Stella Dimoko Private Jets Banned From Charter Services After COVID-19 Lockdown Abuse


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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Private Jets Banned From Charter Services After COVID-19 Lockdown Abuse

In a move it says will check the abuse of private jets in the country and regularize their operations, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has banned the use of private jets for charter flight services.

The ban came into effect Monday.

The NCAA has introduced new measures for immediate implementation which mandates that aircraft duly registered as privately owned should not be used for commercial charter.

In a circular on June 24, 2020 and addressed to the Directorate of Operations and Training (DOT), Directorate of Airworthiness Standards (DAWS) and the Directorate of Air Transport Regulations (DATR) of the NCAA, its Director-General, Capt Musa Nuhu, directed the application of the new regulatory regime.

According to the circular, private aircraft, known as Operations Specification Part G, which have PNCF would, henceforth, be stopped from operating for hire and reward.

“All aircraft listed under OPS SPECS PART G (commercial wet lease) that is either in non-compliance or in violation of any part thereof of NCAR (Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulation) Part shall be grounded with effect from Monday 29, June, 2020,” the circular said.

According to a report in The Nation, the NCAA has started disciplinary actions on its personnel who were privy to allowing private aircraft for charter services.

Investigations reveal that about half of the 100 privately owned airplanes engage in charter services exploiting lax regulations.

Nuhu also directed that: “DATR shall provide a comprehensive list, details of all PNCF holders and all aircraft listed under their permit; all PNCF holders shall be reminded of the terms and conditions of the permit, especially the non-commercial nature. Any violation will attract penalty under Nig.CARs, including revocation.”

He also directed the concerned directorates in the agency to develop procedures and guidance to ensure all NCAA staff complied with NCARs in processing all applications and submit a single comprehensive report to him on the implementation of items mentioned above, measures taken and the reasons why these violations were allowed and not resolved in the first instance.

THEWILL reports that Nigerian private jet owners usually deploy their aircraft for charter services to help them pay for the lease and maintenance of their luxury jets.
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  1. This is wickedness...
    They have sucked the country dry, now that are looking for every means to make money from people.
    That means every private jet owners will go and register their PJ as charter,because even Dangote use his private jets to make money.

    1. some of you will just come here and be confidently vomiting rubbish...who sucked who dry? making money from which people? the PJ owners are the ones who have been making money from people.the NCAA is making things right. if you want to use your private jet for hire then get the appropriate liscence for it simple. you do not use a private liscence for commercial flights. the staff of this agency were enriching their pockets not their management or the govt. this same act was what got orishetjafor in trouble then. they used his PJ to carry guns

  2. Iv really been wondering....the way ppl have been jetting in and out with PJ if the pandemic applies to them. And they dont even quarantine when dey arrive dere destination.
    I was thinkn ppl cld only fly for medical emergencies but apparently not. Nigerians have to abuse it; now those dat need to fly for medicals will have a harder time getting clearance.

    1. Bed and Roses thanks very much for your lovely comment,you really made my day,may your forthcoming years be merry and bright just like roses, walahi they have abused the glamour of flying a private jet in Nigeria,to board a corporate jet in the real sense of the aviation industry you need to dress to certain level either corporate or smart casual but here the likes of some people will dress up like circus clowns ,sit on arm rests,stand on aircraft chairs which is even unethiqutte to do in your own home.God bless you

    2. This femi sef, always behaving posh.

  3. Story, when order comes from above ,we will see if certain individuals would not be exempted, or when money exchanges hands. How many people dey observe social distancing, wear mask, sanitize hands, go to our markets & see crowd , buses nko? Where una wan start? Such a lawless country.Na today?

  4. Who don enter these small jets? Pls tell me how it handles turbulence? When big planes dey struggle i come dey wonder how these ones dey manage.

  5. This is a welcome development as it favours commercial airlines who need every available patronage to survive.


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