Stella Dimoko Ghana Insists That Nigerians Trading In Ghana Must Pay $1 Million Fee


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Monday, August 17, 2020

Ghana Insists That Nigerians Trading In Ghana Must Pay $1 Million Fee

A Nigerian trader whose shop was forcefully locked up by the Ghanaian security officials had recorded a video of the incident in which they asked him to pay the $1 million registration fee.

The Ghanaian Ministry of Trades has rejected claims of unfair treatment by Nigerian traders in the country during the enforcement of the Ghana Investment Promotion Council regulations.

It insisted that the traders must pay the required taxes and other fees imposed on them by the authorities.

This is happening despite the intervention of the presidents of Ghana and Nigeria through the Economic Community of West African States.

A Nigerian trader whose shop was forcefully locked up by the Ghanaian security officials had recorded a video of the incident in which they asked him to pay the $1 million registration fee.

The victim had shown the officials his business registration certificate and other documents but the enforcement team was adamant as they insisted on shutting his premises.

But speaking on the incident on a Ghanaian radio station, Starrfm, the Head of Communications, Ministry of Trade, Prince Boakye Boateng, said the Nigerian traders had failed to honour an ultimatum to meet the requirements.

He said, “It cannot be we’ve been insensitive; if that is what they’re saying, I’ll be disappointed because I’ll rather say they have rather been unfair to us as a regulatory body because we have given them more time than enough to the extent even the Ghanaians thought that the ministry was not even on their side or the ministry wasn’t ready to even enforce the law.”

He recalled that the shops were locked last December and later re-opened following the intervention of President Nana Akufo-Ado.

According to him, the traders complied but have not regularised their documents for verification.

Boateng explained that the law being enforced gave the Ghana Union of Traders Association the right to be the sole traders in the local market.

The Spokesman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ferdinand Nwonye, said the Nigerian mission in Accra was yet to send a formal report on the harassment of the traders to the ministry.

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  1. Gbas gbos from Ghana!!! What can helpless Nigeria do? Cry foul as usual with no action. Ntooooorrr. Gerrara here.igbo kwenu!

    1. Anuofiaa!

      Ode !

      Why go the tribal route?

  2. The Fulani Government of Nigeria is very busy in the fulanization of Nigeria and not interested in any Nigerians doing business in Ghana or elsewhere.
    Therefore, everyone is on your own,

  3. Letdown upon letdown, even from Ghana!

    As usual our president will do nothing about it, anything goes, every and any country call rubbish Nigerians as they can.

  4. Buhari's government is quick to boast that Nigeria Diaspora remitted $25 Billion to Nigeria last year (80% of it's annual budget) but are reluctant to speak up for those remmitting these sums home...It's a pity...

  5. 14 days or one year to pay $1 million dollars? For what? Even an indignant and abhorrent stooge understands what's being done there. How many of your citizens paid you $1 million dollars in order to trade?

    If you do not want Nigerians to trade in your country, simply come out and say so. The Ghanaian government must remember that the present administration in Nigeria will not last forever. And no condition is permanent either.

    First, they tore down the Nigeria embassy in their country poopooing Nigerian sovereignty. And now this?

    Payback will be sweet indeed in due course. There is nothing more to be said.

  6. Those good old days it used to be Ghana must go, now its Nigeria must go - what an irony of life. 9ja now at d mercy of Ghana. Hmmm! Abuja and awa senathrieves where art thou?

  7. ghana!!!
    Doing this to nigerians!!!
    Oh Obasanjo wouldhave reacted sharp sharp
    Even the slow Jonathan would have given gbas gbos

    Nigeria!! so blessed yet challenged

  8. Look at see finish..

  9. Dirty Ugly Ghana, their woman come to Nigeria to sleep around for money.
    All their actress f__ked tire to be stars in Nigeria. Some stupidly left their husbands while others snatched broke husband's from others.
    Their men so stingy, their food iyama
    Please abeg, wetin dey Ghana?

    1. Ghana and Ghanaians are nothing of what you wrote up there, their food amazing so much. Our girls actually go there to fuck up and down too. Their men ain't stingy at all . They leave their husbands cos they no carry marriage for head like us. You don't treat them anyhow and expect them to stay.

      You are just full of hate and resentment 🤪🤪. You should direct your anger to your government .

      Some Nigerians are soiling the peaceful Ghana. They have every right to get angry.

    2. Spot on dear.
      Nigerians should direct their anger to their own government,and stop disturbing ther people in their lands.
      Keep your dirt in that anambra or lagos.

    3. A standing ovation to you, Ladybird!!
      Thank you for being truthful. Blessing to you and your loved ones!

      Many Nigerians are quick to defame other African countries…yet those countries are often doing far better than Nigeria! I can assure you that those who do so have never even left the borders of Nigeria!

      Anon 11:21: “Wetin’ dey Ghana”.

      Let me answer you…as I have time today!
      Just go to any secondary school in Ghana, and you will be surprised by the Nigerian student population. The same rings true for out universities. Legon, UCC, KNUST are full of Nigerian students who know they will get a quality education by being here. They are also assured that they will finish university in the allocated time frame, if they pass. Unlike Nigeria were a 4-year course can take one 8 years to complete due to strikes and instability.

      Come to 37 Military Hospital and Korle- Bu. Most of my friends that work there, have on average 20-33% of their patients being Nigerian! My mum’s bestie that owns a private maternity establishment has a very high Nigerian patient ratio. The women move here with their house helps/nannies/mothers for their last trimester; give birth, do their 6-week check up and then move back home! Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, so ask yourself why Nigerians do not trust their own doctors and hospitals/clinics, but rather travel to Ghana to come and give birth?!

      As someone who works in the hospitality industry, let me be the first to tell you that Nigerians love coming to Ghana for their destination weddings. My inbox was always full of Nigerians making inquiries about coming to get married here. I have never come across Ghanaians going to Nigeria to have destination weddings, though. Hmmm.

    4. I told you I have time today...

      Anon 11:21: “Wetin’ dey Ghana”.

      ANSWER: Go and ask Wizkid, who has been quoted as saying he will move to Ghana once he retires from music.

      Go and ask Burna Boy, who said when he is in Ghana, he knows that God exists and is very much alive!

      Go and ask D’Banj why he and his wife chose Ghana as the place to come and heal after their son’s untimely death.

      Go and ask Mr. Eazi why for the greater part of his career, he only wanted to be associated with Ghana and not Nigeria?!

      Go and ask Omotola and Kanayo: 2 celebrities amongst many who continuously make glorifying posts about us on social media!!

    5. ITK. All those things you just listed also applies to Naija too vice versa so stop blowing your trumpet. But that part of women coming to birth in Ghana is one he'll of a what nhaa, as to be a Ghana citizen or as hospital don finish for Naija? You're deluded

    6. Anon 11:21 If you are in Nigeria,when was the last time you had uninterrupted 24-hr light/power suppy?? I am sure some villages in Nigeria see light once a year.I hope you know there is light 24/7 in Ghana.Even their remote village enjoy light.I have never seen a generator here.Most Ghanians my age, have never seen or know what a generator is.

      Their public senior secondary school and universities are prestigious and offer good quality education.Infact,it is a stiff competition to get in.Unlike Nigeria,where it is private secondary schools/uni without the rot,reverse is the case for Ghana.Nothing like strike .Nigerian students have higher population in most of their public schools sef.

      Ghana women are far from ugly,all the shape our celebrities are going to butcher doctors to do,Ghanian women na follow come.They are heavily and naturally endowed like south and east africans.They hardly bleach their skin,because their men love them like that and use shea butter right from childhood.proud of the black skin they are born into.

      And for the marriage thing,marriage is not a do or die for them.Infact,they are not ashamed of single/babymama/divorcee tag.No stigma attached to such women.some of their influentia single/babymoms/divorcee.Their current opposition party's presidential running mate is a divorced single mother.

      Only in Ghana will you see a girl and her husband living in the girl's parents house without issues/shame.Infact in case of DV,parents are glad and open hands to welcome their daughters back home.E no dey hard them to divorce when their horsebands start misbehaving,no matter if the man is rich.

      The country is beautiful and one of the hot spots for tourism in Africa.Aside diplomats,you would see a lot of foreigners chilling or permanently living in Ghana.Because it is a peaceful and secured country.

      I am a Nigerian,but truth be told,My people don't like to follow rules and protocols when in a foreign land.They want the fast way and try to manoeuvre the system.They are many valid and hardworking Nigerians here with succesful businesses and no problems at all.But the bad eggs are into shady/illegal deals,constituiting nuisance,always in one trouble with law enforcement.

      Next time before you carry keypad to type,jukwese.Stop under estimating countries you haven't experienced or been to.If Ghana had the wealth Nigeria has,I am not sure Nigeria would see her back.

  10. Nigerian government and their corruption has spoilt Nigerian image.I don't think Nigeria can ever be redeemed again unless we all as in all stand up against this useless government

  11. And you all believe this? Because he was shouting and being agressive while the police looked on. Could he have done all that shouting in the presence of your Nigeria police and he won't be beaten and manhandled? Sometimes you all need to put your sentiments aside. These are people who were shouting "Ghanaians closed their shops. You all abused us here but now its its evdence not all shops are locked. Hence this your brother is still operating. Your people constantly lie and undermine authority.

    In Ghana, this is a regular exercise. The authorities go into shops, offices and establishments to inspect, they demand for tax certificates, property levy, fire extinguishers etc and if you don't have them, your shop is locked and you are invited to the office to pay penalty. This is done to everyone; Ghanaians and foreigners alike. This your brother in the video said he had all his documents since 2017. Registering a company without paying tax or renewing your certificates every year is a crime. What would have happened if he stopped shouting and rather go through the process legally? He sounded like someone who is vindicative.

    1. You just want to defend your stupid country. $1million ? For what na?

    2. So you actually think he was charged a million dollar? Did you say stupid country? Well the last time I checked, Ghana has credibility than Nigeria internationally, we have a much functioning system than you all so my country is clearly not a stupid country when we compare it to yours.

  12. what are nigerians doing in other peoples countries ????
    Stay in your country , they don't want .
    Fight your government and leaders, they do it on social media only .
    Organise a march , only a few show up OR celebrities highjack the march and make it all about their Instagram.( The very same people that sleep with all these so called leaders for money and living fake, flashy lifestyles and tension you ordinary Seki on the street-how do you expect them to be vocal with the ordinary masses?).
    Nigerians .Until you are very serious about fixing things in your country you will continue to be treated like rubbish by other countries.
    Leave their land and come back to Nigerian and help rebuild it.

  13. And Ghanaian are scattered all over Nigerian doing all manner of business? Where is our government in all this by the way?


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