Stella Dimoko Husband Of Lady Killed By Fleeing Yahoo Boy's Car Says It Feels Like A Dream


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Monday, August 31, 2020

Husband Of Lady Killed By Fleeing Yahoo Boy's Car Says It Feels Like A Dream

When Grace Obajaja left her home at the Ogheghe Quarters, Bye Pass area on the outskirts of Benin City, Edo State on Friday, August 21, 2020, she hoped for a good day at the firm where she worked on Airport Road.

Her Husband, Frank, who always dropped her off at work hoped that he and his wife, preparing for their second wedding anniversary, would be home to have a good time together. If only she had a premonition of what was to happen later that day, she would have stayed indoors.

However, after much prompting from his wife, Frank took her to work before leaving for his place of work. He was settling down for the day’s work when his wife called him that she was going to make her hair and would take her baby along. But a few minutes later, he got an anonymous call that his wife was involved in an accident along Airport Road and in a critical condition.

A Toyota Camry 2012 model was said to have hit a Nissan Murano car used for a ride-hailing service. The driver was also unconscious, while the impact was so much that Grace’s baby was reportedly flung out of the car window and lay on the road with a bruised head and fractured limb. The baby was lucky to be picked up by a reverend father who took him to a hospital. It was learnt that the driver of the Toyota Camry, said to be a suspected internet fraudster (Yahoo boy) sustained no injury as he was being allegedly chased by some cops in an Audi car (light brown colour).

Frank raced to the hospital where his wife was rushed to after the accident and was heartbroken when he saw her condition. Grace was referred to the University of Benin Hospital where she was said to have died on Tuesday.

People wore long faces at the residence of the Obajajas when punch visited. The baby, oblivious of what had happened to her mother, played with everyone after returning from the hospital with Plaster of Paris on his right leg.

However, some of the family members who spoke with Sunday PUNCH said that the statement the person who drove the Camry car made at the police station didn’t indicate that he was being chased by the police.

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  1. Replies
    1. May God not allow us to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Such a sad incident
    May her soul rest in peace. Amen

  3. This is so heartbreaking, may God rest her soul and comfort her family

  4. Such a sad news☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

    Rest in peace ma.

    Police pursing Yahoo boys has become a normal thing in Benin.
    Some months back they shut the car tyre of a Yahoo guy close to my street, because he refused stop for them,see panic that dey eh, he came down from the car and took to his heels. It wasn't funny, it's like when these police men see Yahoo boys they loose their sense of reasoning.

    May God help us all.

    1. This police and yahoo boys issue is so annoying. If only they used this same energy to chase armed robbers. The sad thing is the reason for chasing them is to just obtain money from them and nothing more. Now see how this lady's life has been cut short.

  5. So they statement was changed to avert blame on police? Rest in peace to the lady.

  6. This is so sad! May the Lord comfort her loved one. It is well.

  7. This is heartbreaking. How can police be chasing people allegedly to be yahoo boys on a broad daylight in a busy road.
    Take their vehicle number and investigate them or don't they register their cars with their personal details?!

    May her soul rest in peace πŸ™πŸ½

  8. This is heartbreaking, may her soul rest in peace.

  9. Chai...

    This is so sad and heartbreaking.

    Poor baby...God saved him to give joy to his father.
    It would have been tragic loosing both mother and child.

    1. What is this one saying?
      Do you even know the meaning of tragic? If you don't know the meaning of a word don't use it.

      It is already tragic losing the woman, it would have been MORE tragic losing both mum and son

  10. She was my friend course mate in school,when i heard the news i was really sad

  11. Too many untimely death in this country. All the people involved in this heartbreak should be brought to book. RIP beautiful woman. May God comfort your loved ones

  12. This country do not value human life, especially the police people. What a sad story. May her soul rest in peace

  13. Rest on ,this police chasing innocent citizen is something else...I lost my uncle to this same event,police chasing a guy that just came back from UK... This guy ran into my uncle and friends ,and crushed them to untimely death

  14. So sad. Police should stop chasing these yahoo guys up and down the highway. This will be the third time this is happening. RIP to the departed. May God comfort the bereaved.

  15. Sad.
    of course, did anyone expect a statement at a Nigerian Police station
    to implicate the police?
    No, the driver was being chased on the street by a pride of lions.

  16. omg such a painful loss. this country, alot of people die needlessly here abeg. i am double sure she wont have gotten good emergency services too at the hospital.lord help us oh

  17. Such a pity,you leave your home not knowing you wont ho back.Rip pretty woman

  18. This is so so sad, she was a friend to my sister as they attended the same secondary school.
    Infact they were classmates and my sister who is in Benin still visits like regularly... They still saw like two weeks before the accident.
    She was even pregnant with their second child.
    I'm still deeply pained whenever I remember. It hurts so much because it could have been anyone even me ��������������
    Nigeria which way???


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