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Friday, August 28, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner - The Career Path With A Snag

Some people have been forced to give up on their dream profession and jobs because of certain phobias they are yet to overcome.

Many science inclined students would have excelled at being doctors except for their aversion to the gory sight of blood, I also knew I would have made an excellent psychologist except for my inability to detach myself from people's pains and struggles.

One thing I noticed about myself when I was a teen Is my knack to really see people for who they are , regardless of the front they put on.

Just spending some time interacting with people, watching them act or speak or even through their body language and I'll just know that they are either lying, kind, sad, haughty or mean. An incident may later happen to prove me right even after i might have dismissed what I felt or thought I was being paranoid.

I knew I would be good at psychology and counselling, but I felt my empathetic nature would likely be an impediment because I've always lacked the strength to create emotional boundaries.

Countless times, I have seen how sad incidents that were not related to me and secrets confided to me by friends or family weighed me down and how I struggled with the pain for what others were going through.

Reading or watching sad news made me moody and unhappy for days and I knew if I towed the counselling path, I would end up as hurt and wounded as those seeking for help.

Opportunities to excel and be great at certain careers abound, but until we make deliberate attempts to conquer our inhibitions, the desired career path may not be easily attainable.

*Growing up,I always wanted to be a Doctor until the first time i saw blood for what it was really was and fainted....When i woke up,I changed my


  1. Hahahaha..@Stella fainting at the sight of blood. Dokita. Lol

  2. Most Nigerian kids do not desire to be
    "doctors, lawyers, Engineers" anymore.
    They desire to be musicians, footballers, actresses..." due to the
    fake lifestyle they see on social media.
    It is sad that the wrong entertainment, sexual perversion has
    been glorified as good in the Nigerian
    public space. The kids' psyche are messed up. It will take a revival
    to return to the path of sanity again.

  3. I had a friend from sec. school that wanted to be a doctor, we got talking this year and he said he later realized that he has a phobia for blood and he really wanted then.

  4. I have always wanted to be known with the sciences but i ended up in the social science faculty.😂😂😂 All join and nothing spoil.Biochemistry though

  5. Talking about being empatic as a hindrance to you not being a counselling psychologist is fauls to me. I am very emotional and empathic in nature. I cry easily for situations that ordinarily, most person wont blink an eye but yet,I am a counselling psychologist. The truth of the matter is that you should know when to bring in professionalism when its needed regardless of your true nature.

  6. I read the course I love but have not been able to practice much cos of Nigerian factor.😣

    I will also like to be part of an actual working NGO cos I can like carry people matter for head and try to solve it. 😪

  7. Me I wanted 6 children and my hubby 2. By the time I experienced labor the first time, that dream of 6 evaporated. Na so I get only 2 children today. It is well.

  8. When I was younger,I really wanted to be a lawyer. I could argue forever. During one of the holidays,my father took us to the High Court to witness things. We got At there so early and had to wait for hours before the proceedings. Because we were the first to get to the court room,we sat on some benches that were arranged in one corner. After waiting so long, my father left us in care of the warden to go to the post office .
    By the time he came back, I had a migraine. Apparently, we were sitting in the corner where the accused people sit. The stench that came from them, their rotten sores, and dirty body actually made me sick. They brought so many of them in handcuffs. There and then, I new I wasn't interested in being in court. I was still in Primary school. Ha!I will never forget that day in my life.


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