since his suspension null and void.

A statement issued by Wole Afolabi, the counsel to the Plaintiff in the suit filed by at the FCT High Court, reads:


Our attention has been drawn to a Statement purportedly issued by the Publicity Secretary of the APC to the effect that Senator Abiola Ajumobi is to act as the National Chairman of APC following the suspension from office of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole by the Court of Appeal.

We wish to state that the statement must have been issued in complete ignorance of the order of the FCT High Court issued on 16th of March, 2020, by Hon. Justice S.U Bature in Suit No. FCT/HC/M/6447/2020 to the effect that Chief Victor Giadom is to act as the National Chairman of the party due to the suspension of Adams Oshiomhole as the National Chairman.

The order was given the same day that the Court of Appeal earlier gave Oshiomhole a temporary respite by staying the execution of the said order suspending Oshiomhole. Now that the Court of Appeal has affirmed the order of suspension, it is only proper that the Order recognizing Chief Victor Giadom is implemented.

Consequently, we have written to all law-enforcement agencies to implement the said order and any one who attempts to parade himself/herself other than Chief Victor Giadom as the Acting Chairman of the APC would be facing contempt of court proceedings.

Kindly find attached the said Court Order.

Thank You,


Counsel to the Plaintiff.”

from the willnigeria

*OSHIOMOLE CALL ME...............hahahahahahahahahahahahahha


  1. Congratulations to him.
    Ije Uwa bu Agwo....

  2. 不不不不不不Oshiomole call Stella oooo Asap!

  3. Wow! How the mighty has fallen!

  4. Watching as the drama unfold in my 5HD glasses.

  5. This is just the beginning.
    Osho baba thinks he is God and whatever he says must come to play.
    What a way to humble him.


    1. Lolzz Oshiomohole is the one struggling here..He is a drowning man that would even clutch a straw to save himself from drowning..Let the power play continue

  6. E don happen, Egungun don jam express.

  7. How does this APC's bruhaha put food on the table of the poor masses. They are greedy lots and don't care about the masses. They should all take several seats abeg. I dey vex.

    1. Are you minding them..I am not on any side of anyone..Selfish lots!

  8. How will this re arrange the Osho and Obaseki buhaha

  9. Replies
    1. Honestly my sister,and to think I had so much respect and regard for the man during his days as labourleader,,,it baffled me how he changed so much from the" truth speaking no nonsense man" to this apology of a man we have now staring us in the face

    2. We always encourage people to go for what they want, but since its Oshomole he is disgracing himself abi? Hypocrites everywhere.

    3. Tripllem even when he was the Labour leader, he WAS NOT "the truth speaking no nonsense man". That was just a facade he put up.
      He led many unquestioning citizens to their death with his pretentious protests that NEVER accomplished the cause he made Nigerians believe he was fighting for.

      He achieved his goal - political clout and the perks.

  10. Punch Newspaper says Ajimobi

    1. Exactly Punch said Ajimobi

    2. Maybe they did not know that Ajimobi is sick and cannot assume the role of Chairman at the moment. I am sure as they informed them, they quickly replaced with Giadom.

  11. Oshiomole is a disappointment. Wish others will learn.

  12. When oshomole was the labour leader, I was in secondary school.
    Every day was strike.
    Now I know the reason was because oshoiomle didn't go to school therefore he didn't want us to enjoy our education.
    With only adult eduction to boast of, one wonders how this man happened to have headed big organisations such as NLC and now APC party.
    Only reason to have made it possible was corruption.
    Oshiomole is corruption personified.

    1. 11:53 I like you already. You sound like my young and very smart nephew.

    2. Anonymous 11:56,
      Your comment is so funny and at the same time pregnant with meaning.

  13. Obaseki wait don't cross carpet yet, things are looking good already.
    Oshiomole is shameless small godfather.


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