Stella Dimoko Enugu Government Tears Down House Of Man Who Demolished Airport Fence


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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Enugu Government Tears Down House Of Man Who Demolished Airport Fence

This is a practical example of ''Do me,I do you''

Enugu State Government on Friday pulled down a twin duplex belonging to one Jonathan Emejulu two days after he demolished the perimeter fence of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport.

Emejulu had reportedly demolished the airport fence following an order of the Enugu State High Court which ceded the expanse of land in Airport Road Layout, Phase IV and V to him.

But the government gathered on Friday ordered that Emejulu’s property be demolished and brought a bulldozer to the twin duplex located on Eziokwe Street, Community Estate, off Nike Lake Resort Road, Trans Ekulu, Enugu.


  1. Wow! Back to court it is.

  2. Na wa o. Its that the best the government would have done?

  3. It is only in the East that thr govt will take lands atwithout compensating the owners..
    That was how Unizik took our lands without paying nada..
    It is not like they do catchments for indigenes that they grabbed the lands from, mchewww..

  4. No
    The pocket of government

    Separation of power na only textbook e dey

  5. The man is a law abiding citizen.
    He sought the court for redress in a matter that was
    totally unjust to him.
    The government acted recklessly in demolishing his house.
    Hope they don't kill this man before he returns to court.
    Let me ask a question,
    If this were to be a Senator, will they have demolished this house?
    Has Enugu State returned to the days of "Ebe ano" when people disappeared
    from the streets?

    1. No they wouldn't have ,
      If they did they would have compensated him handsomely.

  6. is this a revenge mission, not


  7. But this is so bad,twin duplex gone just like that,aahahh naaw

  8. This is definitely wrong.
    We are so quick to demolish people's sweat in this country.

  9. This is pure wickedness from the state govt. The man should seek redress from the court.

  10. How does a fence equate to a house? Nigeria is not a democracy, no matter what it wants to say. You tear down a person's house? so wtf is the law for? What is the point of a legal system if a government body can do this?

    Why won't ppl deal in witchcraft when the country provides no protection for its citizens. Unfuckingbelievable!

  11. Thugs in goverment. When agberos are being appointed into responsible positions what do you expect? He took them to court, they were too big for court and took down his home! Morons governing Nigeria (MOGON)!


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