Stella Dimoko Nigerian Police Spokesman Frank Mba Says No One Should Weep For Billionaire Crook Hushpuppi


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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Nigerian Police Spokesman Frank Mba Says No One Should Weep For Billionaire Crook Hushpuppi

Spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Frank Mba has described Hushpuppi as a billionaire crook for whom no one should weep.

During a radio programme on Thursday, Mba opined that the embattled Instagram celebrity can afford the best of lawyers to defend himself but that police evidence would speak for themselves.

“I think Hushpuppi will enjoy the privileges of being tried in a free world, liberal democracy. I also have no doubt about his capacity to pay for the best of lawyers. He’s a billionaire crook,But the good thing about the law is that, when the facts are so clear, they speak for themselves. As long as the prosecution is able to establish their case, the judge would rule in their favour.

“However, if the prosecution is unable to prove their case, then the benefit of the doubt would be given to the suspect, although I doubt if that would happen in Hushpuppy’s case Because there is massive multilateral collaboration still working on that case and putting evidence together. I’m not going to weep for Hushpuppi and I say no one should.”

The UAE authorities had shared footage of Hushpuppy’s arrest in a special operation dubbed ‘Fox Hunt 2’, accusing him of cyber-fraud involving 1.9 million victims to the tune of N168 billion.

Asked if the Nigerian police have a cybercrime unit that would crack Hushpuppi’s case as the UAE did, Mba made reference to Interpol’s bureau in the country, noting they’re manned by Nigerians.

“Hushpuppi is just one out of the cyber crooks out there not just in Nigeria but all over the world. The feat that was achieved by the Dubai police wasn’t of their effort alone,” he continued.

“It was actually an international collaboration that ran across multiple security and policing agencies, with Interpol and the FBI playing a very big role. The Dubai police only took the lead.
They were policing a country where Hushpuppi is based and where a bulk of his activities emanated from. The national bureau of Interpol domiciled in Abuja has a very strong cybercrime unit.”

Mba said the Interpol unit in Abuja contributes immensely to investigations carried out by the FBI in Nigeria adding that the unit has well-trained men and women.

However, the police spokesman said the unit is sometimes hampered by the “lack of the requisite tools to do the job”.

Hushpuppi was earlier arrested in Dubai with 11 of his associates after he was accused of crimes including money laundering, hacking, impersonation, scamming, banking fraud, and identity theft.

Although the money laundering charge brought against Hushpuppi doesn’t make him a convict, lawyers involved in the case say he risks a statutory maximum of 20 years jail if adjudged guilty.

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  1. Oga! No one is weeping mbok­čśĆ­čśĆ

  2. Who tell you people are weeping.

    According to you 'I think Hushpuppy will enjoy the privileges of being tried in a free world, liberal democracy'; it says a lot about the state of Nigeria my country.

  3. Fraudsters are so insatiable and wicked. Hush should Rush to jail.

  4. I wonder why everyone is already assuming this guy is guilty.His case is in court and he is innocent until proven guilty according to law,so y’all need to stop passing judgement up and down.

    1. 11:52 you are totally and utterly daft...everybody is assuming he is guilty? Did you not see the build up of the case? Evidence gathered to this point? The lawyer will only claim he is not guilty to justify his pay and get him a lesser sentence...but as for guilty only dumb and yahoo supporting people like you will think he is not

    2. You’re the one that is the build up a conviction or has he been convicted of the crimes yet?until anyone is convicted of a crime,irrespective of whatever obvious evidence,he or she is innocent.

  5. Dear IGP,
    cc:Lagos state Commissioner of Police

    I sincerely hope you visit this blog

    Please call the D.P.O of Thomas Police Station to order.

    Thomas Police station is situated at Police Post Busstop, between Irawo and Thomas Busstop along Ikorodu road inward Ikorodu. He needs to be called to order please.

    Since the lockdown was lifted, his only job function has been arresting bikes and forcing the owners to pay as low as 20k to have the bikes released to then.
    I won't have a problem with this if he and his men go about their other duties with the same zeal they use in going after these bike men.

    It's so bad that they arrest bikes parked at mechanic workshop too.

    Their zeal go from 100 to 0 when called in for robbery cases. And when you catch a thief and take to the station, they either frustrate you to drop the case or they force you to.

    My first time there and a criminal was told to beg an old woman he stole from so that she will drop the case. This was after the police had told the woman she will pay all sort of fees and arrange for Transportation to court which she agreed to.

    It is important to know that victims of robbery in this area will now rather count their losses than report to the police.

    The D.P.O of this police station is another Hushpuppi and should be treated as one.

    Thank you.

  6. Abeg stop ranting...ur policemen are even worse than hush..Magu no bi policemen???

  7. No one is weeping sir, only those who enjoyed his 'hush' money with him are weeping!


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