Stella Dimoko Happy Father's Day This Sunday


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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day This Sunday

Today Sunday June 21st is Father's day and this post is dedicated to all the men who are present in the lives of their children,either as a married man or as a baby daddy and to all the women who play the roles of Fathers in the lives of their children!

Happy Father's day!!!


  1. Happy Father’s Day, Papa!
    May you live long
    May you be healthy
    May you be granted all your hearts’ desires
    You are so so loved
    Many more to celebrate in good health n happiness in Jesus Name

    1. To my father
      My father inlaw
      My brothers
      My uncles
      My son (who would be a father some day)
      To all the fathers on this blog
      I say "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" may God bless, keep and prosper you... You keep us going every day, we do appreciate you.
      You are definitely doing well.

    2. Happy father's day to my late dad. Death didn't allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. May God forgive all your short comings and grant your soul eternal rest until we meet to party no more at the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love you but God loves you more.
      Sureee ooo baba mi.

    3. Happy father's day to my late dad.i love you n Miss you
      Happy father's day to my brothers n brothers I love
      N to all the great n soon to b Dad...You guys are awesome ❣️

  2. Happy fathers day😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Happy Father's day
      To my silver- haired Hubby😍
      My brothers
      Male friends.
      Y'all rock.

  3. 🎢🎢Ndi bu nna nwe olu fa🎢🎢 Happy fathers day to all the wonderful men and fathers here and beyond. We love you immensely and you will continue being the head and not the tail.

    Thank you for being the plumber, electrician, diaper changers, Generator repairer, snake/cockroach/rat killers, mechanics, remote passers. God bless you to all responsible, diligent, sexy fathers out there.

    1. Yes o, we congratulate them all today and celebrate them too.

    2. Yes oooooo.... They are truly wonderful...

  4. Happy father's day to all the amazing fathers in the world
    May you live long to reap the fruit of your labour

  5. Happy father's day to all the wonderful and responsible father's in the world. God bless you all.

  6. Yes o. Happy father's day to my hubby. May God bless you for all you do for us.

    And happy father's day to all those father's that are responsible to their families.

    And to all those women taking the roles of men in the homes, happy father's day to you too.

  7. Happy Father’s Day to dads on this blog. Happy Father’s Day to all the strong ladies who have no support from their husbands/partners. Happy Father’s Day to gay couples with kids. Happy Father’s Day to my in-laws. Happy Father’s Day to Your daddy.
    Happy Father’s Day to my amazing late dad. Miss you still♥️

  8. Happy father's day to all the good fathers in the world..may God continue to bless u all.

  9. Stella, you should have just dedicated the post only to fathers.

    I hardly see fathers that are raising their kids alone dragging space or place with mothers on Mothers Day.

    Happy father's Day to all the fathers around the world.
    May God continue to grant you all strength to do right by your kids❤️❤️❤️

    1. Abi o,strictly for fathers and maybe a separate post for bvs celebrating their Dad with their pictures together,it will be fun.

      Happy Father's Day to my hubby
      DAD,FIL,Brothers,BIL and to all men allover the world.

      Today was lit and memorable,I laughed so hard I lost my voice.
      We skyped with many and watched naughty family displays,hahaha

  10. Happy Father's day to all the men that were there when their wives and children needed them, you will eat the fruits of your labor in good health.

  11. Happy father's day to all the loving, responsible and diligent fathers.May you live long to eat the fruit of your labour in Jesus name(Amen).

  12. Happy Father's day to all the amazing fathers... The real fathers taking good care of their families, loved ones and others...

    May the Lord keep you all....


  13. Happy father’s day to all the loving and caring and supportive fathers or father figures worldwide, we all celebrate and appreciate all your hardwork and love over the years and pray for long life with good health for you all, so you can all enjoy the fruits of your labour in jesus name amen πŸ™πŸΎ

  14. Happy father's day to all father's especially the ones that involved in their kids life and go all out to make sure their family are well taken care of, i celebrate you all today! God bless you real good.

  15. Happy Father's day to my darling hubby. God bless you so much for all you do for us. Amen. We love you scatter πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’ž

  16. I don't know why women are always trying to feel special, you are special stop trying to prove it, I have never seen men celebrating mother's day or saying happy mothers day to men who act as mothers. When ever I see this happy fathers day to all the way who play the role of a father, I'm always annoyed by it. A father is a father and a mother is a mother. And yes I'm a woman. Nobody.


    Biological fathers
    Adopted fathers
    Area fathers
    God fathers
    Responsible fathers
    Irresponsible fathers
    Run away fathers
    Reverend fathers
    Grand fathers
    Great grand fathers
    Step fathers
    Religious fathers
    Rich fathers
    Poor fathers
    Legitimate fathers
    Illegitimate father
    Donor fathers
    Part time fathers
    weekend fathers
    Absentee fathers
    Caring fathers
    Uncaring fathers
    Church fathers
    Mosque fathers
    Shrine fathers
    Office fathers
    School fathers
    Frowning fathers
    Smiling fathers
    Club fathers
    Ceremonial father
    Family fathers
    Spiritual fathers
    Olori ebi fathers
    Arranged fathers
    Known fathers
    Unknown fathers
    Late fathers are remembered too.

    *Whichever father you belong to, I say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU ALL*

    1. You dint add sugar fathers, this one you are mentioning everybody... They deserve accolades too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Happy father's day to them allπŸ˜€

  18. Happy Father’s Day to me

  19. happy Fathers day, to my dad, thank you for the laughter, and all dad out there. God bless and keep you all.

  20. Happy father's day to all dads and a special Father's day to my dad Matthew, who has been an excellent dad to me and my siblings and a wonderful grandfather. God bless you and keep you strong always even after 9 years mom passed. ❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Happy Posthumous Father’s Day to My Dad.
    Can’t stop loving you Mpa. Till we meet to part no more. πŸ€—πŸ€—

    The White Enchantress πŸ™ŒπŸ½.

  22. Happy Father's Day to my Dad, you will life long to see your children children in good health and riches. Love you πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  23. Happy Father's day to all responsible father. deadbeat father's should wait for childrens day or youth day, or better still wait for devil their role model.

  24. Happy Father's day to my dad. Though imperfect, he has always been present, providing, protecting, loving & available. He taught me many things & I learnt alot from his actions too. ❤️

  25. Happy Father's day to all the amazing and supportive fathers.

  26. Happy fathers day to all the beautiful fathers in the world

  27. Happy fathers' day to all responsible fathers. For the fatherless ones like me, baba God is our father. Thank you God for being a good Father to me.


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