Stella Dimoko Court Remands 2 Cousins Over Alleged Rape And Murder Of Maersk MD’s Wife


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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Court Remands 2 Cousins Over Alleged Rape And Murder Of Maersk MD’s Wife

Oh My God!!...These men killed her???

An Igbosere High Court in Lagos on Wednesday remanded two cousins: Olamilekan Goke and Akande Adeyinka, at the Ikoyi Correctional Centre over alleged rape and murder of the 44-year-old Mrs Bernadetta Tohouo-Tohouo who is the Hungarian is the wife of Mr Gildas Tohouo-Tohouo, the Managing Director of Maersk Nigeria Ltd.

Goke, 33,and Adeyinka, were arraigned before Justice Modupe Nico-Clay by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

The defendants are standing trial on an eight-count charge bordering on conspiracy, murder, armed robbery and rape.

They, however, pleaded not guilty to all the counts.

Justice Nico-Clay remanded the defendants after taking their pleas and adjourned the case until June 30, for trial.

Earlier, the Lagos State Prosecutor, Mr Moyosore Onigbanjo, who is the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, had told the court that the defendants conspired and committed the offences on Dec. 8, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Onigbanjo (SAN) said the defendants unlawfully had sexual intercourse with their victim, Bernadetta Tohouo-Tohouo, then killed her and attempted to kill her husband, Gildas Tohouo-Tohouo.

The prosecutor said that the defendants killed Bernadetta by suffocating her to death with a small pillow after raping her.

Onigbanjo said that the duo also attempted to kill the victim’s husband, Gildas, by stabbing him severally on the neck, head and back with a knife and dagger.

According to the prosecutor, the defendants also robbed the victims of their belongings that included foreign currencies.

He said that others items stolen are: two iPhones, two bottles of wine, two wedding rings and one engagement ring.

According to him, the offences contravened Sections 173, 233, 230, 299, 297(2) (a) and 411, of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The first defendant, Goke, was represented by a counsel, Mr A.O. Odusanya, from the Office of the Public Defender (OPD), while Mrs L.Y. Salau and I. T. Akingbade, from Legal Aid Council, appeared for the second defendant, Adeyinka.
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  1. Just see how dirty they look. They shud be sentenced to life inprisonment without parole.

    1. Justice Anon has passed judgment @ 10:03 without even hearing from the defendants.
      Okay, be the executioner too.🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Is it me or are half of these murderers very ugly if their faces are a reflection of their dark, twisted, psychopathic souls...

      Why are we filling up prisons with these lots???...amputate their arms and pull out their tongues...justice served. Next!!!!

      Rapist - castrate them cut off their thumbs...Next!!!!

    3. Hear what? Hear what, at Anon 10:23?? Are u their Father? Or Kingpin? Y’all just like to type rubbish to act woke! Mehn FOH!!! 😠

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    4. @Kevin
      Hold your emotions.
      So anybody police arrests should be executed?
      So why do people condemn SARS?
      Allow the court to sit and find them guilty first.

    5. 10:23 when they kill you, we will send them to court for justice inugo. Oponu oshi

    6. At 10:23, this is a very easy case. the husband of the women was also stabbed severely and was left for dead. He was in coma for a long time. so he saw the culprits. The culprits did not deny doing the job, they just said the woman was owing them money and insulted them. They deserve to die a painful death for the sorrow they brought to that family. Did you see the little children the woman left behind? do you know what rape is? Has your sister or mother been raped before? has anyone murdered your family member before? when that happens, wait for the court to sit. Wicked animals masquerading as human beings

  2. They had better kill them too. Wicked people!

  3. Oh!, this is so heartbreaking and annoying, these men deserve to die by firing squad what with all these grammar?

  4. The wickedness of man to his fellow man.fia!
    May the law have its course

  5. Wicked people.Whatever you sow,you shall reap

  6. Oh dear..I remember this sad story sometimes ago! May she continue to RIP

    Not guilty kill them there,what on earth? Justice should prevail asap

  7. 3 Amigos Bakery @ 6 Okesalu Str, Ikotun, for the best Bread in Naija25 June 2020 at 10:15

    How Barbaric. I hope they get the punishment they deserve if they’re indeed guilty.

  8. So she was even raped?! O my God,rots in hell!!!!

  9. They should be hung by the legs. Let them die a slow, and painful death.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl25 June 2020 at 10:38

      I thank God the man survived.

      So they mean that the man will not be able to remember the faces that raped and killed his wife while they also tried to kill him too?

      Which one is plead not guilty.
      E don be for them.
      Their suffering and pain and their eventual death has been planned already.

      They should be ready to take back what they dished out. Shikena

      Wicked children!

  10. Look at how useless they look. They had the gusts to rape and kill this beautiful woman. I Dont even know what punishment would be appropriate. Such evil.

  11. Well I dont believe these are the guys that did these..These are common street urchins that they picked up and have beaten them to confess that they are guilty..Police please the real perpetrators are still roaming free, do your work well..

    1. The Original ShugarGirl25 June 2020 at 10:48

      I don't have a link to reread the story.

      But the MD whose family was attacked survived it. He was stabbed after they had raped and killed his wife.

      I think the motive was so that he wouldn't be alive to testify against them . So he must have seen the faces of the evil men who did this.

      And we don't want to talk about the recovered CCTV footage if any.

      He is a key witness .if he hadn't survived then maybe I would doubting if they are the actual culprits.

    2. Thank you so much, my thoughts exactly... trust me these guys are innocent. The Nigerian police is so corrupt


      Please follow the initial story Phoenix

    4. Phoenix and Anonymous 11.02

      I'm sharing a second link

      You guys probably didn't know when the story broke

    5. Phoenix and Anonymous 11

      Second link beneath

    6. One of them is a contract employee that works as a service hand for the company. With that one, there is no miss and he brougjt an accomplice, so the case is easy, the culprits are easy to find. One of them was even caught that night sef.

    7. Thank you Anonymous, for sharing the links.
      I do not have a problem with people doubting one thing or the other. But, when you do so, please back it up with facts, empirical evidence etc and not some emotional reasons like "your thoughts exactly and the Nigerian police blah blah".
      This is how we come on to social media with our chest of ignorance.

  12. Let the law takes its course. Those children are now left without a mother 😥

  13. What is this world turning into😒

  14. They must not go unpunished

  15. This men deserve to be killed at once

  16. 2iphones, 2bottles of wine, 2wedding rings and one engagement ring, was what they stole, raped killed and stabbed another human being for,
    Poverty na bastard.
    If they are the ones May they be sentenced for their crimes

    I think it's high time criminals are made to suffer just as much as their victims did

  17. Thank God the husband survived. May justice be served

  18. Thank God they have been caught. They ended that woman's life for nothing,I was so sad reading that news. Nobody should be made to experience such a horror. See their wicked faces


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