Stella Dimoko NCDC Lists COVID 19 Symptoms And When To Call Its Hotline


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Sunday, June 14, 2020

NCDC Lists COVID 19 Symptoms And When To Call Its Hotline

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has urged citizens to call their state hotlines for advice if they experience certain symptoms.

They include loss of taste/smell, body pain, headache, diarrhea, catarrh, etc.

The agency said this in a tweet on its verified Twitter page.

It read: “If you have COUGH or FEVER and 1 of these symptoms

loss of taste/smell

Difficulty breathing





Body pain


Sore throat

“Please call your state hotline for advice.”
The hotlines can be found on NCDC’s website and social media pages.
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  1. These people should free us na with this covid thing. Ah ah e don do! Other countries are gradually forgeting this virus yet this people are holding us to ransome here in Nigeria just because of the money they are making.

    1. @ anonymous 9:10, you are foolishly free to do whatever you want, no one would ever come to stop you. Moreover neither the government nor the NCDC knows you, if you go down, you are just an irrelevant number. Who cares even your family will move on in atleast 6months that is if you are the breadwinner. And there is no country that has forgotten covid19, stop spewing wicked deceitful lies. People are dropping dead everyday in Nigeria but no Database to record

    2. Don't be unfortunate this early Sunday morning,Biko. I pray you don't get to experience first hand that corona virus is really real. Which countries have forgotten bout corona virus? America that has lost more than a hundred thousand people to it? Or is it enland or Spain or Italy or France? Be there wallowing in your ignorance and don't take precautions. If you die,you will just be another statistics to the govt,that is if they even add you. Be wise for the Bible says that the wise sees danger and takes steps to avert it. But the foolish? He will walk into the danger yakata

    3. Which money are you all shouting they are stealing. Some ignorant don't even no what states and federal government is loosing each day because of this covid-19 pandemic. People are loosing their jobs daily bussines are dying. The likes of FFK that sold this ideas to that it not real now knows the truth and the reason they stop their noise.

  2. God help us ,i came across a thread on twitter where people were talking about loss of taste and smell but got better after two weeks of treating malaria.

    I was shocked when my parents said it happened to them like a month ago.At a point everybody in the house was sick so they called a nurse to treat them.

    I dont know if it will be safe to say alot of people had covid 19 but got better after some weeks of treating malaria.

    1. I saw the thread on Twitter too and I got scared because it happened to my husband. God help us.

      He lost his sense of smell early May. He went to the hospital and the doctor just told him to go home without giving any medications and said he would regain it back. He's fully recovered now.

      I'm healthy and strong.

    2. My thoughts exactly, it happened to me too, i feel like most people got covid 19 but was able to overcome it. I believe that chloroquine helps cuz after I met another doctor he told me my body was resisting drugs, gave me amodiaquine and cipronol. It was so strong I was totally weak but helped a lot.
      I'm done drinking herbs but still bathing with red key soap. I chew bitter kola everyday.

      Pls if your mouth is bitter, chew bitter kola, it helps.


    3. I'm beginning to think most cases they diagnose as Covid may not even be. God help us.

    4. If you will bother to read and educate yourself a bit,you will discover that covi-19 has very similar symptoms to malaria and that is why chloroquine helps a lot of people get better. It is worse than malaria because you can infect other with it,unlike malaria. And if you have other underlying health issues,it can get very worse. The case that diagnose as covid-19 is covid-19 and not malaria. If they were to test all the people that have been ill with"malaria" of recent and lost their sense of smell and taste,I imagine the ncdc figures woul be a lot more higher than what we have now. It is because people like you have refused to believe that there is covid and continue to go about like all is normal that the figures keep rising everyday.

    5. School the doubters misleading people I beg.

    6. 11:53, thank you. I hope people will listen.

  3. Hope this message or list of symptoms announced doesn’t cause more panic than good? because most are what everyday people experience from time to time?

    God be with us all and the NCDC as well....God nor go shame usπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  4. Anon 09:12 yours is not a very irresponsible comment. Are you not aware that C19 is again on its way up in those countries?

  5. Thanks to all the bvs that prayed for my quick recovery,i'm feeling better now.I couldn't wake up early enough to post on SP.

    Have a lovely Sunday my blogfam.

  6. God pls bring us out from this..

  7. Same thing happened to me,at a I couldn't perceive or taste good food and I noticed it was malaria but I cured it with some good herbs thanks lord

    1. When will you people start reasoning???
      When has malaria ever been associated with loss of smell and taste??
      What u had was Covid-19.
      Thank goodness you’re better now.

  8. I had cough,cattarh and itchy throat all through last week.its all gone now.

  9. The truth is that alot of people have overcome this virus without knowing it, so many people have been complaining about losing their sense of smell and taste and regaining it after two weeks. May God protect us all

  10. Another symptom is dry cough.


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