Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


Dear Stella,

Thank you for posting this chronicle and a very big thanks to all my fellow BVs, I was really relieved after hearing all your opinions.

I thank God that this cousin of mine didn’t kill my baby, Stella I will show you my baby skin when this girl was babysitting for me. Immediately I resumed work my baby suddenly started having rashes all over his body including his head.

 I am talking about rashes that looks like boil. My fellow bvs you need to see my baby skin. I took him to the hospital he was given antibiotics and the rest but it became worse. Thank God I wasn’t a first time mother if not I would have injured my baby with drugs not knowing my own sister, my mother’s brother daughter was actually giving my baby to people so as to go out. Do you know this girl drops my baby with neighbours including his food. I stay in two bedroom flat with everything that would make her life comfortable.

 As I’m typing this I am still in shock and in tears whenever I remember the level of risk my baby was exposed to.

You need to see me exposing my baby body bare to air thinking it was the hot weather that was causing the rashes, if this baby had caught pneumonia, what if he was initiated or poisoned what would I have say. As for those asking of husband I am a single mother and I am not ashamed of it. I don’t want to bother my head about her and my ex. she know everyone in the family knows her escapades so I wish her all the best if she decides to marry him.

As for my sister, I’m not surprise. I have controlling siblings who always forget am a grown woman. I am the 5th child of six children and the smallest in size (lol), I have always known my siblings to always bully me and never support me even when I’m right. I have always risked my life making myself uncomfortable for my siblings but at the end I am always paid with evil. For example, do you know I took the risk of driving to where she stay even had an accident to pick her up to stay with my family because where she stays isn’t conducive and I was scared of her contacting covid 19 and all she did was to pay me with evil. 

I have cut her off from my life because I have come to realise she doesn’t mean well for me. That was how my other older sister came to spend the Christmas with her children at my house and only end up slapping me because of this same cousin of ours.

You see Ehen we all know my uncle didn’t raise his children well, we all know my cousins are wayward, stubborn and entitled but I never knew hers was worse to this extent cos of her age. I could have tolerate everything but I can’t stand her sleeping with someone husband no matter who or where. It is evil, God forbid I support such.

 As for my uncle begging, after I received Stella reply to my mail I called him and told him point blank that she wasn’t coming back to my house. She already chose her fate and I wish her all the best. I also lost my dad when I was little. At 19 I took the decision to work and also further my education when my mum told me to wait until my older sibling graduates before I could go to higher institution. I had the opportunity to be wayward but thank God I didn’t.

As for my neighbour, he came apologising and saying stories that didn’t match. I told him I don’t have any issue with him and I won’t. I don’t blame him rather I blamed my cousin who would agree to whatever rubbish he told her. We all know the man as a womaniser who has four kids for 3 different women. We are still good neighbours but with sense. I have stopped my daughter going to their flat before them molest her for me biko.

I have registered with agency regarding house help and would no longer depend on my siblings to continue controlling my life. This lockdown was for my baby favour and thank God all those rashes has cleared from his body.

I am so sorry for any wrong typo, English is not my father’s language make una manage the grammar as una see am.

Dear Stella, thank you for this platform. It has really helped me in so many ways. Please see picture of my baby body with rashes and after for your eyes alone.


*WOW that baby really had a narrow escape...the rashes look like a severe case of chicken pox..good to know you have the situation in control now.


  1. Hmmm! This is seriously serious and thank goodness for the child's life

  2. Please keep your siblings at arm's length. They don't wish you well. May God keep you alive to raise your children.

    1. My dear poster I understand you well! Those who come from sane families and have good siblings will never understand the pain or betrayal. As I type this I am shaking my head at what is going on in my own family. I wonder when I will be free. I am so glad poster that you are independent and can cut yourself off from the toxic agents around you. That is the best, freeing yourself. You can help them from afar. Your baby's health and wellbeing is very important. I am glad you are doing your best. Even when you get your house help be vigilant. Wishing you the best.

  3. Thank God for you.
    It's really not easy combining work with child birth especially if you ain't getting the necessary support.

    May the Lord equip you with all you need to thrive.

  4. Poster, its good to know your baby is well and fine.... God will help you and uphold you...

  5. Thank God for you o. It is God that saved your baby from her hand.

  6. Madam, it is well with your daughter

  7. Madam, it is well with your daughter

  8. Poster thank God your baby is fine. You will live long to see your babies become a blessing to you. As for you sibilings and extended family keep them at arm's length. Some families are from hell. Focus on your children, your hard work will not be in vain in Jesus name and keep your eyes on your daughter before somebody molest her, God forbid. Your children will never be in danger. Your children will grow to be blessings and they will live long and blessed lives. God is with you dear poster. Don't allow bitterness to creep in your heart. Make your children your bestfriends and mostly pray to God. If it's your wish to get married I pray that God answers you soon. Amen🙏 Have a blessed day!!!

    1. Amen!! Thank you and remain blessed

  9. When my first daughter was small, hubby and I were both bankers. I found out that my nanny used to back my baby and go out. The Gateman couldn’t hold himself again and told me. I asked neighbors and they confirmed it. She would leave about 8am( we used to leave home at 6am) and come back by 5pm and behave like she has been home all day. Very hardworking girl. I was so disappointed. I had to ask her to leave.Anyway na so I resign face my pickin.

  10. Wow, you took the best decision. Thank God your baby is fine. Keep your siblings at arm's length and be more careful and watchful when you get a house help eventually because they get their own ish too. Stay blessed.

  11. ThankGod for you and your baby, i pray that you will find someone like your own child to care for your children.

  12. Thank God for you and your baby.
    Thank God you have things under control.

  13. Always place hidden cameras in your houses ooooo. pls.

  14. Thank God that your baby's skin is OK now,I pray that you get a good person soon.

  15. Thank God your baby is fine. May God be with you

  16. Still lay hands and pray to clear any spiritual backlog

    It is well


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