Stella Dimoko Food Items Prices In Nigeria Reportedly On The Rise...


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Friday, August 28, 2020

Food Items Prices In Nigeria Reportedly On The Rise...

According to what is being ranted,foodstuff prices have gone high in Nigeria............

They say the current price of 50kg bag of local rice is 25,000 and the thing they call mudu sells for 800 naira. 

Rice is allegedly becoming unaffordable luxury for the average Nigerian...Is this true?what about other food items?

What's really happening and how are you coping with the increase?


  1. What can we do to this?

    This country is just an irony of itself, our leaders are becoming silly day by day

    1. Just now now, 50kg of rice is N25,500 in Kano. I don't know the prices in other states.
      This is becoming alarming.

  2. Lol, Stells it has stated reducing small small naw. As at two three months ago, A tuber of yam was sold 1300/1500,I mean very small tiny yams oo. Tomatoes nko?? Three small tiny that is neither red or orange balls was sold 200 naira. Meat nko?? I think 8 pieces of meat was sold 1000 naira Stells, Beverages nko?? 😂😂, That one is a story for another day.

    1. The yam was old one, new ones are cheaper now

    2. Yes dear, I'm aware. But old yam never used yo be that expensive.

    3. Ya, new yam is out n jn stock now..a big tuber is as low as 800...but it's not sweet yet.

    4. @BB,you're right. Watery taste.

  3. Food stuff prices just dey fly.

    My main anger is with Garri! Why is still damn expensive? 🤷🤷🤷

    Rice is on another level.

    May God help us all.

  4. I was at the bush market yesterday to do market survey for a bv. A mudu of hand peeled egusi goes for #600/650 while a mudu of rice goes for 650/700#.

  5. Stella not only food ooo but transportation too ooo...I wonder how people go to work with the hike in price...May God help this country

  6. Stella not only food ooo but transportation too ooo...I wonder how people go to work with the hike in price...May God help this country

  7. The local one is what is sold for #800 the foreign/parboiled is #1000.Garri of #400 is #700 now.Only God will help us next year as all the things planted have dry up due to no has not rained for more than 2 months now in my area.

  8. A bushel is #8500 for the short grain and #12500 for long grain. A bushel contains 19 mudus.

    Laslas we go still chop.

  9. True, they gets more costly every day. Especially here in PH city. Ask a vegetable seller why her vegetable is costly, she'll tell you that Buhari closed border. Oil state indeed

    1. Those ones are pure greed. Vegetable that is farmed excessively in phc.

  10. It is no longer funny down here in Nigeria,you cant even cook a good pot of soup with small money anymore, hmmm rice dont even go my house we usually dont eat beans cook with corn but yesterday we did ooooo bcoz no money
    company keep downsizing and its affected me and one of my sibling, tired menhhhh

  11. Everything is on the high side now, even corn /guinea corn to make pap is now very costly. May God help us.

  12. In this country of ours,if the price of goods goes up,it never comes down. I guess we've so gotten use to it that we manage cus even when you complain,it changes nothing.

    God has just been faithful.

  13. Egg of 850 is now 1100. The annoying one is that federal government stopped importation of corn which makes d cost of the chicken feeds skyrocketed. May God help us in this country, I am scared.

  14. And Aisha B want to blow taxpayers money from shopping trip to buy wedding clothes in these hard times for naijas? Use SM to force a small wedding and humble her!

  15. It's really tough to be a Nigerian. Do you know that people rebag Nigerian rice and sell at the foreign rice price. I don't understand our government at all and I'm tired of complaining because I know nothing will be done. Why shut the boders when there is still foreign rice everywhere? shutting the border just made it more expensive and even the price of the local rice is more expensive than the price of the foreign rice (before the shutting of the boders) our government should be able to regulate the prices of goods and services.

    The way money vanish ehn.its tiring.

    Transport fare is another wahala on it's own.
    May God help us.

  16. SDK, it is the high Exchange rate that is responsible for it.
    Even Clothes and other stuff are affected. The foreign rice I buy is now 28000 per bag in Ibadan here while one Congo is now #1000 or #1050 in some cases.

  17. It is only in Nigeria that food prices sky rockets when the borders are shut down.
    You would think that imported farm produce would be more expensive than locally produced ones..
    But, the reverse is the case in this country..
    I hate everybody that voted in these clueless government with zero sympathy for the common man..
    Stop shouting "God help us" because our Almighty God is honestly tired that y'all have vehemently refused to use your God given brains to vote out these corrupt ancestors..
    I have serious phobias going to the market now because you can bet your sweet ass that you are definitely gonna be spending more on household commodity than what you paid for the last time, our groceries bills have gotten higher!!.
    With this Buhari economy, nah to born 2- 3 children sure pass even if you are a middle class citizen..
    Chizzy j..

  18. My husband is beginning to like our "village" we still get to have healthy meals without spending much. The only ish we are having is cost of transportation.. He spends over 2k daily to his office daily.

  19. Prices have really skyrocket o. In my area bag of foreign rice is 29500. Garri is 900 per paint. The only affordable foodstuff for now is beans.

    Yesterday my son said, mummy we are all farting too much these days cos we eat beans too much.

  20. Everything is on the high. Went to the market yesterday with a list of things to buy and prices,turns out the prices I wrote was useless.

    Beans is now 350-450 per mudu (250-300 b4)
    Corn us now 350 per mudu (200 b4)
    Wheat and g/corn is also 350 per mudu (250 b4).
    Spaggtti is now 220.
    Tiny eggs 1000 for a crate
    Cassava flour is now 200.

    No more writing list and prices for me, cos I was just arguing and getting angry anyhow.

  21. It's becoming more frustrating to just feed here.

    Rice, Yam,garri and the rest are just too expensive that I almost burst into tears the last time we bought rice.

    Feeding six people ain't easy at all not to talk of the lil or no pay for us teachers.

    God please bless me so much so that I will never worry about food.


  22. Garri Congo is now 400
    Rice Congo 850
    yam na rich man food
    beans Congo is 600
    Bread wey we dey take suppress Hunger 200π own no fit belle full me and my lil boy
    Na God hand we dey Shoooo...

  23. Rice is N26000 to N27000 local rice Ooh here in Lagos. Medium size yams is sold between N1200 to N1400 about two weeks ago I went to the market. Bag of Garri is N12000. I had to buy Quarter. Something I have never done before. It is well, God will surely sustain us...

  24. It's true, I just bought a bag of 50kg rice from sahad stores Abuja for 25,500. Bag of sugar is 20k

  25. Wow,yam one tuber 800?Though I buy my foodstuff at ojaoba in Ibadan.I bought 3 big tuber of yam for 500.Its a local market and things are cheap dere

  26. It's not easy at all. It's one day at a time for us.


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